Gay Councillor Will Not Live In Fear

A British Councillor, the appropriately named Marc Ramsbottom, insists that he and his lover Tim Hartley will not live in fear after being attacked by a homophobic thug Saturday night.

The gents were walking home through Manchester when the hooligan started railing against them and threw a bottle at Hartley’s face. Not looking for a fight, the men turned to walk away. Apparently the man was looking for a fight, because he lobbed another bottle, which hit Hartley on the back of the head. Ramsbottom took Hartley to the hospital, where he received 15 stitches and three staples to the noggin. Of the incident, Ramsbottom said:

I’ve lived in Manchester since the mid-80s and it is the first time anything like this has happened to me.

It shakes you up but it shouldn’t prevent you from going out and enjoying yourself. We were just two innocent people making our way home… It’s surprising that in this day and age this kind of thing still happens… I will probably be a bit more careful now about the route I take home. But it’s certainly not put me off going out for a drink at night.

That’s right, girl! Don’t let some nasty hater ruin your fun.