Gay Curling Leagues Are A Thing, Reports New York Times


Hey, you know what, in this strange upsetting time, any chance to come together with other people for support is a good thing.

A delightful little travelogue in the New York Times (which, despite the ravings of some lunatics, has experienced a surge in readership and subscriptions) takes us to the gay curling leagues of Vancouver. The whole thing is as wonderful and Canadian as can be, once again reminding us that when someone calls America “the greatest nation on Earth” the only correct response is laughter.

Anyway. Curling! It’s hot! Who knew?

Vancouver’s gay curling league is called “Pacific Rim Curling League.” We won’t make the obvious joke. The name is a bit like that WoW league called “Spreading Taint,” so we don’t know how to feel about it. Anyway, the league marched in a Pride parade with t-shirts that said “I swept with your husband” so apparently they know how to double and entendre.

As you’re probably aware, Canada is a decade or two ahead of the US on LGBTQ issues (probably even further, starting soon). They had marriage and military service and decriminalization long before anyone in America, and also poutine and Celine Dion. And of course, their PM is a dreamboat whose father was friends with Fidel Castro — ooh, that’s a complicated fact so you may unpack it as you see fit.

Among their team names: Curls Gone Wild, Fruit of the Broom, and Sweeping Beauties. They occasionally dress as characters from The Golden Girls and The Wizard of Oz and “slutty sailors.” There is cautious secretive drinking during the matches, and open carousing afterwards.

We’ll let you go now so you can change your OkCupid profile to indicate that you are looking for a Canadian husband.