Gay Chinese Penguin Couple Gets A Chick, Keeps Faggy Arctic Birds In News Cycle

A gay penguin couple at the Harbin Polar Land in northern China wanted a baby so bad that they resorted to stealing the eggs of other penguins—bad birds! Bad, naughty birds! So to appease their parental instincts, the zookeepers inadvertantly replicated the plot of And Tango Makes Three by giving the couple a newly hatched chickling—one from a pair of twins that the mother had trouble caring for.

See? Gay adoption works miracles, even in the animal kingdom!

Zookeepers say male penguins can care for a chick just as well as a female and that the chick will most likely grow to recognize the gay penguins as its parents. But we have another question: why is it that of all the animals in all the zoos worldwide, that we only keep hearing about gay penguin couples? It’s weird, right?

Image via axinar

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  • Greybat

    It’s cute because Gay penguins ALWAYS have Formal Wedding Ceremonies.

  • ek

    In another article I read, it says the two (named Buddy and Pedro (nicknamed Adam and Steve)) were trying to steal eggs from other couples.

  • ek

    oops my bad must have totally skipped over that sentence in this article heheh sorry

  • paulcanning

    Arctic? Arctic?!?! Daniel, that error says everything about life’s priorities …

  • bagooka

    They sure have long necks, don’t they?

  • timncguy

    @ek: THis pair is NOT Buddy and Pedro. Buddy and Pedro are the pair at the Toronto Zoo that are being separated temporarily in order to mate with two females to help propagate the species.

  • Syl

    Birds are pretty damn gay.

    “Animals that live a completely homosexual life can also be found. This occurs especially among birds that will pair with one partner for life, which is the case with geese and ducks. Four to five percent of the couples are homosexual. Single females will lay eggs in a homosexual pair’s nest. It has been observced that the homosexual couple are often better at raising the young than heterosexual couples.”

    “When you see a colony of black-headed gulls, you can be sure that almost every tenth pair is lesbian.”

  • Peter

    Excitedly anticipating the reality T.V shows, Gay Penguins Gone Wild!

  • the other Greg

    @paulcanning: Daniel has admitted to being not too good at science! Maybe he’ll change the error in the headline, unless he’s sure Santa has penguins at the North Pole.

  • nicole

    Oh my gosh it is sooo terrible that they are seperating that other set of homosexual penguins just to have them mate with females. What a sin!!!

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