Gay Couple Shows Up At “Homophobic” Football Game Holding Hands. The Result Is Surprising.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.22.10 AMA gay couple in Portugal has repeated the “let’s walk around holding hands and see who we enrage by merely existing” experiment that achieved less-than-inspiring results in cities like Moscow, Kiev and Jerusalem.

After their first video in Lisbon, they were the victims of homophobic vandalism and hacking, but they feel the positive impact of queer visibility dwarfs the negativity.

In their latest installment, Lorenzo and Pedro parade their inoffensive affection around the picturesque city of Oporto, including at a soccer match where they were told they might be killed.

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They were not killed.

Actually, nobody had anything to say to them at all. But the looks. The looks!

It’s as if a gay couple holding hands is a juggling monkey riding a unicycle the way people stop in their tracks to take the sight in.

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Watch below: