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Gay couple who flashed their butts at Thai temples is now royally screwed

This week, the world met Joseph and Travis Dasilva, a gay San Diego couple who was taken into Thai police custody after a social media stunt — photographing their bare behinds at Buddhist temples and uploading the pics to Instagram — backfired big time.

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The maximum penalty for public nudity in Thailand is a fine of 5,000 Baht (around $153 dollars), which the men initially paid.

But their troubles will be much more serious.

As the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reports, the Thai government is looking to make an example of the foolish Americans, tacking on computer crime charges for distributing pornography, as well as a no-joke religious insult charge.

Per the Bangkok Post:

The offense under the computer crime act is liable to a jail term of up to five years and/or a fine of up to 100,000 Baht ($3,067). The wrongdoing under the criminal law concerning religious insults may result in a jail term of 1-7 years and/or a fine of 20,000-40,000 Baht ($613 to $1,226).

San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez is actively trying to help the couple, but she notes that the case has some big problems.

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For one, she says the Thai judicial system takes remorse and compunction very seriously. The problem here is that Travis and Joseph look pleased with themselves in the photos they uploaded.

“Their pictures show them smiling and having a good time and that, of course, is damaging, it’s almost as if they’ve given the court evidence to use against them. Obviously, the judicial system and the Thai government have found out about their Twitter account and other pictures that have been posted to social media.”

She added:

“Honestly, we are concerned about the years they are facing in prison, but at the same time, they have sadly projected a stereotype of what many people feel is typical of American tourists. This has turned into a very difficult case and an international case and this does not bode well for them.”


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  • ChrisK

    I would think that the real Thai powers will not want to see their tourist dollars shrink which is a large % of the countries income.

    • Josh447

      I don’t think this will have any effect on their tourism. Most people, me included, side with the Thais in this case. This is an embarrassment that should never have happened.

    • Notright

      I’m as pro American as they come but what these nitwits did was inexcusable. The Thai’s need to make an example of them to other would be pranksters that this will not be tolerated.

    • HuTcHoO

      Most tourists are Asian and European. Only Russian tourists are more than American tourists already.

    • aidenatlanta

      As a person who has visited Thailand many times, I side with the Thais. They are very kind, gentle and accommodating people. That said, they take their religion and King very seriously. As Americans we sometimes forget we are not the beginning and the end. Read up and respect the culture of the country you are in. Thai tourism WILL NOT slow down because a couple of Americans showed their asses. Literally.

    • jdinbkk

      They’ll likely be sentenced to multiple years in prison and then released into US custody in about 6 months. They’ll also be black listed from ever entering Thailand again.

      Wat Arun is a royally sponsored temple.

    • DeserTBoB

      What, you’re going to take your pitifully few “gay dollars” and boycott Thailand? HA! Today’s gays are wrecking our credibility and are destroying the gains that my generation fought and sometimes even died to achieve. To hell with these two morons and their brain dead, methed out supporters …you’re almost as big an embarrassment to our country as is President Frump…for whom 40% of you idiots voted!

    • Rex Huskey

      that’s why you’re called a fool!

    • Dansktex

      Thailand has actually changed their law to make it harder for tourists to enter. They have been overrun with westerners overstaying their visits. Instead of the usual 90 days without a visa for western tourists, Thai Immigration now allows only 30 days if arriving by flight and 15 days if arriving by overland border. So I doubt that there will be leniency due a fear of losing tourist dollars. Thailand is also country that goes overboard on punishment against those insulting their religion or their monarchy, so that’s another reason to question whether there will be leniency.

    • MagikdoestheLimbo

      Lol you overestimate the negative influence 2 ignorant Americans will have on the Thai tourism

    • batesmotel

      I don’t think the story is strong enough to detour tourism. Most people including many gays I’ve talked to found this disrespectful.

    • dwes09

      @ desertbob: we know from previous comments that you are a bit of a misanthrope, but at least get your facts straight. Based on exit polls and post election surveys, only around 15% of LGB voters went for Trump. Typically 25% of the LGB voters vote republican.
      Obviously there are some stupid and foolish gay folks (these two guys are clearly VERY foolish, though we do not know their political affiliation), but not as many as you seem to think.

  • Josh447

    Ouch. Our fun in your face U.S. silliness does not bode well in other countries. Though they could certainly have been charged here as well.
    Moral of the story: don’t play moon doggie in public unless you have researched and are willing to pay the consequences. At their age, they knew better. Not good. For anyone.

    • Pulsebird

      They deserve all the punishments the Thais throw at them. I was in Thailand several weeks ago and I would never act in that manner. Follow the rules of the countries you visit. Thailand has strict punishments for speaking poorly about their royalty so don’t say anything about them when you are in Thailand. We wouldn’t like foreigners pulling their pants down at the 911 Memorial. They deserve what the get.

    • Jaroslaw

      I can’t say strongly enough what these two did was extremely stupid. I also do not feel this is serious enough for prison time. Perhaps a week in jail or something. If you put people in prison for violating the morals of the country for 7 years then how many years should people get for operating brothels with 12 year olds, which I understand is quite common in Thailand? 1 year of prison for littering? 2 years for saying a curse word in public? The other thing I wanted to say, which I don’t think anyone else has addressed – this idea of “computer crimes” is totally ridiculous in this case. Anyone LOOKING for “Butt Travelers” knows what they are going to see. This reminds me of the Joke or perhaps true story – the society matron tells the author his new book is thankfully free of coarse and vulgar words. The author replies “you were looking for them madam?”

