Gay Country Singer Josey Greenwell Becomes Straight Singer Nate Green, Threatens To Sue Those Who Question Him

Josey-Greenwell-Nate-GreenJosey Greenwell, the openly gay country music artist who once dated Brazilian model Rodiney Santiago and graced the pages of DNA in his underwear, has emerged from a year of hiding as Nate Green, a dashing young country singer who is now straight and aggressively banning gay men from interacting with him on social media.

The sleuths over at WeHo Confidential first made the connection earlier this month, noting that “Josey Greenwell” had mysteriously disappeared from the Internet in early 2013:

About 6 to 8 months ago, we noticed Josey Greenwell took down his Facebook profile and fan page along with all social media profiles. Even his Wikipedia profile was deleted. It was like he tried to disappear or erase his identity.

Then recently, we discovered why. Josey Greenwell resurfaced as Nate Green, a straight country singer.

Before the success of out country singer Steve Grand swept the community last year, Greenwell told DNA that “music should be about talent and not sexuality, but I’m proud of mine nonetheless.”


The former identity of “Nate Green” was confirmed to WeHo Confidential by LA scenesters who used to party and “hook up” with Greenwell, and by Josh Robbins, a BNA Talent Group representative.

Currently, Nate Green does not allow gay men to comment on his Facebook or Instagram pages, and bans users that associate him with his former identity of Josey Greenwell. According to WC, one commenter received threats of legal action from Green after posting “gay-related” comments on his pages.

Below, look at photos of closeted gay country singer Nate Green as Josey Greenwell wearing a swimsuit, playing with and touching his ex-boyfriend Rodiney Santiago in an extremely gay shirtless beach photoshoot for DNA, a gay men’s magazine. See the rest at Homorazzi:


And here, check out a performance by closeted gay country singer Nate Green as Josey Greenwell performing a gay song at Motor City Pride in 2012, an event that exclusively caters to gay men like Nate Green Josey Greenwell:

And oh, here’s his ass:

Josey Greenwell 106

Photos: Kevin Hubbard