Lil Devils Want To "Slay" Priest

Gay Church Targeted

A Minnesota priest got an unwelcome surprise Sunday.

A group of unknown hooligans sprayed “Slay the priest” and a pentagram on the side of God’s Children Metropolitan Church, a gay welcoming congregation. Though coppers have no leads on the culprits, they’re investigating it as a “bias crime”:

Minneapolis police are still looking for those responsible for spray painting a threatening message on an outside wall of a south Minneapolis church, but they have now classified the incident as a bias crime, said Sgt. Tammy Diedrich.

A police supervisor and a forensic photographer have collected enough information from God’s Children Metropolitan Church to determine that graffiti at the scene was likely left by somebody with a bias against the church. Police did not elaborate.

So, these punks may not be necessarily be homophobic, but they’re certainly anti-religion. Or Christianity, at least. Who knew we’d have an enemy in common with the Christian right? Unless the culprits are of the Christian persuasion and are hateful enough to desecrate a church simply for accepting queers. Quite a mystery…