  • mysticforce76

    I, as a gay man, I’m not happy with this couple. THEY should have KNOWN NOT to do something so stupid as that. Anywhere else was fine. But, to do that at a religious place? It’s humiliating to the gay community that ONE couple would do that. Common Sense WAS NOT USED!!

    • Xzamilloh

      Please. It’s humiliating to them and only them… stop acting like gay people acting stupid represents the rest of us. It sounds stupid from homophobes, and it sounds stupid from you

    • DeserTBoB

      They DO represent all of us, you moron!

    • Steve Alexander

      I agree in part.

      I do not agree that anywhere else was fine.

      This stunt would go over in the US only at Mardi Gras and even then it’s tasteless and tactless. Such rank incivility gives all gay men a black eye. It invites disdain and provides fodder to those who ascribe such conduct to the “gay lifestyle.”

      I do think the potential prison time is excessive in this case. The temptation to the Thais is to impose a long prison sentence. I would fine them the max and expel and blacklist them.

    • artoir

      Really Xzamilloh? Question: When you hear something stupid and sickening, yet again, coming out of Westboro Baptist church, from Jim Bakker, the Family Research Council, etc., do you blame only them or Christianity?

    • MagikdoestheLimbo

      They represent gays the same way an African American getting arrested represents blacks in the minds of the ignorant. It isn’t fair but that’s generally how humans work ??

    • Knight

      Mystic, Desert, Steve, Art and Magic VERY good points, all of you. The reality is as long as there is something called the “gay community”, anyone who self-identifies as being a part of it (and these two are in fact very visible in it) is by default a representative…whether THEY or WE like it or not.

  • Keith

    Tourism won’t be impacted. If you go to foreign countries, you’d better behave like you’re a guest in someone’s house – because you are. The years they’re going to spend in a Thai prison might teach them something, but I’m sure the Thai’s are hoping it’ll teach many others a much needed lesson. There’s a reason why Americans are liked as much as a tourist rash. Don’t drop the soap boys – or maybe …

    • Josh447

      I really doubt this will garnish prison time. If prison time were the case, I do think it could either decrease tourism or boost it. With the way people are reacting, along with our bad reputation as tourists, the latter might just play itself out.

  • marcinmass

    What idiots. You are in a foreign country, how ignorant. Bet the Thai boys in prison will relish having two American boys to play with. Now that you’ve learned one lesson, you will also learn that Thai prison food does not rival that served at Lemongrass Restaurant.

    • Hairry Last

      Yes i agree and hope they like the food they will be getting in prison.
      Karma ha ha what a bitch lol

    • Apollonos

      These idiots are about to have a real learning experience. Maybe the next time they travel abroad, they’ll take 15 minutes to Google the country they plan to visit and check out the local customs. They’re lucky they didn’t pull this stunt in Singapore, or they’d be getting their sweet asses caned about now.

  • GoodGrief

    Ah yes. Let us defend/uphold the purity and righteousness of Thailand, where 87 people are raped per day, where only 13% of rapes end in a conviction, and where human trafficking is so prevalent the country received the lowest possible mark (i.e., failing) in the State Department’s Trafficking In Persons Report.

    • Redmage

      No.. I think basically what he’s saying is. When you go to another country, especially a non-western one… Don’t act like an idiot. They’re lucky it was here, and not some barbaric savage Muslim country.

    • GoodGrief

      Indeed. These men made a stupid mistake. They should pay a fine and be sent on their merry way. But defending (as the original article on this topic did) draconian punishments (such as possibly 7 years in prison) imposed by a country known for rape, human trafficking and rampant gov’t corruption is beyond the pale. And painting Thailand as a pious country is equally absurd.

    • Bromancer7

      Sooo… if European tourists came to the US and spray painted swastikas on a synagogue, would you accept giving them a slap on the wrist and sending them home because in the US we elect serial sexual offenders, pedophiles, and racists into office, or would you prefer they be punished in accordance with our hate-crime laws?

    • jdinbkk

      Sorry – Thailand is tier 2 for human trafficking. Not tier 3.

      The US writes the report but doesn’t include the US.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Maybe your rear end operates differently from the rest of us but considering it was their rear ends that they decided to display in a RELIGIOUS TEMPLE I find it hard to fault the Thai’s when they say more or less that this kind of shit will not be tolerated. Sorry dear, but I stand with the Thai’s on this one, their societal shortcomings notwithstanding. These two obnoxious are no doubt going to tick off the State Department representative who is going to visit them and he/she will quietly suggest that the book be thrown at them. I have never met either one but they really do come off as histrionic with this act.

    • Knight

      Good actually, you sound exactly like the “ugly American” everyone is complaining about here. Who cares what you think “should” happen? No one. Definitely not the Thai government.

    • GoodGrief

      Bromancer7 – If you equate mooning with the promotion of white supremacy and fascism, you’ve got more problems than I can possibly address.

