Gay Couple Wins Dream Wedding! Transwoman Wins Dream Breasts!

Gay couple Mitch Lee and Ryan Lowry of Nebraska just won more than $20,000 in invitations, catering, cake, rental costs, photography and more in the Journal Star’s Ultimate Wedding Giveaway contest. Meanwhile, a musician named Avery in Calgary, Canada just won breast implants from an Amp Radio contest that many people found sexist and distasteful despite entries by breast cancer patients who had masectomies. Both couples (the boys and her boobs) snagged a huge majority of the online votes showing that some communities actively support the aspirations of their queer neighbors—happy endings all around!

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  • JQD

    Both “couples”?

  • EdWoody

    @JQD: Perhaps he’s referring to the couple of breasts.

  • Lefty

    Aww, they look like a cute couple too.
    Congratulations to all three.

  • Jaime Renee

    I suppose I’m glad to see a trans woman win that contest, but I think she is putting too much emphasis on larger breasts.

  • Fitz

    Fancy weddings are one thing, but it’s a sick sad moment when it takes winning a contest to get medical treatment.

  • jealous

    what a hot cute couple…lucky! I want a husband like the one in the dark plaid – yum!

  • John

    It is very sad. I feel for all the former cancer sufferers.

  • Steve

    @Jaime Renee: I don’t think the emphasis is on larger breasts, but female breats in general. She’s clearly transitioning into becoming a woman, and obviously feels that having female breats makes that transition more complete and realistic.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    When I was in Los Angeles for LA Pride in 2008, I got a copy of LA Weekly and inside, there was a promotional ad for some sex exhibition. In said ad, they were also promoting a contest at said exhibition wherein the winner would get a free boob job.

  • Husker Ranger

    What a horribly written article, and an insult to Mitch and Ryan. What these two did took some serious moxie, and then you insult it with some trani who gets implants? I understand the writers contest connection angle, but fail to make clear the point. If you did your research and know anything about Nebraska, you’d know it is the most homophobic state in the union. The Senators and most of the people (if they knew they would not get sued); would have signs that say “Welcome to Nebraska the Good Life except homosexuals”. These two intelligent young men, risk their jobs and security by winning this contest. They know their love for each other is stronger than the thugs who use the bible in this state more as a bullet of destruction, than a book of understanding. I voted for Mitch and Ryan every day, and I am happy they won. After reading this article, I guess they graduate anyone from journalism school.

  • Jaime Renee

    @Steve: She’s still pretty early in her transition, she doesn’t know how much she’ll grow with hormones over the next year or two. And her comment about having breast implants would mean she wouldn’t have to face so much bigotry everyday. I’m not seeing how that would affect too much in that department, the bigots are seeing things besides her lack of breast implants that trigger their reactions.

  • mike128

    @husker ranger: wow. transphobic?

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