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These “gay cousin at Thanksgiving” tweets serve up humor for the holiday

Man with suspenders carrying turkey

Queerty’s sister site LGBTQ Nation plated a heaping helping of “gay cousin” jokes for Thanksgiving three years ago, and now we’re going back for seconds.

Yes, there is a “gay cousin prophecy” at work at Thanksgiving dinners—and in holiday TV movies—as the tweets below attest.

And if you’re really lucky, you’ll have other gay cousins at the table with whom you can commiserate—or duck walk, do death drops, and defend pop divas, like the Twitter users we’re quoting here.

On a serious note, the holidays can be painful for queer and trans people who are stuck with unaccepting family members. Dr. Logan Jones, a psychologist with Clarity Therapy NYC, told NBC News BETTER in 2018 that most of his LGBTQ clients reported similar tension and stress during the holidays.

“For these clients, going home for the holidays is not always a time of bliss, but a painful reminder of moments of their ‘otherness’ within their families,” Jones added.

If you’re in this camp, you might find valuable advices resources in LGBTQ-specific holiday survival guides offered by organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and the SF LGBT Center. And don’t forget about support systems like the Crisis Text Line, the Trans Lifeline, and the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

And if you just could just us some comedic relief—some “salt” with your turkey dinner, perhaps—read on for this year’s batch of “gay cousin at Thanksgiving” tweets.

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