      Bob LaBlah – I assume you’d feel the same if two gay men were facing 7 years in prison for holding hands in Dubai or Qatar?

      Knight – This is a comments section. No needs to care what I think, or what you think. However, Queerty has provided a space in which one can share his thoughts. I availed myself of that. If I’m an ugly American for calling out a country’s hypocrisy (i.e., mooning = bad; rape = okay), then I’ll happily accept the label.

    • MagikdoestheLimbo

      If holding hands represented shitting on something, like showing your ass in public does then I’d agree with arresting a couple for holding hands in a place considered sacred

    • Knight

      Goodgr ironically, it’s not against the law for 2 men to hold hands in Dubai or Qatar, since that is a very common display of affection between friends…but a man and a woman would not be allowed to do this unless they were married. But to your point, it WOULD be against the law for 2 men (or women, or a straight couple) to french-kiss in public, and they could be arrested. So, if 2 gay men did that in public, unfortunately they would be getting exactly what they deserved. I would definitely not “support” punishment for them, but I’d say, “yup…they’re getting what they deserved for being ignorant of the local laws”. If you disagree with the laws and society of a specific country, the sane and rational thing to do is simply not visit that country. At the same time, you could SUPPORT the gay and lesbian community of that country by bringing awareness to the situation and donating time, energy and money to their cause. But if you plan to be militant about it, then you would unfortunately get what you get there.

      I hope this makes sense.

    • GoodGrief


      Thanks for the reply. To be clear, I’m not saying these guys should go without punishment. They did something stupid, for which they paid a fine. Now, Thailand is attempting/considering adding a trumped-up charge of distributing porn via a comp, which carries the possibility of 7 years in prison. This is not about piety and respect; this is about being American and gay (probably more the latter than the former).

      What troubles me most is the number of comments I’ve seen (here and on Twitter) that all fall into the “throw the book at ’em” and “let them rot in prison” category. I expect such commentary from Right wing bigots (RWB), but I’m shocked to see many gay men sharing those comments as well. We’re currently battling RWB intent on enacting religious law. We’re currently battling RWB intent on toughening penalties in what is already the most imprisoned country in the world. And we’re currently battling RWB intent on expanding laws surrounding indecency. Seeing gay men support a government’s attempt to trump-up charges against two gay men based on indecency and religious affront is shocking to me.

      They paid the fine. Kick them out and send them home.

    • Knight

      Good I really get what you are trying to say here, but you have to understand that not everyone who disagrees with you is a RWB. The LGBT community is all about cultural diversity and inclusion, so when they/we see a pair of guys from “our” community who not only disrespect another culture, but also one of the ideals of the LGBT community…well, they get that kind of reaction. I don’t wish anyone harm, especially because I know one of these guys. At the same time, I also know it’s completely out of my, or ANY American’s hands on what happens to them. Thailand isn’t a province of the US.

    • GoodGrief

      To be clear, I fully understand that everyone who disagrees with me isn’t a RWB, nor did my response imply that I believed that. And I’m also well aware that Thailand is not a province of the US.

      FYI: they already paid the penalty for “disrespecting” a culture/religion. Thailand is trying to trump-up the charges to distribution of porn–a fact which seems to be eluding most. You are incorrect that what happens to them is out of any American’s hands. It is for situations like this that we have a State Department, which in the past has eagerly intervened when Christo-fascist proselytizers were arrested in foreign lands for disrespecting the state’s religion/laws.

  • drmiller

    I’m split. This clearly was foolish behavior, there’s no question. But as someone else pointed out in a previous article, it’s not like the Thai are these sweet innocent people. The definitely have strings of brothels and, whether overtly or not, have underage prostitution. Are you the pot or kettle here? I’m not excusing these dudes’ behavior, but come on, if this isn’t blatant homophobia and perhaps some slight discrimination because they’re American, then I don’t know what is. Ban them from the country and let it go. Don’t drag this out, they’re clearly already very publicly shamed, let’s move on.

    • gjpd

      How is it homophobia and why would anyone who’s graduated from high school drop their pants anywhere ?

    • spacecadet

      “…it’s not like the Thai are these sweet innocent people”??? Are the people of any one country all sweet people? And what does that have to do with anything about whether a whole country is full of sweet people or not? These idiots were at a religious site and not a brothel and should have known better. It’s bad enough if they did that at a religious site here but in a foreign country is so much more worse.

    • Greg

      It doesn’t matter if Thailand isn’t a sweet, innocent nation. It’s not the U.S. You may not be excusing their behavior, but pointing out that they have brothels and underage prostitution is kind of like what the Republican’ts do when they say, “Well what about Obama?” or “Well what about Hillary?” as their excuse for things Trump has done that aren’t right. I don’t think these guys have any shame, but I agree that this is not such the big deal it’s being made out to be.

    • NateOcean

      By your logic because we have legal whore houses in Nevada, then folks should be able to walk into any house of worship and exchange blow jobs.

      These guys are jerks.

    • batesmotel

      Doesn’t matter if the Thai are sweet and innocent. They still went into a foreign country and acted as loose as they do in America. In America, you get applauded for showing skin, but that’s not how it is in the rest of the world. Especially not in a religious establishment.

