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Gay Couple Kiss Chick-Fil-A Where It Hearts

Atlanta couple Thomas Abrams and Justin Dyer took the  
Chick-Fil-A National Same-Sex Kiss Day thing a step further by locking lips right outside the corporation’s marriage retreat.






Abrams (left) and Dyer (right) screamed the love that otherwise dares not speak its name at WinShape Foundation in north Georgia on Sunday where Chick-Fil-A holds its marriage retreats and other wholesome, family activities.

Gay couples are, of course, not allowed to attend WinShape, which is funded by the restaurant chain and therefore defines marriage in the same narrow constructs as company president/premier gay sex scandal candidate Dan Cathy.

Hopefully Abrams and Dyer will inspire a trend, leading same-sex couples to descend on WinShape like a Biblical cloud of rainbow-flag-waving locusts protesting Chick-Fil-A’s adamant stance against marriage equality. [Project Q Atlanta]

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  • JT

    Looks like the one on the right has has a few Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

  • Axel Rod

    @JT: Really? What an idiotic comment, sorry not all gay men aren’t ripped and hairless and meet with your approval.

  • Clay

    @JT: Rude

  • Skeloric

    @JT: Heh, in the middle of fighting for GLBT rights, you decide to trample the rights of those who are of a plus size?

  • Kilean

    I honestly think this one is very poignant. Chik Fil A’s WinShip Foundation is well documented as extremely homophobic, and frankly showing them “you can’t get away from us” actually puts a huge smile on my face.

  • C.D

    Good for them! exercise your freedoms too boys. Freedom is freedom.

  • Bay Area Bro's

    Dear Dan Cathy:
    Please accept my apologies on behalf of some of us in the gay community who believe in the First Amendment and don’t disparage you or your company for your personal beliefs. Because of our belief in the First Amendment, and because we understand that the gay marriage culture war is judged on how its soldiers conduct themselves, we choose not to participate in any harrassment of innocent franchisees and their employees, and we likewise condemn all politicians who seek to exploit the situation in an effort to pander to our community. In the meantime, you can take comfort in the knowledge that things like this are short-lived, and in the words of our friends and neighbors, it gets better.
    Steve Jason Ed Big Bill Josh Van
    Novato, CA

  • wade

    It’s the Winshape Ctr. on the Berry College campus?

  • Axel Rod

    @Bay Area Bro’s: Must be GOProud/Log Cabin boys.

  • David1950

    This is completely pointless, don’t prove or change anything, and it’s just giving fodder to Conservatives and Republicans.

  • Cameron

    @Bay Area Bro’s: Hey guys: it’s not about free speech, it’s about donating money to organizations that *literally* support the criminalization and killing of gays, in the US and around the world. Do a little research please.

  • Washingtonian

    Absolutely wonderful! Good job guys! Keep up the activism because as you can see even with the trolls on here, it’s REALLY angering them.

  • Cortiz

    @Bay Area Bro’s: Can you kindly remove yourself from the gay community, all references to LGBT and join the ex gay movement already. You know you want to. Just do it. You can still have the c(o)ck to, just in hiding of course. But this one foot in the closet door, one foot out just means you’ll be left without a home. Gays can’t stand your self loathing rear, most heteros still think you’re a queer, and everyone feels sorry for your confused behind. Exodus. Look into it. But something tells me you got the homepage on your screen as we speak.

  • IndieMovieFan

    @Bay Area Bro’s: Trolls. Only a homophobic troll, trollin on here wouldn’t grasp why we’re protesting and sings the ‘freedom of speech’ tune. Stay ignorant, but anticipate getting called on it trollster.

  • Dave

    @Bay Area Bro’s: Thank you for writing this. It’s exactly the kind of dialogue that’s needed in this controversy.

  • Scott Johansen

    @Bay Area Bro’s: Don’t you dare hijack the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign in your quest to give the green light and be an enabler to homophobia. You’re so proudly ignorant toward the dealings of Chik Fil A, the people who frequented Chik Fil A appreciation day, and how their actions are what drive our impressionable gay children to feel lonesome, attacked, and scared to take their own lives. Your showing of tolerance for intolerance makes you an apologist who is completely blind to reality. Those who fight actively for these kids don’t do see walking on eggshells. In war, it’s important to recognize your enemy. That’s the first step in battle. To ignore that and pretend they don’t exist, while GETTING in bed with them is a sure bet way to get killed off and that’s exactly whats happening to our young LGBT youth across the country. You want to kill people with kindness who are funding KILLING gay people in general. You’re too weak to take a stand and would rather dance on the fence. Don’t expect the rest of us to adopt your weakness to appease bigots. We’d rather make our stance crystle clear, showing that we’re just as commited to our cause. Not wishy washy with it like you. Invest in a spine.

