Their Love Is Taboo

Gay Couple Gets Intimate On Brazilian Telenovela For The First Time Ever

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Popular telenovela Liberdade Liberdade (Freedom, Freedom) just aired the very first steamy guy-on-guy scene in the already-steamy history of Brazilian soap operas.

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The story so far: After exchanging a series of  tentative flirtations, André (Caio Blat) and Tolentino (Ricardo Pereira) can no longer deny their mounting desire for one another and finally yield to temptation, doffing their clothes and making sweet, sweet love on the bed, their ivory brows crested with dew. Later, they lay sprawled naked in bed, holding hands, dreaming of what the future may hold.

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Here’s a taste of the dialogue leading up to the surprisingly explicit scene:

Tolentino: ‘My only friend is you. You, Andrew. A sensitive man. Can you understand the mysteries of life. The turns that the world gives. The surprises that life holds.’
Andrew: ‘Surprises about ourselves.’
Tolentino: ‘Yes. You said one day. We all have a second nature. Sometimes remains hidden.’
Andrew: ‘But not forever.’

Watch the steaminess unfurl below:

h/t: Gay Star News