    • Txdv

      I don’t see this as a case of homophobia? I don’t remember seeing where they were charged because they were gay. I have a feeling an ignorant, self-absorbed straight couple flashing crack at a holy site; and posting it on instagram would provoke the same outcome. These asshats are flat out stupid and just happen to be gay.

  • Mkiel

    They are idiots and they deserve all they get.

  • IanHunter

    What they did was foolish. They needed to study the culture before they went to Thailand. Before you travel to any other nation, study the culture so they will not think that all Americans are assholes. I don’t think that they deserve to go to prison, but a heavy fine would be nice. Hopefully this story will spread and reach an audience that wants to travel, and they will be more respectful to the nations that they visit.

  • Greg

    People nowadays can’t take a dump without having to post it on Twitter, Instagram or facebook. They have become such narcissists. They somehow have it in their heads that people care about the minutiae of every single daily event in their lives. Just the idea of going around the world and taking photos of themselves with their asses out is stupid. Which one of them came up with that genius plan? Who are they trying to impress? Their lives should be between them. Why do they have to be “Look at us! Look at our asses!” all over the place. Do they see what they have become? Would their lives be so dreary if they weren’t exposing their butts all over the place then memorializing it on social media? If so, then they might want to address that issue. I suppose all of their followers praise them for being so hilarious every time they post a picture, that they feel they must continue and be more and more outrageous. Because they’re Americans with American Dollars, they feel they can go anywhere and do whatever they want. Sure, what they do isn’t the biggest crime or biggest anything, but that narcissistic attitude came back to bite them in their photogenic butts.

    • deppa

      Totally agree. Our entire country seems to be influenced by people like the Kardashians. Every waking moment needs to be photographed or filmed for everyone to see and then shared on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, blogs, etc. etc. So narcissistic and ridiculous.

    • Herman75

      Maybe Trump can get their gay asses out. People act like the world is their own personal fvcking reality show. Tiring.

  • Tarzanukas

    I toured Egypt with Hans Ebensen Travel. We were told that we should not wear any ‘abreviated clothing’ while visiting any sites related to religious beliefs (what isn’t!?!)
    No short sleeves or short pants !
    All of us in the group respected their beliefs and we were equally respected .
    Other groups of tourists wore abreviated clothing and were not embraced as warmly ! ( their money was not refused ).

  • tham

    I’m putting this in the same category as that Millennial that tried to steal a North Korean flag.

    Yeah, you’re both are so dumb, this might be natural selection.

    • fredmion

      You know that’s not how natural selection works right?

    • stevetalbert

      I think you mean survival of the fittest

  • fur_hunter

    THIS is a disgrace!!! Every group has stupid, idiotic, [email protected]$$ morons. One bad apple ruins the whole bunch. Unfortunately, these two imbeciles belong to the gay community. I can’t wait to hear all those intolerant, religious fundamentalists ranting about this…even though they condemn the Buddhists for not believing in Jesus the way they do. I hate to say it but this was two steps back for the gay community and it is going to take a LOT of time to get back to square one again. I hope those morons have to spend some time in jail just to teach them a lesson of respect.

  • pharaon.em.joe

    When I travel I accustom myself with local traditions to make sure i don’t disrespect locals. What they did is more stupid than wrong. But 5 years of potential jail time? This is insane and more stupid than what they did. It really shows how backward the Thai government is, in my opinion, in handling the situation.

    And for americans who are embarrassed, get over it.

    • DeserTBoB


    • Knight

      Pharaon so, what you are essentially saying is your opinion matters, but millions of Thais and their government don’t. My sincere advice would be not to use the word “stupid” so much when describing the opinions of others…especially based on your comment.

  • sdd

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • blackout_boycott

    I have said this in the past and still stick to it but when someone asks for nudity over the internet on anything even grinder or any other app they don’t get new to do from me.
    For them to be in a foreign country and display nudity even as in their butts and disgracing the country that they are visiting doesn’t set a great example for anyone here in America.
    My personal opinion about this situation and anybody else that tries it should get the full punishment Allowed by their laws and serve the max.
    This is a embarrassment to the United States and they didn’t set a good example for nothing I’m gay and I don’t believe in anything like that and any different kind of country that I go to privacy is in your room and that’s where it stays it doesn’t go in public and especially at a religious icon belongs to this country.

  • batesmotel

    Dumb American twits. You only hear about Americans who go into foreign countries and end up getting arrested because of stupidity, but this one takes the cake. You can’t put them in a bowl of stupid because even a stupid person would say, “Whoa-whoa-whoa”. Maybe we shouldn’t do this in this country.”

    • Knight

      Nope…wrong. Brits are the worst. Do a google search if you don’t believe.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Here’s a scenario that I bet did happen: They get detained and instead of showing humility they decided to show defiance. These two are a bit too narcissistic and histrionic to admit wrong doing though by the time this is all over they are going to wish they had.

