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Gay Couple Kiss Chick-Fil-A Where It Hearts

Atlanta couple Thomas Abrams and Justin Dyer took the  
Chick-Fil-A National Same-Sex Kiss Day thing a step further by locking lips right outside the corporation’s marriage retreat.






Abrams (left) and Dyer (right) screamed the love that otherwise dares not speak its name at WinShape Foundation in north Georgia on Sunday where Chick-Fil-A holds its marriage retreats and other wholesome, family activities.

Gay couples are, of course, not allowed to attend WinShape, which is funded by the restaurant chain and therefore defines marriage in the same narrow constructs as company president/premier gay sex scandal candidate Dan Cathy.

Hopefully Abrams and Dyer will inspire a trend, leading same-sex couples to descend on WinShape like a Biblical cloud of rainbow-flag-waving locusts protesting Chick-Fil-A’s adamant stance against marriage equality. [Project Q Atlanta]