  • Dynex

    Guys, there’s Chik Fil A plants on various gay blogs. They are writing the exact same things, using the same handles on LGBT blogs ( i.e freedom of speech, support for Chik Fil A, general indifference to the estbalishment) all to attempt to get us to care less. Needless to say, everyone outs them for the paid plants they are. LoL to the plants the gay community hates that company with every fiber of our being and have no intentions of going back. Ever. We will use every part of our voice and online media to speak against your company and be sure to ruin it’s reputation. You are truly wasting your own time.

  • Dave

    @Cortiz: You are in no place to tell anyone how they should think or how others perceive them. What bothers you and people like you is that you can’t accept that actions like those of these juvenile Chick-Fil-a “protesters” could be wrong and/or that they don’t express the views and wishes of all gays.

    Try not to speak for all gays and certainly not for heterosexuals (unless of course you are one). You make yourself look like an overly-defensive, insecure ass (which, incidentally, is how most of the Chick-Fil-a protestors look).

  • Daez

    @Bay Area Bro’s: You are a pathetic excuse for a human being. You also lack the thinking power to realize that the only person that believes this is a free speech issue is Mike Huckalbee. This was never and never will be a free speech issue. This is an issue of a detestable human being, not much unlike yourself, that has funded the destruction of LGBT people the world over by funding Exodus International and directly channeling money to Uganda’s “kill the gays” movement.

    Also, your stupidity does not realize that free speech goes both ways. If you want to make this a free speech issue then who the hell are you to try to limit my free speech while granting Cathy is. You need serious mental help.

  • ReCTreC

    @Dave: AWWW, doesn’t that just bug you. Make you angry that we protest, kiss, hold hands, and are on a mission to expose your NASTY frozen chicken business for what it is? Maybe that anger manifested with more fried frozen chicken will clog up those arteries and …PLOP…you go down just like your little PR guru. Keep serving that unhealthy vile chicken. Just killin’ off the homophobes one by one :)

  • Daez

    @Cortiz: Shouldn’t he already be in Exodus International? I mean, his hero Dan Cathy did give them millions to help confused little boys just like him.

  • Mia

    Hey~ if it pisses off the GOPproud Log Cabin Republipukes, and it clearly does, have you seen their video responses defending Chik Fil A and claiming how gross the kiss in it? I’m all for the kiss in then. Seriously, you tell me the Log Cabin whack jobs find it offensive and I will tell ya it’s a brilliant idea. Brilliant idea I say.

  • Daez

    @ReCTreC: I’m so confused. How come Dave and the other dude are bitching at us for practicing our rights to freedom of speech while promoting Cathy for practicing his. Maybe they only believe in the freedom of bigotry.

  • Mendoza

    Very interesting.

    The homophobes lining up for 6 hours to buy greasy chicken all to essentially protest gay rights. Then sing the national anthem in mass at these Chik Fil A, and donate millions to a company that will in turn donate it to anti gay groups is legit, perfectly fine, and them exercising their ‘God’ given freedoms.

    Gays peacefully holding hands or smooching outside the restuarant and exercising their freedoms is the worst act in human history and a clear reason why LGBT don’t deserve equality.

    And the above folks is what we’re fighting with. That sense of entitlement, self righteousness, and evil is what we’re up against. Know thy enemy, because they are a bunch who will spend millions fighting against your rights, then tell you to stay silent when you react. That’s the modern day Xtian Taliban for ya.

  • keep it real

    You can’t protest this then defend Cathy. It’s pure hypocrisy, and purely homophobic. If Cathy has a right to go on a public forum and say being gay goes against Gods judgment and will destroy our society, attached to funding millions to antigay organizations, than gays have every right to step on public property and kiss each other. If anything, they are promoting the importance of freedom of speech by doing so. To say otherwise is to promote limited speech depending on message, and show your clear bias for bigotry.

  • The Observer

    Let’s reverse the roles, shall we? Gay company donates millions to leading anti heterosexual marriage causes. Gay President of company comes out and says the destruction of society is basically because of hetero marriage. Gays line up in droves while making comments in those lines against heterosexual marriage. Married heterosexual couples feel like they too should be allowed their freedom to atleast respond, so they in a civil manner stage kissing each other. No outrage, right? THAT’S homophobia for you. Homophobia is so prevelant that even in an argument to claim it’s non existence, the person is making a homophobic point without realizing so. There’s not a thing wrong with how some of these gay couples, most who probably have been together for ages and sick of being denied access to equality, are doing. I wouldn’t even call them protestors in the conventional sense of the word. We’ve seen protest in recent years, be it London, middle east, to illegal immigrant youth rightfully fighting their injustices on streets. Those were protests in the truest form of the sense. Kissing your partner to proudly show gay love exists is a showcasing of freedom if you ask me.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    There’s nothing remotely offensive about gays kissing, and especially the gay kiss ins at Chik Fil A I’ve witnessed. Heck, I’ve found some of the pictures online to be rather romantic. If you find gay people kissing to be an offensive sight, that’s your problem. You might want to ask yourself why. But that’s not the responsibility of the gay couple doing the kissing who has every right to use their rights to do so.

  • Dave

    @keep it real: “You can’t protest this then defend Cathy.”

    Yes, actually, we can. Protesting at individual Chick-Fil-a franchises where people are just trying to earn a living and do their jobs, and have no real connection to Cathy or his views and may very well be pro-gay themselves, is disrespectful and juvenile. Cathy is a private citizen and he is entitled to his views. Like other private citizens, he is also entitled to donate money to whatever organizations he chooses. These protestors, like most of the fools posting their insane, self-centered, melodramatic crap on this blog, don’t realize how business operates. They are so desperate to make a point about equality that they target innocent people with their stupid tactics not realizing they are doing much more harm than good in the public eye. Using their logic, we gays should start protesting at gas stations since we rely heavily on oil from Middle Eastern countries, which are obviously highly anti-gay and abuse human rights routinely. It does nothing but create a slippery slope.

    This protest is stupid, stupid, stupid and pointless no matter which way you look at it. And thank God it failed because it was an ignorant and very selfish display.

  • Axel Rod

    @Dave: Look everyone, a troll!

  • JudgeJuby

    @Dave: You’re God doesn’t exist boo boo. And another thing. You’re a troll. That same exact talking point verbatim was used on a Joe My God, word for word, and go figure that person had a different name as yours . LOL. how much you getting paid bozo?

  • Dave

    @Axel Rod: Typical response of the radical gay dumbasses that read this blog. You can’t be reasonable and accept that you’re wrong and that people have a difference of opinion, so you call people trolls. Complete fail, just like these idiot kissing protestors.

  • Dave

    @JudgeJuby: Logical people tend to use the same LOGICAL arguments and have similar views, you dumb bitch. I’m glad you’ve noticed. Now go practice your ABCs and update me on your progress in one hour.

  • RashTag

    @Dave: Ahhh, you sound angry. You should be. Gay activists, gay rights leaders are growing by the day. Gay community more galvanized than ever before and NEVER will accept homophobia even in the slightest form. Oh, and did I mention the over 20,000 LGBT related organizations across America? Yeah. Eat it up babe. #winning

  • Daez

    @Dave: Your argument does not even hold water. If the people that are working at Chick-fil-A support us then they have no problem with us kissing in front of their store. Hell, they should even welcome it. If they work and don’t support us of course they will have a problem with it, but those people are homophobic anyways.

  • BJ McFrisky

    The definition of irony:
    A group who claims to be all-inclusive and radically tolerant, but won’t tolerate or include anyone who doesn’t see things precisely their way.
    Thanks, gay ghetto, for showing the world that we’re in reality a bunch of whiney babies who are going to stamp our feet and have “kiss ins” just to be sure the world can see how immature and truly intolerant we are of anyone who doesn’t embrace and celebrate our personal sex lives. Way to go. You just set us back about 20 years.
    @Dave: Take heart, Dave. Not everyone can look at every situation as logically and rationally as you and I and the Bay Area Bros can.

  • Axel Rod

    @Dave: Well bless your heart.

  • Dave

    @BJ McFrisky: Thanks, man. Absolutely spot on.

    @RashTag: Good. I’m glad gay rights are galvanized and that gay rights leaders and supporters are growing by the day. That makes me happy. But this protest is still moronic and juvenile and these protestors are still misguided idiots. Anything else?

  • Axel Rod

    @BJ McFrisky: Clearly you’re a hetro bigot. That aside, the LGBT community has been ‘tolerant’ of being treated like garbage for thousands of years. We’re not going to ‘tolerate’ abuse any longer. Get over it.

  • Mark

    @BJ McFrisky: So you support Cathy giving money to groups who advocate for the killing of gays. Okay…..must be hard to be you and hate.

  • JohnnyBoy

    @Skeloric: Does that surprise you? I’ve seen blatant racism on other Chic-Fil-A posts. Gay people do not surprise me at all anymore. Gays are like anyone else: bullies, racists, bigots, etc.

