Gay Country Singer Josey Greenwell Becomes Straight Singer Nate Green, Threatens To Sue Those Who Question Him

Josey-Greenwell-Nate-GreenJosey Greenwell, the openly gay country music artist who once dated Brazilian model Rodiney Santiago and graced the pages of DNA in his underwear, has emerged from a year of hiding as Nate Green, a dashing young country singer who is now straight and aggressively banning gay men from interacting with him on social media.

The sleuths over at WeHo Confidential first made the connection earlier this month, noting that “Josey Greenwell” had mysteriously disappeared from the Internet in early 2013:

About 6 to 8 months ago, we noticed Josey Greenwell took down his Facebook profile and fan page along with all social media profiles. Even his Wikipedia profile was deleted. It was like he tried to disappear or erase his identity.

Then recently, we discovered why. Josey Greenwell resurfaced as Nate Green, a straight country singer.

Before the success of out country singer Steve Grand swept the community last year, Greenwell told DNA that “music should be about talent and not sexuality, but I’m proud of mine nonetheless.”


The former identity of “Nate Green” was confirmed to WeHo Confidential by LA scenesters who used to party and “hook up” with Greenwell, and by Josh Robbins, a BNA Talent Group representative.

Currently, Nate Green does not allow gay men to comment on his Facebook or Instagram pages, and bans users that associate him with his former identity of Josey Greenwell. According to WC, one commenter received threats of legal action from Green after posting “gay-related” comments on his pages.

Below, look at photos of closeted gay country singer Nate Green as Josey Greenwell wearing a swimsuit, playing with and touching his ex-boyfriend Rodiney Santiago in an extremely gay shirtless beach photoshoot for DNA, a gay men’s magazine. See the rest at Homorazzi:


And here, check out a performance by closeted gay country singer Nate Green as Josey Greenwell performing a gay song at Motor City Pride in 2012, an event that exclusively caters to gay men like Nate Green Josey Greenwell:

And oh, here’s his ass:

Josey Greenwell 106

Photos: Kevin Hubbard

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  • DarkZephyr

    Well he can screw off as far as I am concerned.

  • nsomniac

    He’s just trying to make a living maybe his contract requires it. Leave the guy alone.

  • litper

    Out the bitch and make her suffer!

  • AtticusBennett

    while it may be one’s “personal choice” to make cowardly self-serving choices that reveal internalized homophobia, insecurity and contribute to the general Closet Culture of “gay shame” – the reality is that the rest of us with brains and spines and more than free to see these guys as the cowards that they are, and call them out on it.

  • TVC 15


  • Dakotahgeo

    Color me suspicious, but there’s a ‘boyfriend’ in Josey’s closet somewhere. Just wait! It never fails!

  • renly

    It amazes me that people like this guy and Colton Haynes think they can erase the gay parts of their pasts and nobody will notice. Impossible in today’s world with the internet.

  • litper

    @renly: and yet there are people here who defend Colton’s “heterosexuazlity”…

  • tardis

    Let’s not be quick to judge. There’s actually a real story here. I’m 100% certain that Nate Green doesn’t want to be Nate Green; he wants to be Josey Greenwall. I don’t blame him for doing what he did. The country scene isn’t too fond of the lgbt community. Maybe this is agent at work…either way, sad story.

  • lykeitiz

    This really is pathetic. When an actor has a flop movie, they might like to wish it never happened, but they don’t try to erase it.

    So…he couldn’t make it as what he is, a GAY country singer, so in the day of social media, he’s dumb enough to think he can step INTO the closet?

    Oh, and I’ve heard his music. It sounds like Justin Bieber trying to sing country. I’m guessing the “straight” thing won’t work either.

    What a traitor & a coward.

  • lykeitiz

    @tardis: Are you “quite certain” that he was held at gunpoint to sign the contract? Ever hear of free will? He could always find a new agent, and newsflash…..some of them are gay!

  • ho


  • nsomniac

    WOW all the hate I see when someone is just trying to live their life and make a living. What he does behind closed doors is his own business. More power to him sometimes we have to give up things to protect ourselves and the ones we love.

  • cflekken

    The saddest part of all of this is the fact that he or his label/management feel it was his sexuality that was the reason for his lack of success. Maybe they need to take a closer look and realize that it’s probably more his limited talent. Granted, I only watched the video attached to this story, but he appears to just be some guy off the street to grabbed a mic and started singing onstage. No great voice. No special image. No presence.

    Poor puppy. He’s probably more confused and troubled now then when he was a 13-year-old kid trying to come to terms with his being different from anyone else. I can only wish him luck and hope that this ends okay for him.

  • friscoguy

    Wow hard to believe people in here are defending this guy, are you really so blinded by his beauty that you refuse to see the hatred he has for you and himself??? Don’t you realize this kind of guy would look way down on you for many reasons???

