Gay Couple Heading To The Altar Gets First-Class Treatment On JetBlue Flight

ricky and liamSay what you will about the declining quality of air travel, but a gay couple heading to New York to tie the knot had the flight of their lives, courtesy of some truly amazing JetBlue flight attendants.

Back in December, fiances Liam and Rick were aboard a flight from Burbank, CA, to the Big Apple, when they happened to mention to one of cabin crew that they were about to get married.

Three flight attendants—Virginia, Nichola and Dan—snapped into action and presented the boys with a basket of JetBlue snacks and a hand-written note. The captain followed up by wishing the couple a hearty congratulations on the P.A. system.

“I don’t even think it’s going above and beyond,” said crewmember Dan. “It’s just about doing something human, and caring for other people.”

But what happened next is so wonderful we have to let the boys explain it themselves, from the letter they sent JetBlue management:ricky and liam 2

Believe it or not, our amazing experience with JetBlue did not end after the landing.

Midway through the flight, we learned from Virginia that the New York State law requires a marriage witness. We almost panicked because we did not yet have a witness. But our stress quickly dissipated when Virginia, a longtime resident in New York City, suggested serving as our witness during her time off from work.

We were genuinely moved by such an incredible act of kindness and by such a beautiful human being!

On a chilly morning of 12/12/12, the day of our marriage ceremony, Virginia rode her bike to the City Hall and brought cakes to celebrate our wedding.

billys_famous_icebox_cakeWe were simply overjoyed. No words could ever express our gratitude for the love we received from her. Virginia was not only our flight attendant and the witness to our marriage, she has become our friend for life.

From the moment we boarded on JetBlue Flight 350, it has become part of our journey of marriage. What an exceptional crew, what an unforgettable experience, and what a heartwarming story of love!

Thank you, JetBlue, for giving us such sweet memories to cherish for years to come. It is truly the flight of a lifetime for us.

With much love,

Rick and Liam

Excuse us, we have something in our eye.