Gay Congressman Raises Big Money For The GOP

gay Louisiana Congressman Jim McCrery

Gay Louisiana Congressman Jim McCrery has just been praised for his outstanding fundraising prowess, as he helped raise over $15 million for the Republican National Committee. Within the Republican Party, this means that he will now be promoted to some sort of important position regardless of his legislative ability. That is the reason the U.S. has so many rich morons in positions of power, which is not to say that Congressman McCrery is a moron, just a hypocrite, as he has voted against his own rights and interests so many times we have lost count, but always very quietly:

Republicans on and off Capitol Hill consider [McCrery’s] low-key personality and his work out of the spotlight as a major reason he has been so successful.

Perhaps after The Advocate outed him in 1992, he decided that was a good time to adopt that “out of the spotlight” approach so he could still show his face at D.C. gay bars without being recognized.

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