  • tdh1980

    It’s one thing to have never come out of the closet in the first place, ESPECIALLY publicly, but to go back in and pretend that that entire part of oneself never existed despite overwhelming evidence that proves otherwise — all in the name of a career? That’s almost pathological to me. Sorry. Is his love for country music so great that ostensibly sacrificing his mental well-being is worth it? I mean, dude, there are other genres of music.

  • mikeincleveland

    @nsomniac: Essentially, you’re just a troll but regardless your views are insane. The fact that this guy is now blocking and deleting any references to his past (probably not him doing it, but someone on his team) and trying to act like he’s straight is just embarrassing in this day. The fact that you’re okay with that says a lot about you. Maybe you were one of those Manhunt guys that thought it was just fine that the guys that owned that were big GOP supporters for W. Bush (and his anti-gay marriage amendment campaigns).

    This guy is embarrassing himself and when his “straight” career fails (because GAWKER alone will have a field day with this)(and you can’t hide from your past anymore because of the internet) and he attempts to come crawling back to the gay community like a country singer Ken Mehlman, it will be remembered that he pushed us away so he could try and pretend that he wasn’t gay.

    Good luck with that performance, Josey, Nate or whatever your road crew end up referring to you as behind your back.

  • jjose712

    Sorry but this is not like Colton Haynes (wich at least till now it’s not dating beards and saying how much he loves women). This is like Luke Evans who was openly gay, but his gayness dissapear when he wanted big roles in Hollywood and started to date his manager or PR or whoever he says he is dating (in a very Rock Hudson style).

    I don’t think there’s nothing wrong in wanting a mainstream career, and it’s pretty obvious you can’t have mainstream success in country being gay, so i don’t understand why he came out in first place.
    In this age of internet, he must be a complete idiot to think that he can erase his past. At the end he is going to lose his new fans like he lost his old ones.
    Yes his PR is going to protect him like Luke Evan’s PR protect him of uncomfortable questions, but he is not a big name yet, so i don’t see the press protecting him too.

    He had a following, so he could do what Steve Grand did. Make an album, promote your music. Being independent is difficult, radio is not going to play your music, but if you have enough fans it could be a really good business.
    Now he put himself in a very uncomfortable situation, but he is the only one to blame

  • pressuredrop

    I think we all know that Josey doesn’t get along with the pussycats.

  • litper

    @jjose712: wrong, Colton talks about the “girls” all the time…

  • AtticusBennett

    @nsomniac: how would you feel about someone who was mixed-race trying to “pass for white” with an anglicized name and a concentrated focus on “trying to look and sound More White”?”

    how about a jewish person trying and working to pass as Gentile?

    self-hate is self-hate.

  • barkomatic

    This is not going to work out well for him. If he were to score a hit song then the media would be all over his past gay identity. There is no way to defend against true statements in court — so his lawyer can send out all the cease and desists he wants because they will be ineffective.

    As it stands he just destroyed his chances of being a successful performer. Both gay and straight potential fans will find him dishonest and self serving.

  • Saint Law

    He tried to sell himself on his homosexuality and discovered there wasn’t a big enough market. Now, in an act of berserk desperation, he has attempted to recreate himself as a heterosexual.

    So much effort expended on what will surely prove to be a total waste of time as, straight or gay, the skank is talentless.

  • Dxley

    I’m so with him on WHATEVER he decides. His life, his rules, and he can do whatever. If this is what he chooses, then so be it. And good for him on banning any idiots who won’t let sleeping dogs lie!

  • NG22

    I agree with most of you — it’s sad, but it’s also understandable given how much sexual attraction determines the fanbases of male singers. One Direction and Justin Bieber don’t make so much money because of the high quality of their music. They have fans (especially among young girls) who desperately want them to touch their twats. Or something.

    Whatever to this guy. I don’t listen to country anyway. Remind me of him if it all turns to shit and he starts doing porn. I hate to say it, but he’s aggressively, ridiculously beautiful. I hate to be shallow, but it was the only thing I could think about when reading the article. And that Brazilian boyfriend? My GOD! Their sex must have been… *faints*

  • AtticusBennett

    funny how insecure closet cases defend other insecure closet cases. be a man, and come out.

  • jjose712

    @litper: Well, i must read the wrong interviews then, but anyway it’s not the same situation. Colton was never publicly out, this guy (like Luke Evans) was.

    And the problem is not he trying to pass as straight, i could understand a singer or an actor who doesn’t say he is gay at the beginning of his career (well, not saying he is gay is not the same of trying to pass as straight but you get the point) wich is absurd is trying to come back to the closet.

    Frankly, if you are gay and you try to make country music, you better label yourself as a independent artist, because in the long run it’s not going to work.
    Pop stars marry way late generally, being single is a plus for a pop star, but a country star is expected to find a woman an marry soon and having a whole familty by 25. And one thing is having a beard or two and other very different is to fake a marriage with children.

    People is more than ready to forgive a singer who comes out after years of denying it, but this is a different story

  • tricky ricky

    he can call himself anything he wants to but he still isn’t any good. I suggest he find another line of employment. he is never going to be a successful singer, not with that voice. he couldn’t get past the first round on the ted mack amateur hour (google it).

