Gay Club Promoters Sexualize Terrorist Group ISIS In Deeply Disturbing New Ads

Dreck-IsisWe just threw up in our mouths a little.

Drek, a gay club based in Tel Aviv, has begun circulating publicity pictures that sexualize the beheadings of James Foley, David Haines and Steven Sotloff to promote their latest circuit party. Because nothing’s sexier than a homoerotic reinterpretation of the brutal murders of three innocent civilians.

One of the images shows a half-naked man in a desert kneeling in the sand with a black-clad man looming over him with his hand on his shoulder. The poster features the “black flag” of Isis in the top left hand corner and text running below in the style of Isis’ grisly propaganda videos.

A second image shows a topless man flying a black flag symbolic of Islamist extremism.

Adding further insult to injury, the word Drek, Ynet reports, is Hebrew for “stubborn” but can also mean “hard-necked.”

The images were posted to the club’s Facebook page — where one of them can still be seen, despite public outcry.

Amiri Kalman, co-founder of Drek, said the group was merely “reacting to current events.”

“This is satire,” he added, “and our way of showing our contempt of them and their videos.”

But not everyone found the images satirical.

“Disgusting!” one commenter wrote. “Getting a laugh off of the murder of innocent victims.”

As New York Magazine pointed out, it’s worth noting that “Drek” is also Yiddish for “trash.”