Gay Condi Rumors Derailed Veep Chances, Claims RNC Source

It could be argued that women have played a larger role in this election than any other previous presidential tally in American history.

Hillary Clinton made sure of that, drawing 18 million of the votes and breaking down barriers for countless ladies across the country. When Clinton lost the Democratic party’s nomination and it became clear nominee Barack Obama would not ask her to run for him, the Republican National Committee became more determined than ever to bring a woman onto their ticket, according to an RNC source close to the selection process.

This source tells Ian Halperin, an investigative reporter who previously exposed Scientology’s homophobic history, that the RNC’s estrogen-heavy short list included Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The hawkish, familiar and capable Rice seemed like be a good pick. Although she wouldn’t draw as many women as Clinton, nor as many blacks as Obama, her placement could have skewed the numbers a little.

The only problem? All those lesbian rumors about Rice and gal pal Randy Bean, with whom Rice shares home ownership and a bank account.

Though Bean denied any sexual relationship, the RNC realized media scrutiny would derail their ticket, says the source, who refused to be named:

It was the persistent rumors about her sexuality that ultimately killed her chances and removed her from the list. In Washington circles, it’s just assumed Rice is gay and nobody really cares. But in the glare of the media spotlight, those rumors were bound to get magnified a thousandfold and the mainstream media would have had an excuse to reveal the facts that would have caused conniption fits among the Republican base.

Whether or not her relationship with Bean means Condi is light in the loafers is not the point. It’s hard to prove one way or another. The fact is that by the time the media finished dissecting it, not a Christian conservative in the country would have gone to the polls in November and that’s ultimately what nixed the Rice candidacy.

With Rice off the list, the space was open for Sarah Palin, a candidate whose five children guarantee no pesky gay rumors.

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