  • tricky ricky

    @Saint Law: you got that right. I played one of his songs for the bf who is a big country fan. he just laughed.

  • jack4forest

    Sounds like the movie “Velvet Goldmine” where the dude reinvents himself and doesn’t want to be outed.

  • Stefan

    He sings with a lisp. Gay or straight the music sucks. The album art will be nice, though.

  • Desert Boy

    I could flip him.

  • Dxley

    He’s so hot. I now follow him on Facebook, and damn, those queens on his page are hilarious. I’m sure he’s just scrolling through those dumb-ass comments with a “still won’t give a fuck” look on his face. I don’t get this hate and resentment over a man living however he wants to. I think of it as cosmetic surgery or losing weight; I don’t like what I see, and I change it — simple!

    Damn! The ass-hurt is just hilarious. I’ve never wished to be a cup of coffee until I saw the picture of him drinking one — perfection. Way to go, Nate!!

  • John Blaze

    So this is the gay guy that is pretending to be straight now to sell country music? Poor guy, he should have just reached out to Shane McAnally… one of the most amazingly brilliant GAY COUNTRY writers on the scene today! He writes hits for so many current stars… Think Sia, but for Country… Shane could have helped him make the music he wanted, without compromising who he is. Now he is just a giant phoney turd bucket sellout. So pathetic. :(?

  • gryphen

    @Dxley: You seriously think that changing your sexuality is comparable to ‘cosmetic surgery or losing weight’?!?!? That’s like people who think sexual orientation is a choice. Of like parents who ship their children off to christian ‘camps’ to fix them (think Kidnapped for Christ). Your making excuses that because he’s pretty that it’s acceptable to do this. What about the implications this has to young people who looked to him as an example of how to be out, proud, and country. The music industry isn’t going to continue to evolve is artists don’t stand up for themselves. Look at the success that Sam Smith is experiencing.

  • gryphen

    @gryphen: Annnd I should have proof read what I just wrote. Sorry for the grammar errors.

  • alterego1980

    @renly: I don’t think they’re that naive. They know we’ll notice but they’re banking on the idea that gay and straight cultures don’t really cross paths that much in the world and especially in country music. Most straight people don’t have gaydar unless you hit them over the head with Richard Simmons. My guess he gets away with it for the most part. For Greens part, I hope it was worth it because he’s only really hurting himself. And based on that video I don’t think he’s getting rich in country music, gay or “straight”

  • triitagain

    Guys, we are supposed to be the non-judgmental slice of society. You don’t have to agree with this man or the direction he has chosen and we definitely don’t have to like him, but how about live and let live? This form of intolerance mirrors what we all fight against every day. Intolerance is intolerance. Use the power of your consumer dollars and don’t buy what he’s producing; you don’t need to attack the guy, it just serves to shore up stereotypes that those who work against us will use to further their agenda. This man is surely living in his own personal hell and no sharp edged words will cut him as deeply as his own actions are doing right now. Are we truly the “accepting” folks we claim to be, or is that solely reserved for those deemed worthy of that acceptance? Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t want to turn into a propagator of the same intolerance we have all experienced at some point or another.

  • AtticusBennett

    @triitagain: we are “letting him live”

    we’re not calling for his head. we’re calling him a coward. which he is. he may live as a coward, and we’re free to point out that it’s cowardly.

    your post was full of unintelligent nonsense. what do you want us to accept? that he made a cowardly choice? i accept it. i accept that he’s a coward. and it’s hilarious that you think we’re propagating “intolerance” – no, he’s kowtowing to intolerance by feigning straightness.

  • BJ McFrisky

    When a man abandons his hetero life and dives into dudes, you guys are always there to aggressively cheer him on. But when the opposite happens, well, apparently that’s when the claws come out and the “tolerance” you love to boast of takes a backseat.

  • litper

    @BJ McFrisky:

  • Ogre Magi

    He is probably a christian, and we all know what those people are like

  • tdh1980

    @triitagain: Yeah. We owe acceptance, tolerance, compassion, to someone who made the conscious, qualified, opportunistic decision to pretend to be straight in order to chase country music stardom. Right. You can have all the seats. Every. Single. One.

  • Xzamilio

    @Dakotahgeo: Wait for what? We already know he’s a perpetrator, so there’s nothing surprising here.

  • Alan down in Florida

    wouldn’t it be ironic if he became Josey Greenwell to differentiate himself from the hot country honeyboys who have taken over country radio and that Nate Green is who he really was from jump street?

  • gryphen

    @BJ McFrisky: Are you out of your mind? You think that someone who accepts their homosexuality and starts living as an authentic gay man is the same as a person who denies their true self and chooses to live a lie? If he’s bisexual, that’s great, but he doesn’t need to change his name and claim to be straight. Yes everyone is free to make decisions about how they live. What most of us are saying is that here is someone who made a big deal about being gay and now they’re lying about who they are in a very public way.