  • Six Guys From Novato

    aka Bay Area Bro’s, but since Queerty censored our earlier responses (because they’re such adamant defenders of free speech, ha ha), let’s try this again:
    @Axel Rod: Nope, we don’t belong to any poltical group.
    @Cameron: Yes, it IS about free speech. You’re hating on this man and his company because of something he said that you didn’t like. You want him to shut up or change his mind, but you don’t get everything you want in life.
    @Cortiz: None of us are confused or closeted, but thank you for your very deep insults.
    @IndieMovieFan: We’re not trolls, but thanks for your insults, too.
    @Scott Johansen: They’re killing gays in the U.S.? Really, Scott? You believe this? Suckerrrrrr.
    @Daez: We do understand that free speech goes both ways. Now will YOU please understand that sucking face in a restaurant may make you feel all righteous and proud, but to everyone else, you’re just being catty and vindictive.
    @Dave: Thanks for the support, man, but as you can see, there’s not much of a dialogue going on here, just a bunch of angry, snarky militants with their rage on. Peace and chik’n, bro.
    Steve Jason Ed Big Bill Jason & Van the Man
    Novato, CA

  • JoLee

    BJ Mcfrisky, Dave, and Bay Area Bros = same person. Same poster. Sock puppet handles are cute.

  • Realist

    The definition of irony:

    Conservatives get so say do and act as they want and it’s chalked up as freedom of speech and AMERICAN.

    LGBT responding is seen as extremisim.

    You gotta love the warped, delusional, and Hitler like Conservative mentality. And by love, I mean completely laugh at.

  • Hameed

    You know how you can tell a troll away real quick? when they make it identifiable in every post how they are gay. Most of us don’t do that nor need to. We make our point and let our argument stand on it’s own feet, not validating it by mentioning we’re gay.

    Next way to be sure a troll is posing as a gay? when their arguments includes the words tolerance, gays intolerant, right to their opinions. Now let’s face it, most self respecting gay people don’t make those counter points nor do they champion the tolerance on intolerance, which is an entirely flawed and moot point to begin with.
    Why can’t the trolls just stand behind their words without pretending to be ‘one of us’? It just stinks of insecurity.

  • SeattleThomas

    Hetersoexual privilige in our society has never been more clear than this Chik Fil A situation. Ever. We’ve had heterosexuals march, get on camera and speak ill of gay unions, a heterosexual man declare gays being a negative force on society, a heterosexual operated and driven company donate millions to anti gay marks, heterosexual loudly voice their concerns at Chik Fil A, heterosexuals loudly voice anti gay sentiments on camera. But when gays respond and react, we’re told by these same folks to simmer down, they police us, and tell us what we can and can’t do. Basically, you’ve got a contengent who is actively working to strip you of your equality than choreograph how you should respond to that. Some nerve, right? Well that’s how heterosexual privilige works in our society. Be mindful of it, and challenge it whenever you can.

  • 2Dads

    Someone please link the article that was linked on this site about the depression gay Chik Fil A workers are facing, many of whom have said they are working in intolerable homophobic environments. There’s been a number of articles about our young LGBT youth who have said customers have approached them saying horribly anti gay remarks without knowing they are gay, and how depressed they are feeling. One employee in her blog stated that even her coworkers and managment joined in on the belittling of gays, and all of them said the anti gay sentimenets shared by the Chik Fil A supporters has taken a serious toll on them. Chik Fil A and it’s supporters chose to make the first move and draw the line in the sand, promoting discrimination and disdain of all LGBT, and especially their own staff. This is the new form of prejudice in our society, and we must each individually do our own to fight it. Not just for ourselves, but for the next generation of LGBT who deserve better, and we can make that happen.

  • BiTranswoman

    Thomas, let’s not forget how gays and lesbians have privileges and use them ALL the time against bisexuals and trans people.