  • ptseti

    Dumb and Stupid. Let them spend 1 month in jail and teach them a lesson

  • irbaboon

    I don’t like religions and I have 0 interest in visiting Thailand but I have no empathy for these 2 jackasses

  • bobnla

    very troubling to see this ignorant and disrespectful display of American behavior…there in Thailand, and just recently in China, with the three UCLA kids getting caught for shoplifting. The Thai authorities should prosecute the case in standard fashion according to Thai law, and perhaps the two men from San Diego will have learned a lesson

  • CPX

    I can’t believe how many comments want to give these two a break and say things like “live and learn” and “youthful indiscretion” etc. This is INCREDIBLY insulting and offensive to the Thai people. Everyone seemed to understand that these narcissistic, social media, wannabe’s, taking selfie’s at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin was a disgusting affront to Human Decency…… picture these two “Glowns” there hanging out their half [email protected] @sses at such a solemn and sacred structure or at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, or climbing up onto the Vatican and leaving skid marks there in Rome. How about this? Their next “punking” “stunt” WHATEVER!!! … can be to walk into a mosque in Yemen …..with shoes on and drop trou flash that stupid grimace at the locals and say we’re married…. “te he heeeee” it”s just a little stunt, where’s your sense of humor?

  • wvrnsson

    I hope the Thai government does crack down on these 2 morons. They call their Instagram account “Traveling Butts” which is beyond stupid and another thing as this was a religious edifice, their derrieres are facing away from the building and they aren’t holding up the front of their pants so that means that their genitalia is facing towards the temple, which is even more offensive.

  • macinsb

    This was an extremely foolish and disrespectful act. It makes me wonder how these tourists would be treated if they attempted the same thing at The Wailing Wall or at The vatican.
    Hopefully, they will enjoy the rest of their rather lengthy stay in Thailand.

  • tommiej

    It’s typical American Narcissism. Just because they don’t hold a reverence for a certain religion – they believed no one else did either. I’m no religious fundamentalist – but I know better than to visit a foreign country and drop my drawers at the local holiest of holys.

    Imagine if a foreign traveler visited the U.S. and took Instagram pics of themselves wiping their ass with the flag in front the Washington monument? The outrage would be epic – this is really no different. And it spreads the stereotype of rude, stupid, and arrogant American tourists.

    It sucks they may soon find themselves imprisoned in a not so very friendly Thai jail. Hopefully, they come home very soon. But this is very valuable lesson.

  • Curtispsf

    They will be sentenced to several years in a Thai prison. Once a year, the King of Thailand issues pardons to those who are appropriately remorseful. They will be pardoned and then thrown out of Thailand with a warning to never return.

    • Knight

      Siam wow!!! Didn’t hear about those…but that’s horrible! Yeah, graffiti is as old as the writing system. I went to Rome once when I was a kid with my class-mates, and one of the thing that struck me was when you go to some of the sites (i.e. the Spanish Steps) there is graffiti everywhere…and you can actually trace some of it by the times they were built. In some areas you see Roman/Latin graffiti, then Italian, then French (from when Napoleon invaded), then American (from WWII). Sad but a reality.

  • Tombear

    When I was in the Marine Corps we gay Marines used a “Spartacus Guide “ when ever we went to a new country. It was very helpful to us explaining the culture and the country’s attitude towards gay people. We never had a problem but then again we are Marines????

  • jhon_siders

    I worked all over the world as a oil field fire fighter we toured a bit too I whizzed on the sacred wall in the holy city im banned but nothing else was done I was at that time working indirectly for Halliburton so they smoothed things over .

    • Brian

      Punctuation is your friend.

    • jhon_siders

      Don’t matter im wealthy LOL .,/?)(*&^%$#@! that better ?

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    Nicole Murray-Ramirez is a he.
    He is a drag queen.
    As he states in a resent interview “at least now” in reference to a time in his past that now would be known as gender fluid.

    • Knight

      Not sure why it matters, but yes…you are correct. And Nicole is also probably the “leader” and “go-to” person in the gay community in San Diego as far as politics is concerned. Nicole also knows these two personally from many events (the older one attends/competes in Mr Gay Universe contests…and recently lost). In know this is probably difficult on Nicole for all the reasons he mentioned in the article; it’s like having to bail your younger brother out of jail for doing something stupid and embarrassing the family.

  • Jason

    I loved Thailand, and what they did was dumb… But come on!!! No one deserves prison time for flashing a butt. Sheesh.

    • Knight

      That’s your opinion…which means absolutely nothing to the Thai government, authorities, religious community or monarchy. Those are the people who matter in this conversation.

  • TheGregoryProject

    American Tourists. Shocking !

  • scotty

    surprise! stupid people arent limited to just straights anymore.

  • chris33133

    What we consider a foolish choice, others consider to be a more serious breech of their cultural norms and/or laws. Whether they (or we) like it or not, they did something considered sacrilegious in Thailand as well as to many Buddhists.

    Dropping trou in the Vatican or the Grand Mosque of Egypt would invoke strong response. In one country, it would likely get you fined and expelled. In the other, it might get you killed. When you travel, don’t assume that other countries share our notions of decency and/or appropriate consequences for right/wrong behavior.

  • DJRM

    OMG, all this over some harmless butt pics. The world is so screwed when something so innocuous is seen as such a big deal. Good grief…they did nothing that merited anything beyond an eyebrow raised or an eye rolled. The entire planet has to get over it.

