Gay Couple Taking Romantic Stroll In New Orleans Attacked For No Apparent Reason

Last Sunday, Tim Miller and his partner David were were headed to the Mississippi river for an evening stroll in New Orleans’ French Quarter, as they often do. This time, they were interrupted by 23-year-old Jeffrey Lee and a group of young men, who beat them up “for no apparent reason,” Fox 8 reports.

Only Lee was arrested and booked on simple battery, but now the Orleans Parish District Attorney is investigating whether to prosecute it as a hate crime.

Miller told Fox 8:

“It all happened at the same time, they were yelling and punching us and we were on the ground very quickly. David said they were trying to get into my pockets and I was just fighting them off. They got nothing from us.”

He also said that the couple is planning on leaving New Orleans and going back to Oklahoma (it’s better there?) because of the incident:

“I love New Orleans. I love this city but it’s just become too much. It’s out of control and there just doesn’t seem to be any remedies to the problem.”

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