  • DarkZephyr

    @BJ McFrisky: He didn’t abandon anything, he is faking it and he is nasty to his gay fans. God you are so self loathing.

  • QJ201

    The gay male community hasn’t supported any openly gay singer since Sylvester and Divine. Adam lambert who has an amazing voice is routinely trashed on gay blogs. I guess it will take porn looks and talent..

  • friscoguy

    I just hate it when a really hot guy is a douchebag, unfortunately it seems to go with the territory for most I have met.

  • SteveDenver

    @QJ201: Did you forget about Elton John, George Michael, Boy George, Adam Lambert, Jimmy Somerville, Ricky Martin, Melissa Etheridge, k.d. lang, Jonsi (Sigur Ros), Marc Almond, Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood), Rufus Wainwright, Ru Paul, Scissor Sisters (Jake Shears, Babydaddy & Del Marquis), Erasure (Andy Bell and Vince Clark), Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), The Village People (Alexander Briley, Randy Jones, Felipe Rose), Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Freddy Mercury, on and on and on…

  • SteveDenver

    He’s tiringly CUPID (CUte and stuPID).

  • Kenover

    Since I’d never heard of Josey Greenwell or Nate Green until I read this article, I guess neither identity is really working out. I suspect they’re both equally untalented.

  • mz.sam

    This may a serious miscalculation on (Josey) Nate’s musical career choice…especially when he has been so public in the press media and social network…he can never hide (nor extricate) from his social media past, especially being involved big or small in the entertainment world. Making assumptions and judgments as one will, no one knows the true story behind his actions but only that Nate steers his career path wisely and the best of wishes.

  • DDstar1me

    @Kenover -I 2nd that notion.

  • Ummmm Yeah

    Putting a couple of home recorded videos on Youtube doesn’t make you a singer. Especially when you can’t sing in them.

  • Ms Urethra Johnson

    Maybe Yall should start watching NASHVILLE on ABC. They have that exact storyline going on now. Plus their guy is WAY hotter. It’s a really good show.

  • ouragannyc

    A cat has 7 lives.

  • NoCagada

    Who is he going to sue? It wouldn’t be a lie and completely provable.

  • MrKev

    Self-hate is a sad thing.

  • BlogShag

    Who cares, can’t stand his music anyway. I’d much rather buy Carrie Underwood’s records

  • DivotMan

    This story can’t possibly be true, can it? Does he think people won’t find out he’s a fraud? Oh, wait….I forgot about Republicans. All good.

  • Pistolo

    Well, let’s face it, even if you’re openly gay, so many gay men still want you to be “masc” or “straight-acting”. So many gay men pay more attention to unattainable straight guys and totally ignore other gay guys. So much gay porn is essentially about straight men being forced to perform gay sexual acts. We really idealize doltish straight guys, have you ever seen behind the scenes footage of Sean Cody pornstars? Anyways, it doesn’t surprise me when these fit pretty boys end up being the ones most neurotic about their sexuality and most out of touch with it. Masc-acting my ass! I think a manly thing to do is own your identity.

  • michael mellor

    Women won’t buy from openly gay or bisexual male singers unless he dresses like a monk or remains discreet about his sexuality. That’s because a woman sees sexually suggestive gay or bi men as a threat to her ability to market her own sexuality to the same men that he is trying to appeal to.

    Women don’t like interference, basically.

    Even in the pop and dance genres, there is virtually no same-sex marketing allowed if a man is the performer. Interestingly, female performers are allowed to market themselves in a suggestive same-sex fashion. Katy Perry, Madonna, Britney, Beyonce etc are all allowed to do it.

    Blame women for the double standard. They create it and they exploit it.

  • clomiboy

    You can’t go from gay to straight overnight, who the hell is he kidding, he’s back in the closet

  • DarkZephyr

    @michael mellor: God you’re nuts. Many women LOVE gay men and even write excellent novels about gay male love. Why do you live in this fantasy world?

  • throwslikeagirl

    Seems kinda silly. It’s obvious he’s the same guy. Maybe it’s a performance art piece, like Joaquin Phoenix pulled off!

  • clomiboy

    And yes, he sucks as a singer, but he’s cute as hell

  • Saint Law

    @gryphen: Think how stupid you’d have to be, to be ‘Nate Green’.

    Then think how more stupid to actually follow him on Facebook!

  • ppp111

    @michael mellor:
    In all fairness, many of the decisions made behind the scenes are by straight men. You have a point that there is an unfair double standard when it comes to sexuality but unfortunately that’s the sentiment why it’s okay for women to be sexual with anybody and men must lust after women only. It’s been like that since the beginning and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

    True, but the overall sentiment is that women want men to want women. It gives an illusion that they may have a small chance with them, even if it’s remote. Sure, straight women love reading and writing about gay men but I think that number is much smaller than you might think. If given a choice, most women want a male idol that adores and lusts after the female form.

