Hungarian Protesters Cause Stink

Gay Croatians Face Down Haters

About 200 Croatian queers and their admirers ignored shouts, jeers and scowls as they marched through Zagreb. Despite a roughly equal police presence, about ten participants were injured by flying objects. Authorities arrested eight violent anti-gay protesters Saturday afternoon, including five who may have had Molotov cocktails.

Homophobia remains an enormous problem in the primarily Catholic Croatia, which legalized faggotry back in 1977. The small nation yearns for EU recognition, but the continental body remains hesitant over endemic homophobia. The European Parliament recently objected to a Croatian sex ed course which allegedly promoted homo-hating.

In May a sex education program in Croatia was criticized by the European Parliament because it encourages homophobia.

The program teaches that there should be no sex outside marriage, no safe sex, and no gay sex.

The program is accused of “supplying medically inaccurate and incomplete information about sexual and reproductive health and family planning as well as about available and legal contraceptive methods.”

Officials believe that the curriculum could encourage “stigma and discrimination.”

Croatian queers need neither stigma nor discrimination – they claim to face endless amounts of both from their countrymen, even though the government’s growing more liberal: they legalized limited same-sex unions.

Meanwhile, Croatia’s neighbor Hungary also held a gay pride this weekend. And, not surprisingly, some right-wing party poopers came out to, well, poop on the party.

In addition to shouting the standard “Fags suck!” and the such, The Movement For A Better Hungary and the Hungarian National Front threw smoke bombs and rotten eggs at the 2,000-strong group of gays. The groups claim they’re angry over the Socialist-led coalition’s push for gay marriage. Additionally, they do not approve state secretary Gabor Szetey‘s coming out.

Despite the protesters’ best efforts, there were no injuries. Good tops evil yet again. Hoorah!