Gay CNN Journo Busted With Meth

CNN International’s Richard Quest, seen here in a tight-fitting tee, will help take some of the attention away from ABC News and its fumbled debate, thanks to his arrest early this morning in Central Park.

Found inside the lush green acres at around 3:40am today, he volunteered to police, while being escorted off the property, that he was carrying meth.


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  • Leland Frances

    How many gay ice skating fans know that the dent they see in long-retired Olympic gold-medalist Dick Button’s forehead anytime they’re watching his commentary is a souvenir of his having been one of six men attacked in Central Park by four baseball bat-wielding teens exactly 30 years ago? Despite The Ramble’s reputation as a gay crusing/sex in the bushes site, Button testified he was “just jogging.”

    Not certain what “fumbled debate” you’re talking about but I heard about one in which the moderators finally decided to not go down on Obama for two hours which has a lot of the Obamabots in a tizzy—but, of course, they only are really concerned about its lack of substance.

  • CitizenGeek

    This is really a shame. I rather liked Quest; though I never knew he was gay until reading this very article!

  • tb

    Free advice: if you have drugs in your pocket, don’t tell the police.

  • topsyturvy8

    Anyone who ever witnessed this guy’s HYPER reports is not surprised. Dude, relax! You’re just giving fucking gossip about the royal family.

  • madmax

    Thank goodness ALL news reporters don’t feel compelled to MAKE the news. (rolling eyes)

  • Erick

    Quest…gay? Get out!

    So that thought on the back of my mind that would pop up eventually in the back of my mind wasnt that far of.

    Wow, its a shame hes on meth.

  • hells kitchen guy

    meth mouth. Definitely meth mouth. And yes, dude had to be on something to blurt out to the police, ‘oh, by the way, i have a packet of drugs in my pocket.’

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but this must be a first of some kind!

  • mike

    This is very sad. Although, I cannot say I am entirely suprised about the meth. His last report (that I saw) on CNN, and from what I hear…all of his reports, make him out to be really bouncy and hyper and like he’s on something.

    He didn’t even hit my gaydar, though. That part is suprising.

    All in all, he was a cool dude and it would be a mistake for CNN to fire him and not support him through this difficult situation.

  • matar paneer

    I always thought he was kind of hot and now I’m sad to find out he’s a meth-loving douche like every other attractive gay dude I seem to encounter. When will gay guys just go back to coke? Atleast with coke you can feasibly go to bed in a few hours.

  • M Shane

    I hope that this won’t fuck up his career, which would be sad.
    It’s not necessarily true that if he’s hyper, he’s always on meth. That’s a hard drug to be using all the time and have a responsible job.

    Meth is really hard for sexual gay men to give up The hard part is that it is an amazing sex drug in terms of engendering tirelessness and restraining of the orgasmic response; It also leaves people obsessive. Esp. good looking guys can go from one person to the next with ease. The biggest danger is HIV, since people get careless.

    What are the search laws in NYC? That part seems odd. What if it’s an illegal search?

  • Jack Jett

    This may be a silly question, but do people really still have sex in Central Park in the middle of the night?
    Is there a shortage of late night sex clubs?

  • M Shane

    I’m not sure about NYC, but in S.F. before the police got really zealous regarding health codes many people liked the adventure and informality of out door sex. Some people are just more outdoorsy. Nothing like sex in a tree.

    In NYC before Gulianni, there were a lot of opportunities to be had along the River etc. Going to a club is more of a commitment than some people want to make on a regular basis. I think they have pretty much zoned many fun spots out.

  • DavidDust

    Jack Jett – When the world ends only three things will remain: Cockroaches, Cher, and Queens trolling for Trade in Central Park.

  • Z

    What a Mess! His carier ended! porr thing!

  • george

    censorship on a gossip site? There were a whole bunch of posts about a certain other CNN person on here that were deleted by the webmaster? please explain yourself…

  • Peter Pan

    george said…

    censorship on a gossip site? There were a whole bunch of posts about a certain other CNN person on here that were deleted by the webmaster? please explain yourself…

    Yes! I second that! What happened to the comment that said CNN being a CIA and MOSSAD operation?

  • Jaroslaw

    my post was deleted as well and all I said was I hope RQ gets it together and I didn’t appreciate all the AC bashing without proof.

  • Jaroslaw

    I mean if we violated some sort of rule then at least let us know……

  • Jaroslaw

    let us know if we broke a rule….

  • Christopher Murray

    I’m a psychotherapist and writer in New York City and just published an article on gay men relapsing on crystal methamphetamine. Not sure if it is of interest to you, but thought I’d send it along.

    Thank you!

    Gay City News
    Everyday A Challenge

    So what happened with gay men and meth? A couple of years ago everyone was in a panic. Eighth Avenue was crowded with bus stop posters decrying the scourge that was crystal methamphetamine, it seemed like everyone knew someone who had just lost their job or soul to Tina, brunch pals were dropping like flies. Health officials and community activists made the direst possible predictions about the perfect storm of meth and HIV, not to mention flesh-eating, drug-resistant bacterial infections. Yikes!

    Well, the truth is that meth, like crack cocaine, is still around and still wreaking havoc in the lives of gay men and others; it’s just gone underground. The public panic has waned, as it always does – a point this newspaper’s Duncan Osborne has taken pains to point out – and all the hoopla has subsided into the daily grind of users using and former users struggling to stay clean.


  • ewe

    OH NO!!! I really enjoyed him and thought he was great. Does anyone remember him as the Wall street advice guy 10 or so years ago. I loved watching him. blahblah blah blah blah. And there you have it. blah blah blahblahblah.

  • ewe

    He may have been just trying to lose weight quickly. Perhaps. His teeth are already capped though. What a shame. I hope he is not an active addict.

  • Michael C.

    this is a guy you can never hate! i didn’t even know he was gay!

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