Gay Couple Beaten By Mob Of Six For Holding Hands In New York City

Gay couple holding hands istockThe NYPD is searching for six suspects involved in an anti-gay attack in Chelsea last night. According to reports, the mob of people targeted two gay men holding hands on West 24th Street, and beat them while yelling anti-gay slurs.

ABC 7 reports that “at some point a confrontation ensued between the groups and the suspects allegedly surrounded the victims and attacked them twice.”

The two victims, ages 53 and 27, were treated at a nearby hospital and released shortly after. One sustained a laceration to the side of his face, while the other had a laceration on his chin that required seven stitches.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (who wants to be your first gay mayor!) was the first to issue a statement regarding the attacks this morning:

“I am appalled by reports that two men were senselessly beaten in Chelsea simply because they were perceived to be gay. Holding hands as they walked down West 24th Street, they were assaulted as their attackers hurled anti-gay slurs.

The number of anti-gay attacks in New York City grew to such overwhelming numbers earlier this year that several nonviolent protests were held throughout the city. Most of the assailants in previous cases have not been apprehended.

The NYPD is asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at (866) 313-TIPS.

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  • Tackle

    So two people who just happen to be of the same sex are walking down the street holding hands minding their own business. I wish that others would learn to mind there’s. If they did, their life and this world would be a much better place.

  • Daveliam

    My husband and I both work in NYC (my husband was born and raised here too) and we’re both shocked at the recent series of hate crimes. I’ll concede that there has always been rampant homophobia in the city, but I’ve never felt unsafe walking down the street with my husband before. And, even more shocking to me is the fact that it’s happening in historically gay-friendly neighborhoods. I’ve been “over” NYC for a few years now and this crime wave is making me seriously think of just pulling up my roots and relocating.

  • RickG

    If NYC police were interested in actually solving more crimes they’d use the most obvious resource to do so. There are thousands of security cameras monitoring throughout the city for exactly that purpose. I’m sure these thugs could be easily identified as well as numerous other crimes throughout the city if the cops were to simply look! Do you think the cops would actually look at the most obvious source to identify street crime? Of course not! They’re NYC cops, they have more important things to do! I experienced this first hand when my bike was recently stolen while locked on the street. There was a security camera 50 feet away at a local Con Edison building and the cops did NOTHING to investigate. My bike was not nearly as important as someone being molested, but regardless the police are simply useless!

  • randallreynolds

    Blame Religion. Become an Atheist today!

  • hyhybt

    @RickG: Just *getting* the video from a third party is going to be some work, and then what do you really expect them to be able to do with it? So they, at best, know what the thief looks like. Unless whoever watches the video recognizes him, you’re talking about a serious amount of work to find out who it is, an amount that would be prohibitive to put into every crime of that magnitude. Especially since it would quickly make potential witnesses too sick of going “nope, don’t know him” to bother when it’s something more serious.

  • dre23222

    This is sad about this crimes going on in NYC. I love going and visiting the city. I used to live there for four years and left to pursue grad school. I never encounter any homophobic acts while there. I dont know whats the deal now but it seems that something needs to be done about this. Its sad we still have hate and racial tension going on in 2013. Wake up Ignorant people.

  • openguy

    Overpriced shithole full of obnoxious jerks

  • MrEguy

    I see how all that stop’n frisk profiling is working so well, Chief Kelly.

  • Billysees

    @Tackle: 1

    How true.

    Could apply to many other situations also.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Be proactive. Carry a phone with a camera and take pictures that post to your facebook account automatically if someone is harassing you. They will be disinclined to cause trouble if their faces have been captured. You could also get a concealed weapons permit so you can lawfully defend yourself since most verbal confrontation against LGBTA people are a precursor to an attack. Or you can get your friends together and go out walking hand in hand, one couple at a time with others watching out for them and if someone gives you crap you can all confront the attacker(s) – a citizens patrol/watch. Also take a self defense course – they are offered in many cities. You have every right to protect yourself, your friends and your family members.

  • tdx3fan

    @Daveliam: The only real reason this even makes news in NYC is because gays there tend to draw attention to themselves. If two guys walk down the street in Chicago or Cleveland, you can guarantee they are not holding hands and talking back to anti-gay mobs. Its not right, that gays should have to tone down in public. Its also not fair. It just is.

  • tdx3fan

    @RickG: You honestly think they do not look at footage? The problem with footage is that someone still has to identify the person on the video. These crimes are most mob mentality, get the “lesser” types of crimes… it is quite possible that most of these suspects have no criminal background.

  • tdx3fan

    @Daniel-Reader: Awesome advice. Just be aware that if you are the one to bring a concealed weapon then you better be prepared to shoot to kill or you are probably going to be the one that gets shot. Also, I think that NYC, in its infite wisdom pretty much made concealef carry a bitch to actually obtain.

  • pabjornedax57

    I can only thank the gods that here in St Petersburg Florida this problem is dropping. 6 people all seen beating up two gay men would think twice when one opened fire with a clip holding 17 rounds.

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