    The monosexual privilege checklist

    1. Society assures me that my sexual identity is real and that people like me exist.
    2. When disclosing my sexual identity to others, they believe it without requiring me to prove it.
    3. I can feel sure that upon disclosing my sexual identity, people accept that it’s my real/actual sexual identity (rather than anything other than I said).
    4. I am never considered closeted when disclosing my sexual identity.
    5. Perception/acceptance of my sexual identity is generally independent of my choices of relationships, partners and lifestyle.
    6. It is unlikely that disclosing my sexual identity will be taken as a sexual offer or a sign of sexual consent.
    7. I can be confident that people don’t misname my sexual identity or use different identities to describe my identity when speaking about me.
    8. When seen with a partner I’m dating, I can be certain to be recognized as a member of my sexual identity group.
    9. I never have to worry about successfully passing as a member of my sexual identity group or as a member of my community.
    10. I do not have to choose between either invisibility (“passing”) or being consistently “othered” and/or tokenized based on my sexual identity.
    11. I am never blamed for upholding heteropatriarchy** or cisgender privilege because of the word that I use to identify my sexuality.
    12. My politics are not questioned based on the the word that I use to identify my sexuality.
    13. I feel welcomed at appropriate services or events that are segregated by sexual identity (such as “general” i.e. straight clinics, gay community centers, lesbian-only events, etc.)
    14. If I’m cisgender, I am accepted and celebrated as a part of “queer” space or movement. If I’m an ally, I am applauded for my support of the queer movement.
    15. If I’m cisgender, queer or gay people will not try to exclude me from our movements in order to gain political legitimacy for themselves. I am never accused of “giving the movement a bad name” or of “exploiting” the movement.
    16. I can feel sure that if I choose to enter a monogamous relationship, my friends, community or my partner will continue to accept my sexual identity, without expecting or pressuring me to change it.
    17. I needn’t worry about potential partners shifting instantly from amorous to disdain, humiliation or verbal violence because of my sexual identity.
    18. I can cheat on my partners or act badly in a relationship without having other people put this down to my sexual identity or have my behaviour reflect badly on all the people in my sexual identity group.
    19. I can choose to be in a polyamorous relationship without being accused of reinforcing stereotypes against my sexual identity group.
    20. I can fairly easily find representations of people of my sexual identity group and my lifestyle in the media and the arts. I encounter such representations without needing to look hard.
    21. If I encounter a fictional, historical or famous figure of my sexual identity, I can be sure that s/he will be named as such in the text or by the media, reviewers and audience.
    22. I often encounter the word I use to identify myself in the media and the arts. When I hear or read it, I am far less likely to find it in the context of its denial.
    23. I can find, fairly easily, reading material, institutions, media representations, etc. which give attention specifically to people of my sexual identity.
    24. I can feel certain that normal everyday language will include my sexual identity (“straight and gay alike”, “gay and lesbian”, etc.)
    25. If I am cisgender, I am far less likely to suffer from intimate violence.
    26. If I am cisgender, I am less likely to suffer from depression or to contemplate suicide.
    27. If I am cisgender, I am far less likely to suffer from poverty.
    28. I am more likely to feel comfortable being open about my sexual identity at work.
    29. I have access to information about the prevalence of STI’s in my community as well as prevention methods that are suitable for me.
    30. If I live in a city, I can expect to find medical care that will suit my own particular needs.
    31. I am less likely to risk my health by avoiding medical treatment.
    32. Wronging me on grounds of my sexual identity or sexual behaviour is taken seriously:
    * Those who wrong me are expected to know that it is hurtful, and are considered accountable whether or not they intended to wrong me.
    * I have easy access to people who understand that this wrong is unacceptable, and who will support me.
    * I have easy access to resources and people to educate someone who wronged me, if I am not feeling up to it.
    * If I am being wronged, I can expect that others who are around will notice
    33. When I express my sexual identity in my daily life, I can reasonably expect not to be considered unstable, unreliable, indecisive, untrustworthy or in need of help.
    34. I can worry about issues specific to people of my sexual identity group without being seen as self-interested, self-seeking or divisive.
    35. I can remain oblivious of the language, culture, history and politics of bisexuality and bisexual people without feeling in my culture any penalty for such oblivion.
    36. I have the privilege of not being aware of my privileges.

  • CollinsWorth

    @BiTranswoman: You need help. You are the typical over the top fundementalist trans activist who hijacks everything to be about trans people OFTEN at the expense of everyone else. Many people have told you before to get the professional help you need. You are having daily emotional break downs on here because of what you chose to do with your life. Seek the professional counseling you need.

  • Junior

    @BiTranswoman: You’re behind some of these Pro Chik Fil A posts aren’t you? Man have you made a serious enemy out of some of us against transgenders because of your unbelievable attitude you’ve displayed. Congrats, now many of us TRULY won’t have your back. Better run to the heterosexual community and get their honest opinion about what they think of you.

  • DJ

    2Dads-stop being such a concern troll with your “OH WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!1” post.

    These kids can and should learn to deal with it on their own and just brush off the bigoted customers as rude customers and not take it so personally. They need to develop a thicker skin.