  • Alton

    Unless you’re an anti-gay politician, I respect your right to be closeted. Everyone has the right to come out on their own terms. However, once you’ve come out, publicly, that’s it. Going back in the closet is the most cowardly thing you can do; far worse than never coming out at all. You’re basically saying, “A gay man can’t make it in the world, and I have no desire to change that.” Worse, you’re spitting in the faces of the people before you who have already been spat upon, year after year, when they came out during a time when being out really WAS a career-ending – sometimes life-ending – decision.

    You don’t get a do-over. Once you make the commitment to be out, you must honor it. Not just for yourself, but for ALL of us, and the ones who came before, and the ones still to come.

  • hephaestion

    Amazing how someone with such big muscles could be so weak.

    Amazing how someone with everything going for him could throw it all away. He needs to just be his true genuine self and have a gay old time!

  • odawg

    What a sellout! His story is gaining and steam and will backfire on him. I hope he thinks it was worth it.

  • seanbear66rn

    Once he recovers from the year long “Conversion Therapy” He will discover that the treatment had no long term effect…on his sexuality….Oh but he will see the adverse side effects, a lost career and a community who will be hesitant in giving him a second chance…..He is hot…yes…but how mentally stable do you think the poor child is. It is hard to have a career when you are delusional and have magical thinking that you can erase your past. Oh and autotune …not used much in country music…but he must of thought dance music was way too gay…..another poor decision….autotune would have done wonders for his career….OK NOW LOOK PRETTY AND SING INTO THE SPECIAL MIC………HE COULD HAVE BEEN AN INSTANT STAR !!! AND STAYED GAY…. THE ONLY CONVERSION WOULD HAVE BEEN HIS VOICE AHH AUTOTUNE MUSIC TO ME EARS

  • Dxley

    LOL at the ones saying “women love gay men”

  • jtroi

    geez, people. let the guy be. he’s done his share of work for “the cause”. and yes, one’s music or professional calling can be way more important than one’s sexual identity.

  • Saint Law

    @Pistolo: “I think the manly thing to do is act your identity.”

    It’s the thing to do full-stop.

    Which is why the only peops supporting the feeb’s ‘choice’ are those who through weakness, immaturity or insanity lack an identity of their own and can’t imagine what it would mean to have one.

  • michael mellor

    The sad fact is this: women are allowed to be marketed as bisexual but men aren’t. Women need to be curtailed with new laws to prevent them from exploiting this double standard. If you don’t curtail it, it gets bigger and starts harming male homosexuality.

    That is why moral laws are necessary – they put necessary boundaries on women and prevent double standards from becoming acceptable.

  • Bryguyf69

    @nsomniac: You’re letting him off the hook too easily. First of all, the article says that he bans gay comments and known gays from his Facebook/Instagram pages. That’s DISCRIMINATION. Second, even if his contract requires it, who forced him to sign the contract? He willingly did so.

    If you were given a contract that barred you from interacting with black Americans, would you do it? Think about it.

  • DutchGay

    In the end he’ll be depressed spending years pretending to something that he is not. Basic human urges are strong. If he’s gay -and he lived the gay lifestyle- he will sure miss that sooner or later. His choice ofcourse. Better choose happiness.

  • Bryguyf69

    @nsomniac wrote: “WOW all the hate I see when someone is just trying to live their life and make a living. What he does behind closed doors is his own business. More power to him sometimes we have to give up things to protect ourselves and the ones we love.”
    The irony is that he’s NOT “trying to live [his] life…” He’s trying to live a fake life manufactured to further his career. That’s unfair to him, his gay fans — and his straight fans. And again, this is not about “what he does behind closed doors.” This is about what he does in PUBLIC. He can call himself straight and have sex with women “behind closed doors” and few people would care. But the implied PUBLIC message is that being gay is wrong, or that it can be changed. That’s not only distasteful, but potentially harmful. You can bet that some “ex-gay” group will use him as proof.

    And what exactly do you mean by “protect himself”? From what? The gay mafia?

    That said, I DO feel sorry for him. He’s in a no-win situation that can only get worse. There is simply no way to get rid of the electronic evidence, and any attempt to do so will simply attract more attention (aka The Streisand Effect; look it up). He’ll end up being hated by both gays and homophobes, and disrespected by others for his dishonesty. He eventually will have to come out. The only question is how much bruising he’s wiling to endure before doing so.

    If I was his adviser, I’d say to drop out of Country and go into Pop. Or folk rock, i.e. Jason Mraz. While younger country fans are more gay-friendly, the old guard still controls the genre, i.e. airplay. And do the transition NOW while his integrity isn’t battered beyond repair.

  • Bryguyf69

    There s no way this campaign to reinvent himself can succeed. The electronic trail is simply impossible to erase. For example, if you do a YouTube search for Nate Green, you will see Josey Greenwell videos pop up as suggestions, and vice versa. Here’s a video under Rodiney Santiago’s account.

  • Meb

    I don’t care his reasons, if these reasons are only commercial or this matter goes beyond and he wants to “change” his (alleged) sexuality. But if he repudiates his (alleged) homosexuality and the gay Community I just hope that he does not try to come back later. If this is true, he should never be accepted as member of this Community again.

