Gay Couple Traveled 3,000 Miles To Marry, But Hurricane Sandy Crashed The Wedding

Gabrielle Mecham and Ashley Saverino traveled 3,000 miles from California to get legally married in New York, but they had an unexpected wedding guest in the form of a really pissed off hurricane.

Thanks to California’s ongoing Proposition 8 trial, which the US Supreme Court will decide whether or not it will review shortly, Mecham and Saverino planned to wed in Central Park. Saverino’s sister even got ordained.

But sadly, the couple was unable to acquire the proper paperwork on Monday thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

“We thought everything would be settled by Monday but it just got worse and worse,” Mecham, a student at San Diego State University, told Businessweek.

Mecham and Saverino were scheduled to return home on Wednesday, but hoped to attain their marriage license before then. New York has slowly yawned back to life since Sandy’s war path, so hopefully those two kids were able to fulfill their dream.

And considering that air travel has been less than reliable, they might have gotten an unexpected extension.Then again, if things work out with Prop 8, the couple could actually make it legal in their hometown.

Photo: Gabielle Mecham