Gay Couples Tie The Knot In NYC Comic-Book Shop

For comic nerds, Wednesdays are holy: That’s when new comics come out. For gay comics fans, though, today is especially sacred: Marvel Comics is releasing Astonishing X-Men #51, the highly touted issue in which gay mutant Northstar marries his boyfriend, Kyle.

To commemorate the event, two real-life same-sex couples—Scott Everhart and Jason Welker, and Khris Wilson and Chris Orme—are tying the knot for real this morning at 9am in a small ceremony at New York’s Midtown Comics. (A private reception will follow at the Eventi: A Kimpton Hotel.) “We’re honored to take part in this event today,” says Midtown Comics co-owner Gerry Gladston “and to help promote equality and tolerance, in the spirit of the X-Men themselves.”

The public isn’t invited to the ceremony, but fans and well-wishers are expected to gather outside the Financial District store, which will open its doors officially at 10:30am.

As for what made the grooms decide to sign up for the event, Everhart explains, “We are geeks in love, and what better way to tie the knot than in a comic shop!?”

Adds Wilson, “The idea of having a ceremony with some of my fictional icons in the same room is pretty cool.”

Given how comic-book nuptials are usually interrupted by rampaging monsters or super-villains, we hope the guys’ ceremonies are blissfully uneventful. Excelsior!


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