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Gay + Catholic = Violating the Virgin Mary


If you’re the type of gay who insists on being Catholic (or, uh, the type of Catholic who insists on being gay), good for you. But just be sure you don’t try to misappropriate the Virgin Mary, ’cause your “queer rosary” is the equivalent of blasphemy: “When I saw the story last week out of Berkeley, CA and I read the words “Queering the Rosary” I immediately felt my blood begin to boil. Just retyping that degrading phrase makes me cringe. … The most nauseating part of this blasphemy is that the group it comes from includes some so-called Catholics, in particular a man named Eugene McMullan from Berkeley. Mr. McMullan is a theology graduate student and the founder of a group which calls itself “Catholics for Marriage Equality”. He invented what he maintains is a brand-new set of mysteries for the holy rosary called the “Relational Mysteries” that casts the relationship between biblical heroes like Ruth and Naomi, and David and Jonathan in a homosexual light.”