Gay Couple Unsure How To Confront Exhibitionist Neighbor Who Walks Around House Naked

A gay couple in Atlantic City aren’t sure what to do about their neighbor, a single woman, who keeps walking around her house butt naked with the blinds up. So they’re seeking help from their local advice columnist.

“I think we have an exhibitionist neighbor,” the letter begins. “In the morning, before dawn, the bathroom blinds (but not any other blinds) are raised high, the light is on, and she is clearly visible using the toilet and drying herself off after a shower.”

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The man goes on to explain that her bathroom window is positioned in direct view of their kitchen sink, so every morning when they go to prepare coffee or do the dishes they are confronted with her naked image.

“We don’t care about the nudity,” he continues. “We’re a gay male couple, and only find it a bit distasteful. … We have a feeling she’s well aware of what she’s doing.”

He and his partner now wonder: “Is there any tactful way to let her know it’s not appreciated? We’ve thought of putting a big ‘Not Interested’ sign in our kitchen window but aren’t sure how that would go over.”

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In her response, advice columnist Carolyn Hax says the sign is a “brilliant” idea, but cautions the men before putting it up.

“A couple of thoughts,” she writes, “That the other blinds are down suggests she opens these on purpose, but you don’t know that. As such, it would be a kindness to alert her as if it were an accident.”

Hax suggests they consider writing a friendly note and “signing it Male Name and Male Name would drive your other point home.”

Personally, we like the sign idea better.

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