Does G-Word Mean "Crappy"?

Gay Comments Lead To Firing

A British woman’s employment-related lamentations landed her in the unemployment line. Deena Pawson lost her job after posting comments saying “work sux” and working late is “gay like the management”. Her superiors weren’t so gay about that and sacked Pawson.

Pawson, of course, thinks she’s done nothing wrong, nor does employment attorney Ashley Sharp. He says the woman’s comments must be looked at in context:

Gay is a word that is used in different contexts. It certainly has no sexual connotations. I’ve heard it used in different ways, even to the point where it is used instead of crappy.

What’s wrong with saying that? I think it’s fair to say shift work is crappy. Who likes working shift work when other people are at home and you could be with your family.

That’s the gayest thing we’ve ever heard.