    • Knight

      DJRM I get that’s how you feel, but what you don’t seem to understand is not everyone lives in ‘Murica and shares your particular values. You don’t seem to take anything very seriously or hold anything “sacred”…but other cultures actually do. And if you ever plan to visit them, you would be wise to understand this very basic concept.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Dear, in a gym, a disco/bar, gay pride event or sometimes simply walking down the street we all have at some time or another admire what struck us as a cute butt. However, in my case at least, there are times when regardless of who it is attached to a cute butt turns into just what it is, an ass that we all know what it is used for. In this case that is what it comes off as, a part of the body where waste exits. Some times sexy simply isn’t cute and borders on outright disgust, as in this case. This shows lack of home training and basic manners. I am willing to also bet these two do not socialize with no one else but other narcissistic whites. I bet their belligerence and blatant disregard for the matter had more to do with their being detained than the photo itself.

    • Knight

      Bob LOL!!! Touche’ ; ) But just for the record, neither of them is “white”. The older dude is half Asian and the younger one Latin from my home country. But yeah, like I said before, they are surrounded by the “echo chamber” of the gay ghetto where decisions are made on a very shallow level (i.e. how “hot” it makes one look).

  • SiamSam

    Hmmm, conflicted. Dumb lame move by self-absorbed attention whores, but Queerty would be praising them if they did this at any Christian church in Amerikkka. Also sick of the double standard: go to Thailand and you must respect their traditions and culture but come to America and expect to be catered and pandered to because diversity! Even being asked to learn English is a hate crime!

    • Knight

      Good point…I actually noticed that double-standard too. The “irony” is they actually did this in Rome with the Vatican in view, which Queerty would have most likely entitled, “Brave, avant guard gay performance artist couple give revealing critique on Western religion – see the “hot” photos!”

      too predictable.

    • Danny595

      Definitely a double standard. SJWs like those who write for Queerty and maybe 70% of the commenters, have no real sense of general principles of right and wrong. They make judgments based on which tribe is the offender and which is the offended. In this case, Thais are “people of color” and the 2 men are affluent whites, so the former demand allegiance over the latter. Thus, the men are in the wrong. Take the exact same behavior, change the men to Black Africans and have them bare their butts at the Vatican or have them mooning nuns, and they would be considered heroes on this site.

    • SiamSam


      Yep. And having lived in Thailand for 16 years, I can credibly say Thais are generally a great deal more racist by Western standards, like most Asian and other non-Western countries. There’s almost an informal caste system here where the “people of color” denigrate, segregate and exploit the “people of slightly more color.” Billboard ads and TV commercials for overpriced skin whitening creams abound – literally white privilege, as only the lighter-skinned Thai Chinese can usually afford them!

      But yes, according to the progressive stack, people of color rank above gay men, especially affluent white cis gay men, and so they must be respected no matter how infantile or illogical their beliefs or actions are.

    • Knight

      Danny your point is definitely taken, but neither of these guys is “white”. One is Latin and the other is half-Asian. But yeah, it’s perception.

    • SiamSam


      OK they may not have been white but their butts certainly were. HAHAHAHAHA. HA.

    • dwes09

      “Definitely a double standard. SJWs like those who write for Queerty and maybe 70% of the commenters, have no real sense of general principles of right and wrong. They make judgments based on which tribe is the offender and which is the offended. In this case, Thais are “people of color” and the 2 men are affluent whites, so the former demand allegiance over the latter. Thus, the men are in the wrong. Take the exact same behavior, change the men to Black Africans and have them bare their butts at the Vatican or have them mooning nuns, and they would be considered heroes on this site.”

      Why is it that regressives always mistake speculation for reality? Really? This idiotic notion pops into your head and you present it as likely!? And as a critique of so-called SJWs!
      Do you have any idea how stupid that makes you appear? This seems so endemic to the regressives as to be some sort of ingrained intellectual weakness.
      You may be certain that if these fools were arrested at the vatican it would be very unlikely for Queerty to print the lame headline suggested by “knight”, nor would Queerty be likely to consider black men heroes for mooning in white churches. Do you folks actually ever think? Or do your brains just bubble away like a pot of gruel someone forgot to stir?

    • Knight

      Awe, Schlomo are you triggered? Be careful, you’ll wind up bursting a blood vessel if you work yourself up like this. Aren’t you people supposed to understand schtick and sarcasm? You know? As in a hyperbolic image to evoke ironic humor? Oh, right…I forgot you ultra-leftist bots don’t have humor.

  • Brian

    Just out of curiosity, how many of you who think they’re getting what they deserve don’t have the same attitude toward illegal immigrants in America being arrested or deported? And if not, what’s the difference?

    • SiamSam

      Good question, but don’t unwittingly let the pwogwessives reframe the issue by adopting their newspeak. The people you’re referring to are not “illegal immigrants”, just like shop thieves are not “illegal shoppers” or “undocumented customers”. They are “illegal aliens” and can be considered invaders when they arrive in their millions.

    • Brian

      “Illegal Immigrant” is fine and accurate. It’s the “illegal” part that the progressives object to anyway. “Immigrant” is somebody who comes to live in another country, which they have done, whether legally or illegally. A shopper and a thief are two different things.

    • SiamSam

      It’s the “illegal” part that the progressives object to?! Thanks for the laugh!

  • AlbertW

    Their photo does seem apropos in as much as they do seem to appear like two asses.