    The Chic-Fil-A stores are all owned by franchisees. I don’t eat there because I don’t care for fast food, but I can’t see penalizing the people who own these franchises along with their employees just because the president of the franchisor is a religious asshole.

    But of course the nasty queen contingent always looks for blood from anyone they can get their hands on, whether they’re innocent or guilty, whenever someone else dares to speak out against us.

    There is a Chic Fil A restaurant in the state of NH that queerty did an article about that celebrated LGBT people. There are Chic fil A restaurants that employ LGBT people.

  • C.C

    @BiTranswoman: You’re bisexuality is NOT the same as gay people. Why? because you weirdos CHOOSE to be bisexual and cant pick a gender to save your life. You want everyone to sleep with you and sleep with everyone else. You guys owe the entire world an apology for spreading STDS in the manner you do, and need to inform all your partners that you are the sexual freaks you are. and when you do, what happens? as you’ve all expressed before…they all run away. and for good reason! go back to sex trade you bi creatures.

  • Leo

    Good for these men who kissed. Absolutely lovely to see people stand up for their rights and what means most to them. Nevermind some haters, they actually motivate those of us who were indifferent toward the cause and now are fired up too. Wish I could have joined the kiss in but we don’t have a Chik Fil A near us. I’ll be sure to display my Gay Pride in many other forms.

  • DraggieJames

    Thanks for sharing these. I’m inspired by them. It’s really amazing to see how peaceful our protest was in comparison to the madness that was Chik Fil A appreciation day. But heteros can often be chaotic. lol. Really great to see these wonderful photos people sent in!

  • Shane

    @DJ: Hi Brandon. Hows it feeling being a walking -Not interested in that- list? From your coloring, to your age, size, and everything else. You’re right on the bottom of the totem pole, and you know it, and are still bitter about it. Back to paying for sex you go. Tap, tap, tap.
    lol :)

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Axel Rod: No, I’m a gay man from North Carolina (and let the insults begin). And I’ve never been abused by the evil oppressive hetero society, as you apparently have been.
    @Mark: I don’t support Cathy, I support his right to say what he wants. Big difference (that most people on this page don’t seem to understand).
    @JoLee: My name’s not Dave, the only bay area I’ve ever been in is my bay window. Nice try, though.

  • Art Smith

    @Shane: Oh God, is Bisexual activitist Brandon really DJ? Man, I wouldn’t put it past him. I also noticed Dave was a member of the ‘bisexual appreciation day’ on another thread, and lookey lookey now…both along with BiTransWomen, are dismissing the homophobic donating of funds from Chik Fil A with a general aloof tone toward homophobia. What did we all discuss in an earlier thread? Bisexuals are some of the biggest critics of the gay community, our activism, and generally align themselves with the homophobe due to their indifference and aloofness in our movement. Know that when attempting to “befriend” one of them. They truly don’t have your best interest at heart.

  • Fan Of Dance

    @BJ McFrisky: You support to right of Cathy to say whatever he wants. And yet you don’t support the right of gay people to respond as they want. Selective freedoms much? Your freedom compass is hetero worshipping without you even realizing.

    Here’s the deal, and I don’t believe for one second you are gay, so spare us. Gay people haven’t protested Cathy’s right to free speech. Not one gay person has said he doesn’t have a RIGHT to say what he said. They are in turn practicing THEIR right to respond. Why are you encouraging of Cathy’s free speech, yet extremely monitoring the free speech of gay people? Because of your extreme homophobia? Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

    It’s not our job to feel bad in calling your homophobia out. That’s not our problem. If that hurts your feelings, ask yourself why? What are your actions that you are projecting that makes people conclude you’re an advocate of homophobia? Problem because you have two seperate rule books you apply to two seperate parties depending on if they are pro gay or anti gay.

  • Jim

    @BJ McFrisky: You’re FOR Cathy have his rights mandated, but against the rights of gay people to respond calling them jevinile for it? Damn ur ignorant, but ur right. considering where you hail from, it’s in the water.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @DJ: Ssshh! You can’t defend Chik-fil-A on this site. That’s homosexual heresy. Not to mention dangerous (as evidenced above, some of the more militant gays will eat their own).

  • Mr.Manners

    @BJ McFrisky:

    You wrote:

    “… see how immature and truly intolerant we are of anyone who doesn’t embrace and celebrate our personal sex lives.”