    • Bryguyf69

      @Meb: I’m a bit more forgiving than you. I see him as a tragic figure, going down a road that doomed to fail. As long as he doesn’t bash the lgbt community, or otherwise claim to be “cured,” I’m willing to welcome him back once he’s ready. I can’t imagine the internal conflict he must be facing right now, and the paranoia he’s living with. I only hope that he has someone to confide in.

  • Tackle

    It would be interesting to hear what his ex, Rodney (who I think is hotter) thinks about all this. I believe this was definitely a management decision. But Nate is not innocent, and could have said no.If that was the case. They/he even butched-up his name from the former Josey Greenwell. That being said:

    @seanbear66rn: Lost career, yes. Lost community NO. And they would not hesitate to give him a second chance. @Meb: And the community would gladly accept him back again.
    Unfortunately our community is very superficial. Especially to someone young, White and good-looking.
    A couple of yrs ago Queerty and other GLBTQ news outlets did a story on how Eminem was forgiven and not held to the same scrutiny as Isaiah Washington by the LGBTQ, while having a longer history of anti-gay slurs.

    Not trying to turn this into something [email protected], but just stating the obvious. If he were to apologize next week. Next month, or next year,he has the type of look that most in the community would/will forgive. I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t. Just saying.

  • Meb

    @Bryguyf69: Maybe I am a very strict guy but I think that some betrayals are unpardonable and this would be a case of those. Anyway, I understand your stance.

  • Meb

    @Tackle: Really, his ex was bisexual and not gay, and the most of bisexual guys do not feel identified with gayness and gay Community as us (monosexual gay guys) though they can have gay relations. Therefore, a bisex guy, probably, see this issue in a different way than us.

  • Joincny

    Those of you defending this man and the decisions he’s made are seriously f##ked in the head.

  • Dxley

    Or maybe you need to grow up and realize that everyone has a right to live their life the way they choose to. Why is it important to you? Does it feed your soul when he worships penis?

    You always cry “tolerance” but you immediately lose your minds when a gay man deviates from that gay life and does something else, but you love it whenever a man says he’s into guys and never say anything about how he’s fake because he’d been sleeping with women and can’t possibly be gay. It’s not your business that this is what HE wants, and you should get a life and let him live his own as he wishes. The amount of vindictive and immature comments that the man is receiving is just crazy and it’s actually bullying — something the gay community cries a lot about. Give me a break!

    Why is it so important to you that this man carries himself as gay all the time? If he wants to come across as straight, then let it be and let it go! He doesn’t owe anything to anyone.

    Your own hatred for your own sexuality shows in the way you use “gay” etc. as an insult towards him. Heterosexuality is something so majestic that anyone who “feigns” it should be persecuted and verbally annihilated, because not everyone deserves it — This is what I get from all this madness of abusive comments aimed at this man.

    Let it go and move on. He doesn’t care how you live your life, and you shouldn’t care about how he lives his.

  • wakeupscreaming

    It probably is harder for an out gay musician to break into the mainstream. Steve grands success was limited to gay niche.
    Secondly, we don’t know if he’s bisexual or somewhere inbetween, and that can evolve and change for people. Bi guys are still judged by many str8s and gays. So, let him be.

  • Stefano

    @Dxley : LOL i just can’t stop laughing every time i read your comments. You and Masc Pride too. You are hilarious.

  • samfw

    @tardis: Oh, horseshit! He’s a coward and we’re supposed to mew and slobber and say, “Well, if that’s his choice.” Fuck that. He does not HAVE to be a singer of any kind, he does not HAVE to be a celebrity. I
    f he chooses to have a public life, this is the price he pays.

  • JJ24

    @wakeupscreaming: He had a music career as an out gay man, then disappeared and reemerged as a “straight” homophobe who now bashes the LGBT community. So why do you think people should lay off him? Do you also think people should lay off Westboro?

  • LadyL

    @michael mellor: “Female performers are allowed to market themselves in suggestive, same-sex fashion” because straight male power brokers get off on the fantasy that two hot girls are doing it just for them, and assume other straight males–you know, the demographic that matters above all others–feel the same way.
    Yes, there are straight women who feel uncomfortable or insecure about or around gay men, but not NEARLY to the extent that straight men do.

    Straight guys are afraid of gay men, they’re afraid of gay women, they’re afraid of straight women, they’re afraid of EVERYTHING–and their fear and raging insecurities often makes them repressive and dangerous. It wasn’t women who beat to death Matthew Shepard, Allen Schindler, and practically every other victim of gay bashing.

    Get a clue, you dickhead.

  • LadyL

    Btw–is this the same Rodney of “The A-List New York” fame? Reichen Lehmkuhl’s Rodney?
    Jeez. This guy can’t catch a break.

  • Sebizzar

    Oh dear. He frankly needs to seek help, that is a very unhealthy thing to do he is going to drive himself insane.