  • Danny595

    1. Those Thai “insult” laws are infamous. Whether you are insulting religion or their King, they will imprison you for serious amounts of time. Thailand has a reputation for being a free country, but in this respect, it is closer to Vietnam or even North Korea.

    2. These 2 guys represent the poor values that you see at Pride, where people think they can go nude in public and sexualize a community event at will. We need to move beyond that kind of conduct and leave it in the past. It is good that their entitled smirks have been wiped off their faces. But imposing anything close to the maximum sentence here would be ridiculous.

    3. That quote above about how their Insta pics don’t show remorse is stupid. You have to show remorse at the time of sentencing, not at the moment you are actually committing the crime.

    • Knight

      Danny I’ve never been to Thailand and for the exact reasons you stated. I’ve always thought there was something bizarre and regressive about their unquestioning loyalty to a monarchy that keeps them in poverty and ignorance. Go to any Thai restaurant and you see the obligatory shrine to their monarch. Strike up a conversation with any of them and while they can’t exactly talk about anything good their monarchy has done, they talk about what good people they are. Very much a cult-like mentality.

  • Dansktex

    Let’s take this discussion another direction. The Thai government goes to extremes to punish anyone who insults their monarchy or religion. In that respect, it is a bit like the Islamic Republic of Iran. Anyone going to a country with such extreme beliefs and laws should know that. But the new direction is to point out how many people in the USA would like the same kind of extremism here. I’ve said for years that the far right would like nothing better for the US to become the Christian equivalent–a Christian Republic of America where laws are not only based on the Bible, but discrimination is allowed based on belief that is not Christian or lack of belief and jail time is required for anyone insulting Christianity or going against Christian laws. It’s time for everyone living in the USA to think seriously about that and what its consequences on our lives would be. It’s coming if we let about 37% of the population get away with it while the rest of us are having fun flashing our asses instead of paying attention and voting.

    • SiamSam

      Well, we can see in secular Europe what happens when Christianity wanes. Another religion just takes its place. Nature abhors a vacuum.

      Fortunately, the USA has separation of church and state. Your scary theocratic dictatorship scenario is therefore more likely “there” than “here”.

    • Danny595

      Translation: “All I really know how to do is hate on my own country. So even though this is a news story about Thailand, and even though I have the absolute right in this country to mock religion and the President, I’ll yammer on about some imaginary world where this country is like Thailand. Because that makes me feel virtuous and progressive.”

      Get stuffed.

    • Knight

      Dans as an immigrant to the US, I have never seen Christianity try and run the legal system…quite the opposite. I see the left trying to impose their morality over common sense and public opinion. In the case of gay marriage for instance, this was not what the public wanted, but had to be pushed through from the judicial branch. Same with abortion. Now there is a law making its way through to make it illegal to refer to a Trans person by anything other than what they feel their gender is. How is this Christianity? Another question: where have you been for the last 10 years?

  • IWantAFullBeard

    Why would you intentionally hurt another person? Why would you intentionally disrespect a religious shrine of someone else?

  • Thomas

    Definition of cultural insensitivity and privileged attitudes. They thought it was “cute” “funny” “irreverent” to post these pics at cultural monuments around the world – in total disregard to local customs, cultural norms and rules. They deserve the punishment for breaking the rules and for just being two douches who thumb their nose at other cultures and show their asses (literally). Lately, my tolerance for ignorance as an excuse has totally evaporated. I’ve got zero f*cks left for this kind of privileged behavior.

  • irbaboon

    Like anyone would want to see their ugly old asses anyway

    • Knight

      They have 14,000 followers on instagram. So…yeah

    • Bob LaBlah

      @Knight………….and I bet all but five of that 14k are on the west coast in either West Hollywood or whats left of gay folks in the Castro district. lol lol This does not sound like something Chelsea or the West Village (NYC) would condone.

    • Knight

      Bob could VERY well be. I’m not really a part of the “scene”, but like I said, these guys do things like underwear ads, print work, Mr Gay Universe etc. So, I know that at least locally they have their presence. But to your point, they definitely aren’t known for their personalities, so their following is pretty much for one very shallow reason alone.

  • ryuichi

    Up until about ten years ago, many people overseas regarded American tourists as “ugly Americans” because we were demanding, impatient, and hard to please. But, Chinese and Russian tourists have assumed that role, and Americans have learned how to be better guests and indeed look pretty good versus the C&R tourists. These two guys were performing a simple prank and probably didn’t understand Thai laws and Thai reverence for their Buddhist temples. So I hope the law is lenient with them, BUT at the same time, they were so stupid and wrong to do what they did. Maybe a good fine and a gentle spanking will suffice?

    • Knight

      Ryuichi LOL!! I’m sure they have quite a few admirers who would be happy to administer the “gentle spanking” :-P

      And yeah, I agree about the Russian and Chinese. I have quite a few Chinese friends; the “new” generation are actually pretty hospitable and accepting, even like family. But I’ve also encountered Chinese WORKERS abroad (they are everywhere in Latin America and Africa these days; mostly in construction, oil/petrol, energy etc) and they are pretty much the worst people I’ve come across in travels. They cut in front of lines (even at customs/immigration at airports), only magically speak English when it’s convenient for them, and treat locals like we all work for them. So, yeah…the “ugly American” isn’t even at the top of the list anymore.