    Do you REALLY think you’re gay? or at the very least, a well adjusted gay person? Being gay, is more than a sex act. It’s being comfortable enough in your skin to not make the above statement which reeks of more ignorance than any soul has time to delve into on here. I sincerely hope you’re not gay. I’d be far more prone to accept that than a gay man who made the above quote. To be stupid is not a choice. To be ignorant is a choice. You still haven’t attended your journey of self discovery and self acceptance, when you do…come back and join us on here. Until then, you and your multitude of issues perfectly displayed in the quote above, are not qualified to comment on those who have come to full terms with who they are, and how they deserve to be treated. You’re not there yet, and can’t comment.

    Well, you can. But it will just look like that lost quote above searching for some guidance.

  • coocat

    @BJ McFrisky:

    “see how immature and truly intolerant we are of anyone who doesn’t embrace and celebrate our personal sex lives.”
    did you really just write that and expect us to take you seriously? Fool, sit down.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Fan Of Dance: Whoa there, cowboy. I never said we don’t have a right to have our voices heard—I said the means by which we’re doing it (protests, a stupid “kiss-in”) is ludicrous. Funny how you’re so selective in your manufactured outrage: You want to take down a fast food restaurant and destroy its owner because he’s religious and doesn’t like gay marriage, but you won’t challenge Islam for practicing the execution of gays in the middle east. Nor would you challenge Obama before he “evolved”. Nor do you challenge the black pastors who are coming out in support of Dan Cathy. But, oooo girlfriend, we’re going to go kiss in Chik-fil-A and show the world who’s REALLY petty! Again: Way. To. Go.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Mr.Manners: You say I “haven’t attended my journey of self discovery and self acceptance”?
    I just threw up on my computer.

  • Steve Jason Ed Bill Josh & Van

    Thanks for censoring our response, Queerty. Always the bastion of free speech, this site.

  • BiTranswoman

    I see the hate speech biphobic and homophobic trolls are out in full force.

  • Dave

    @Mr.Manners: “Being gay, is more than a sex act. It’s being comfortable enough in your skin to not make the above statement which reeks of more ignorance than any soul has time to delve into on here.”

    And yet this is exactly what gays are showing to straights. A sex act. Kissing in public, especially to make a political statement, is very much a sexual act. And even if you don’t see it as one, that is how the public sees it. To say nothing of our “Pride” parades…If we are so much more than this (which we obviously are), then why are we using these types of shock-sexual tactics to protest? You can’t get mad at someone and call them self-loathing just because they point out the obvious. You are just in denial for the sake of the gay agenda. Others aren’t so willing to put up with your hypocrisy and double-standards that say you don’t want to be judged by your sexuality and yet make sex your activist image.

    Spare all sensible people your bullshit, please. You and the other gays who support this crap know exactly what you’re doing.

  • Dave

    @BJ McFrisky: Exactly. These activist gays and their supporters are just full of shit.

  • Malcolm

    @Dave: buhahaha you sound like someoen who knows he’s failed attempts to rally a new mission statement for gays didn’t work, and you’re just angry at the sea of extremely proactive, productive and unapologetic gay, lesbians, trans and bisexual members of our community who are loudly out there speaking out. hahaha you lost. You trying to silence us didn’t work. Never will. I saw on my facebook homepage, some 30 + gay friends participate in kiss ins across the country. and I’m just one person with not that many gay friends, yet they all took to the streets. proudly so. You and your type will never rope in the gay community. the lids been pulled off. they won’t stand for any capacity of homophobia, nor should they have to. this is a new, younger, even more activist driven generation of gays because our activism starts on the virtual world first, then we take it out on the streets. and we’re proud to do so too (not that older LGBt don’t join in either. they are awesome and do aswell)
    you and your types are gonna continue to age yourself and make yourself miserable as millions of gays fight their own fight skipping to the beat of their own drums. while you watch in despair,l frightened, angered, and aging yourself =)

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Dave: Bullseye, my friend, bullseye. What’s funny is how blind they are to their own hatred. I have a straight friend who blasts me for not being more anti-Chik-fil-A, but just looks at me stupidly when I point out that hating on the restaurant is as bad as hating on anyone for any reason. And for Christ’s sakes, isn’t the point to just get people to stop hating—period?

  • B

    No. 9 · Axel Rod wrote, “@Bay Area Bro’s: Must be GOProud/Log Cabin boys.”

    Or he is looking for the same excuse I have for not going to the protest – commute traffic,
    which is even worse on a Friday along Route 80 due to people also heading to Tahoe.

  • J

    @BJ McFrisky: You are clueless. And your rants about Obama, and gays sex lives, and Islam makes me think you’re a Bachman too.

