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Gay dad Jose Rolón working out with his hot new boyfriend is giving us #relationshipgoals

Boyfriends who lift together stay together… even if their #bodygoals are entirely different.

Our favorite gay dad Jose Rolón (@nycgaydad on TikTok) recently posted an adorable workout video with his new(ish) boyfriend, Thomas. While they’re both using the same pulldown machine, it’s safe to say Thomas is lifting just a little bit more.

OK, a lot more.

“Is that a struggle for you?,” Thomas chides Jose, as he see him leaning backwards straining to lift a single bar as Rihanna blares in the background. (Also, notice Rolón’s gym swag. Light blue khaki shorts?! Honey, you need to invest in some proper 5″ athletic shorts ASAP!)


Working out with Thomas be like ? #boyfriends #workoutbuddies

? original sound – Jose Rolon

Rolón became a TikTok sensation in 2020, thanks to his hilarious videos about being a gay single dad during quarantine. He even earned a guest spot on TODAY, where he talked about overcoming his father’s rigid stereotypes of how men should look and act.

“I grew up in a machismo household with a father who yelled at me to ‘walk like a man and not like a f*ggot,’” he said. “If you had pulled me aside and said, ‘One day you’ll have a big, happy family,’ I wouldn’t have believed you.”

Rolón is proud of his big, happy family today, which includes his three children–son Avery and twin daughters Lilah and London–and now, Thomas. But his inspiring story isn’t without heartbreak.

His husband, Tim Merell, died suddenly in his sleep in 2013. At the time, Avery was still an infant and the couple’s surrogate was just 11 weeks pregnant with Lilah and London.

At Merell’s funeral, Rolón announced they had two more babies on the way. He wanted to build a family for Avery. 10 years later, he’s done just that. When Rolón asked Thomas to be his boyfriend last month, his kids were there for the adorable moment.

“He said ‘yes!,'” Rolón beamed to the ecstatic room filled with his biggest fans.


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? original sound – Jose Rolon

Rolón may be charismatic and handsome, but more importantly, he’s relatable. That’s the best part of his lovable workout TikTok. Minus the khaki shorts, which make him look like goofball.

His boyfriend is eating it up, though. Now, that’s true love. 🥰