    • stevetalbert

      A spanking on their naked butts to upload to their twitter feed. I went to Siam and all I got was this hand print. Siam so sorry for u.

  • hnwalters00

    While I certainly agree that what they did was disrespectful. I also believe that potentially spending up to twelve years in prison is absolute insanity. A fine and being banned from the country should be more than enough punishment for their actions.

  • Doug

    When I was in Bangkok a few years ago I kept hearing from local people there how much they liked Australian and UK visitors. Nobody ever commended American tourists. This is a perfect reason why. When you enter a foreign country you’re a guest there. Between one culture to another, this was a very disrespectful thing to do.

  • alanballs

    I’ve lived in Thailand, worked in Thailand, visited Thailand for vacations over the past 28 years…..I believe those two morons deserve everything the Thai court have to throw at them. In 5-10 years they can write a best-selling book about their experiences in the Thai prison system.

  • kjsf2006

    Being a jackass in another country is reserved under diplomatic immunity. But for regular people, that luxury doesn’t exist. Moreover, why should it? When visitors come to the US, they must follow our laws. If you are stupid enough to travel in foreign countries without showing basic decency, then you deserve the punishment for your crimes. Not all gay men believe that it’s their right to act like these two. They are an embarrassment. Enjoy your time in jail Felicia….and Mary.

  • brickdr66

    Can they just get a caning?

  • Josh S

    These dolts deserve the punishment. They’re the typical “ugly Americans,” viewing themselves as superior and impervious to the customs of countries they visit. Oh, and “San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez” is not a woman — he’s a drag queen former hooker, prone to malevolent gossipmongering and 7/24 gay outrage, fancies himself an intellectual, and the “City Commissioner” thing is merely an honorarium some former mayor bestowed on him.

    • Knight

      Josh hmmm….I sense a fellow “insider” here ; )

  • MikeChgo65

    Sounds like the time Atlantis Events sent their staff down the gangway dressed in drag in Kushadasi Turkey and the mayor ordered all us who were out on excursions brought back to the ship immediately and thru us out of the country! What people will do for publicity!

  • CarlIsle

    I have no sympathy for these exhibitionists. How in the world do they think it is appropriate to bare their butts at religious sites? Morons.

    • happiness17

      When people visit other countries they need to abide by and respect the laws of the nation. Otherwise they’ll be facing whatever punishment the country has. If this happened in Singapore or Malaysia for example, these two idiots would get their bare butts caned or strapped. They’d be crying like babies. Afterwards I bet they’d be respectful of other countries’ religions
      and values.

  • tarutan

    Wow come on guys, where is your respect for human life? Do you really think these two guys were maliciously trying to disrespect sacred temples? They were taking butt photos everywhere they went. They were trying to be cute, and they were involved in the social media craze. Only, it probably would have been smarter to wait to post them to social media after they left the country. You think they deserve to have a chunk of their lifes thrown away in a Thai prison for that?

    The Thai are reasonably upset about it but they too need to lighten up and have some respect for human life if they are seriously thinking about incarcerating these men. These men did not hurt anybody or anything and are not criminals. They did not specifically target Thai locations and the court cannot possibly feel that they were mocking the country or take it personal in that respect. I think the best thing to do here is fine them, hold them for 30 days and let them go. The media circus should be enough to raise awareness of their laws and expected level of respect from tourists in their country.

    • bradleyjohn_wats

      Fortunately, what YOU ‘think the best thing to do here’ is neither here nor there. Let the lesson be a HARD ONE learned. They aren’t in Obamaland or Hillaryville anymore. Time for some REAL WORLD education. You break the law in another country, you pay the price that that country charges you. Ignorance is not an excuse. It’s ignorance.

    • tarutan

      Hey GI Joe, there’s a thing called INNOCENCE which is completely separate from ignorance. Why is what they did so disrespectful? They bared their bums. Its just their bums, a part of their bodies, that they love along with their fingers and toes. Where they spitting on anything? Where they bending over to simulate they were taking a shit on the temple? Were they having sex? or intending any sexuality at all? Were they defacing anything or disrespecting anything? They bared their bums for a photograph as innocently as a couple of a little kids. What could be more religious than that? Oh I forgot, “Religion” teaches people to hate themselves for being human beings. Thats why its so offensive huh? Sorry your daddy spanked all the childhood innocence out of you and made you take life so seriously but now thats your problem not the worlds.

  • leecee

    Just another case of ‘White Privilege’ running amok in a foreign country. One would think they would have known better.

  • bradleyjohn_wats

    Lock them up. Separately. Who the F do they think they are. Thankful it was only the back side they bared. The view from the front is ugly enough without the nudity. The only thing that would make this even MORE delightful (for me) is if they had been from San Francisco.

    • tarutan

      So much hate.

  • Eclatant

    So they could pay a higher fine for computer crime, but they risk longer jail time for the religious insult? What’s up with that?

  • Luna1979

    I thought everyone knew Thais don’t play. They will lock your naked arse up and never look back. They made America look bad and gays look bad. Don’t try to bring the idiots back. We’re full up here with stupid anyway.

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