  • Rajulio

    I really stand up and applaud those who participated in the protest. Clearly there was going to be backlash, but it’s still important to fight for what you believe in even if there is backlash. You don’t stop standing up for whats right even if it’s not popular. Gay people for too long have been told to put up and shut up with homophobia and accept is as a fact of life. I see that changing with many LGBT today refusing to accept that prejudice as a way of life. I really salute that. It’s that kind of change that gets people thinking. Good or bad, the dialogue needs to be had. Not just accepting homophobia as a way of life. It doesn’t have to be.
    Thank you guys and gals for take a stand.

  • Lewis Cordello

    No minority group is uniform in their activism. To study history is to be fascinated by the diversity in approach to activism by the womens, black, chicano and jewish movement. And the varrying forms of activism were so widely diverse and often in contrast with each other; but history proved that it wasn’t what people did, but if they did anything for their particular communities that matter most. That they cared and each took their own individual approach that felt authentic to them.

    Today we look back at that diversity amongst activism in each set oppressed group and we marvel and praise that quality. It’s one we LGBT have adopted in our pursuit of our equal rights. No one portion of a community has authority to tell all it’s members how to react. Thats for the members to decide on their own. Each individual can do their own part. What feels right to them.

  • Arthur

    Every dollar you spend here goes to organizations that support anti gay laws. They want gays jailed, sent to mental hospitals, and have no rights to our children and spouses. Every time you buy a sandwich!

  • Mk ultra

    ewww. It’s so gross thst some very lonely,pathrtic homophobes are coming here to tell us
    how to be gay.
    “just tone it down. Keep it in the closet. Don’t shove it in people’s faces.”
    You know what that means?
    We need to step it up another level.
    We needbto shove it in people’s faces even more, slap them in the face with it.
    The more they demand silence, the louder we need to shout.

  • KevinCA

    Jesus Christ.

    BJ, 2Dads, BayAreaBros: You must have slept through US Government in high school, or perhaps you didn’t graduate.

    If you’d ever bothered to read the text of the First Amendment, you’d know it reads: “Congress shall make no law….” CONGRESS. In other words, the Government may not restrict your speech. If you’re a jackass at a private party, e.g., you wear an SS Uniform to a bar mitzvah, you can be kicked out on your ass. The First Amendment does not protect you from private actors (i.e., private individuals who are not the Government).

    Similarly, where, as here, a private citizen who owns a business and speaks out on a controversial topic, the First Amendment does not protect him from protests.

  • 2Dadss

    @KevinCA: Kevin, I agree with you. Not sure why you included mean in that list. I agree that these protestors have every right to exercise their freedoms and this is doing just that and not harming anyone. I’m all for it.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @KevinCA: Hey dude, I’m with you on this. Protests are fine, as long as you’re willing to pay the price. That guy who went to Chik-Fil-A and sanctimoniuosly blasted the drive-thru girl for working for a “hate group”? That was free speech—and he was (rightfully) fired from his job for it, because his employer likewise has a right to decide who will or won’t represent his company. So go out and protest all you want—just understand that any consequences which arise from your protesting will be your fault and yours alone. But make no mistake: What you’re doing isn’t noble, it’s petty, and now everyone sees us that way.

  • jj

    @Bay Area Bro’s: So you don’t believe in the First Amendment rights of those who oppose Dan Cathy’s views? He is entitled to his free speech and so are those who oppose him. That’s what makes America great: well all have free speech. If you want to live somewhere where only one side is entitled to voice their opinion, try moving to Iran. Gay Americans who aren’t apologists for hateful bigots, object not so much to Mr. Cathy’s personal beliefs, but rather his use of millions of dollars of profits from his business to fund hate groups like the Family Research Council who vehemently oppose ANY gay rights, and want to criminalize homosexuality. You had better open your eyes and join the gay rights movement instead of just enjoying the hard work of those brave civil rights advocates who have come before you.

  • AaronT

    *sigh* Why exactly is it over the top for gay people to kiss at Chick-Fil-A? I used to go there regularly before I learned of the corporation’s donations (more on that in a moment). I regularly have seen straight couples kiss or hold hands in these restaurants and no one cared one bit. But if two men or two women do it, then it’s activism? Not sure how that makes any sense at all.

    To those who say Dan Cathy has a right to his beliefs – you are correct. But as soon as he starts spending his corporation’s profits to support anti-gay groups, I also have the right to stop spending my money on his corporation. He didn’t make a private donation from his own bank account and then talk about it. The WinShape Foundation, funded from profits of Chick-Fil-A, made the donation. That means for every $7 meal I have bought there, probably 1 or 2 cents funded the hatred and suppression of gays around the world. That’s more than I feel comfortable with, and I’m not being an “activist” with a “gay agenda” to choose to spend my money elsewhere.

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