  • jjose712

    @wakeupscreaming: Curiously this same week there are two openly gay singers in the top 10 of billboard.
    Sam Smith is at seven (his album sold near half million copies) and Troye Sivan is at 5, with only three days of sales and without any airplay.

    We really don’t know if there was any interest in Steve Grand from a big label, what we know is he has enough fans to fund his albumm in less than 24 hours, and he ends with three times more money than he asked for.
    And reading some comments i don’t think his main fanbase is gay, he has a lot of women fans.
    Given the kind of music he had, he only needs a song wich is not clearly directed to a man to go mainstream, and that’s quite easy in english.
    He wanted creative freedom and he thought (probably right) that he needed to be independent to have it.

    And the maybe Nate is bi is totally bullshit, he came out as gay, the did it clearly and loudly.
    Sorry but people don’t discover their heterosexualy late in life. Since they day you are born everything push you to be heterosexual, if you like women you know it.
    He thought that he can be a country singer being gay (and he is right, there’s no probability right now to have mainstream success as gay in country music, in fact it’s difficult for women or men who doesn’t fit the mold of bro country) and decide (probably bad advised) that he could fool anyone.
    Maybe country music fans are not that sofisticate, but everyone right now use internet, specially the kind of audience he wanted (really young girls) so in the long run this is going to explode.
    If he was an actor, where there are not direct interaction with the audience, this could work (if he worked for Luke Evans can work for others) because your PR protect you from uncomfortable questions, but for a singer in a very conservative genre when the proves of being out are everywhere, i don’t think this work at all.

  • Stefano

    @LadyL : Very good response.

  • Matt G

    gross- burn the witch

  • enlightenone

    @nsomniac: Then it’s not a GOOD contract! I can’t “bother him;” we don’t have any type of relationship. Your narrow-mindedness doesn’t allow you to get that this is a bigger issue than Josey/Nate!

  • enlightenone

    @AtticusBennett: Applause!! “…Closet Culture of ‘gay shame’…” Is this your original phrasing? I love it and would like to use it in my published writing.

  • enlightenone

    @tardis: “There’s actually a real story here. I’m 100% certain that Nate Green doesn’t want to be Nate Green; he wants to be Josey Greenwall.” “Quick to judge” or you know him?

  • enlightenone

    @nsomniac: Hate? What? Bedroom? ……

  • enlightenone

    @tdh1980: Call him please! He needs you.

  • enlightenone

    @jjose712: I proudly and with great joy, without hesitation, contributed to Steve Grand’s crowd fundraising for the reasons directly/indirectly stated in your comment. My most spiritual understanding as a young adult is the wisdom that you have to be you (authentic/God-made) first and foremost and all else flow from there, not the other way around!

  • enlightenone

    @NG22: You’re too much, but right on the money. As serious an issue this is, a good laugh can keep you from crying. You get a free “lust” pass. The first one I gave out! Probably because I just made it up just for you. Lol!!!

  • enlightenone

    @gryphen: Good response, but unfortunately it is lost on “D.” He’s just a “dick” perpetrating as a “man!”

  • enlightenone

    @triitagain: Solely reserved for those deemed worthy of that acceptance like Sam and Steve Grand!

  • enlightenone

    @Ogre Magi: That picture of Josey/Nate in his underwear/swimsuit is not a Christ-like image or an “outfit” to be worn at the “last supper” table!

  • ppp111


    From my experience straight men are also afraid of other straight men! Especially guys with faster cars, bigger salaries, and better jobs :-). Anyway, I have to add that straight women can be homophobic as well. Perhaps not as vocal as straight men but no less vicious. A couple of women I know work at departments that are predominantly female and the hostility they’ve had to put up with is horrible. The worst are the religious conservative women who constantly remind them of how dirty gay people are. Truly sad.

  • fbjohnnie

    I knew Josey when he was a bartender at the gay bar Tribe here in Nashville, Tn. His wrist were limper then his dick when a vagina was in his face. He moved Way to become a model in NYC. I guess that didn’t take off so now he is back in Nashville Bartending at Rusans Sushi bar in the Gulch. Now he wants to be known as Nate. If you ever get a chance to come to Nashville go to Rusans. Tell me he acts straight!! I applaud gay news outlets for outing him. I guess he is Nashvilles very own chameleon because this is a first I’ve heard of a gay country singer, going to modeling, and coming back as a straight country singer. He must of had a stay at Michelle Bachmanns treatment facility. He use to be my fav bartender back at tribe two yrs ago, but after trying to say hey at Rusans and him acting like he didn’t know me I guess I now found the reason. Sorry his career as a straight country artist will never be. You have to be masculine and date woman. The closest he will come to dating a woman is the drag he use to put on for tribes and play ( another gay club in Nashville) turn about night. He didn’t look good as a woman either……..

  • fbjohnnie

    @fbjohnnie: he is far from bi anything. He is strictly dickly

  • james_in_cambridge

    You gotta seriously worry about this guy’s mental health. He must be nuts if he thinks you can erase yourself from the internet. He’s either crazy….or really, really stupid.

