Fascism Or Freedom?

Gay Commentator Criticizes UK Speech Laws

Openly gay political commentator Lindsay Perigo isn’t feeling Britain’s proposed hate speech laws. Those regulations will prohibit anti-gay and homophobic language. Perigo, an openly gay New Zealand native, compares the move to fascism, saying,

[This is a] brazen assault on free speech by Britain’s PC Labour Government on behalf of Politically Correct poofs.

Make no mistake, these book-burners will soon enough be attempting to have the United Nations require similar laws all over the world, including New Zealand.

Hmm, interesting take. We agree, but only to a certain degree. While we would love to see laws prohibiting hate speech of all varieties, such a law could a. lead to more resentment against gays and b. doesn’t have a limit. What is and is not considered hate speech can change over time and context. We would not, however, equate the laws to “fascism,” nor would we call the politicians “book burners”. We all know how Queerty feels about those people.