  • sobegay

    Sad I know josey and was wondering what happened to him. Weird thing is there’s a pic of him in the wire in Miami advertising for Urge a gay party For Labor Day weekend lol

  • mz.sam

    If Josey was smart and want to make a successful music career lucrative he should start taking vocal training from Sam Smith and conversely, Sam can begin a training and nutrition program with Josey aka Nate Green.

  • justinsmith87

    This man recently committed suicide. It’s all over the news tonight.

  • hardbuzzz

    No suicide folks. I met him in Chelsea NYC last week.

  • enlightenone

    @hardbuzzz: “…I met him in Chelsea NYC last week.”

    So is he still purpetrating being “straight?” Was it worth it? i.e. Not on music chart!

  • Doughosier

    The fact is, most gay men can only appreciated female singers. Makes you appreciate Steve Grand’s courage. Read some of the comments under his Christmas video. He gets put down a lot by gay men.

  • Doughosier

    Ok just watched a video of his singing. He has no chance. He’s gorgeous but not really a good singer. In music, you have to be able to deliver the goods, regardless of your looks.

  • jjose712

    @Doughosier: Not true. When you are a celebrity (straight or gay) no matter how good you are at your work and if you are a very good person, there’ll be a good number of people who will put their frustrations in you.
    Gay celebrities are an easy target for homophobes and for bitter gays too, but the number of gay people who like Steve is way bigger than the ones who can’t stop bitching about him (and of course he has straight fans too).

    This is a totally different situation, in fact it’s pathetic beyond belief, not only for getting back in the closet but because thinking, in this era of social media (and he used social media for promo when he was openly gay), that he can fool people this way is ridiculous.
    He did that for nothing because obviously he failed.
    I understand his frustration, i think we are very far from having an openly gay mainstream singer (i’m not eve talking of a star, but someone whose songs are played on the radio). Even pro gay singers like Kacey Musgraves, who have critical aclaimed albums, struggle to find her place in country radio. But at least there are openly gay writers (Shane McAnally is very successful right now), and it’s not that difficult to find right now even gay friendly male singers (Sam Hunt) of groups (Brothers Osbourne).
    He betrayed himself for nothing

  • Markajv


  • Stilinski26

    His loss his ex boyfriend is super hot

  • JED08

    @renly: Are you talking about when his reps and parents tried to keep that picture from circulating when he first hit the acting scene? Because these days, he’s all but out, and does not say that he is heterosexual, ya’ll need to catch up.

  • SteveDenver

    With a voice like his, he can pretend to be straight, but he clearly sucks.

  • dannysax

    If you guys would keep up, Colton Haynes is now pretty much admitting he’s gay, and there’s been some Queerty articles on this. This loser Nate Green sounds like some karaoke singer who has no talent, and we are better off not having him represent us. I predict a big failure and him searching for other ways to make money, like amateur porn maybe. Regardless, anyone in my opinion should never allow others to tell them they can’t be who they are, especially in this age of more openness.

  • tazz602

    How true is this? Josey Greenwell’s facebook page exists and is active. goes nowhere. Maybe he went gay again?

  • Bryguyf69

    @dannysax wrote:
    “, Colton Haynes is now pretty much admitting he’s gay”
    Not just “pretty much” — he has fully come out. See article below. My guess is that he’s been out among loved ones for years. I base that on Colton having an out gay brother. Anyway, since this blog is really about Country Music, let’s combine Colton Haynes and Country music in the below video. Who knew COlton had such a fantastic voice? Apparently, he can dance too.

  • Bryguyf69

    @tazz602: Yep, looks like Josey Greenwell is back. See Facebook link below. Apparently, he has moved to New York City to become a trainer. But he still lists himself as a Country singer although none of the posts talk about music. His profile also lists Twitter and Instagram accounts under Josey Greenwell so it looks like that identity is back in fullforce. As for becoming gay again, I don’t see anything on Facebook that is specifically gay.

    I posted this on his page: “Welcome back.” I mean that in two ways. O course, I’m welcoming the Josey Greenwell personna back but I’m also welcoming him back to NYC, where he did modeling. Anyway, you haters … be nice.

  • Evji108

    More than anything this story is just sad, pathetic and reeks of desperation. Somebody convinced him the reason his career was foundering was because he is gay and that he could change that by going back into the closet. Sadly his confidence and self esteem was low enough to buy into it. Rebranding can work sometimes but in this case it is guaranteed to be a bust and it will drag his self esteem even lower. He will regret this deeply. I feel sorry for this lost man, it’s really a personal tragedy being played out in the public eye.

  • BGinBigD

    She should be outed, plain and simple!!! Especially after dating Rodiney Santiago. You’ll remember Rodiney tried to play the “bisexual” card years ago when she burst on the “reality show” scene, and look at her now! Like no one is going to find out about your personal past. Example: Donald Trump.

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