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Gay dad shuts down inquiry about whether he wants his son to like guys or girls


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As most gay parents will tell you, sometimes other people ask dumb, random or intrusive questions about family matters.

José Rolón is a wedding planner events organizer in New York City and the father to two young girls and a boy. He’s built up a significant following across social media as @nycgaydad, posting videos and photos of his family life, often including funny clips with his kids.

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One posted this week has gone viral. In it, Rolón and his son, Avery are responding to a question from a social media follower. The questioner asks: “Not trying to be offensive or anything just an actual question but do gay dads want their sons to like girls or like guys?”


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The clip, a satirical swipe on the offensive and outdated notion that gays want to indoctrinate the young, shows Rolón asking his son a series of questions, with the son delivering gay-themed answers.

Dad: “Let me ask you a few questions. Who’s your queen?”

Son: “That’s easy, Beyoncé.”

Dad: “Hm. I still think it’s Janet, but fine. Favorite milk?

Son: “Harvey Milk.”

Dad: “Good! Batman or Robin?”

Son: “Thor.”

Dad: “You fell for the trick question! How do you say ‘yes’?”

Son: “Yaaaaas, queen!”

Dad: “Good. You’re dismissed.”

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“Is this the “gay agenda” conservatives are always on about?” joked another follower on Instagram.

Others expressed shock at the question: “What kind of question is that.. anytime someone starts with I don’t mean to be offensive or I don’t mean to be racist means you’re about to hear the most offensive /racist shit!”

Another pointed out, “They say that as though cishet people have never tried forcing being cishet on their own children.”

On @nycgaydad’s TikTok, the clip has had over 40,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Some gay parents took a more serious approach to the question, with one saying, “Like ALL parents, we want our children to be HAPPY whatever form that, or they, takes.”

@nycgaydadReply to @fabzp9 not offensive. Hope this helps. ##lgbtqfamily ##lgbtq ##gaydads ##gay ##beyonce ##fyp♬ original sound – Jose Rolon

Some applauded his son’s opinion of Beyoncé … but not everyone.

“This is wrong!!! You are raising him wrong!!! Clearly, his queen should be Mariah.”

Rolón told Queerty he had grown accustomed to being asked such questions by strangers.

“The more our social media presence has grown, the more we’ve been susceptible to some ignorant reactions and responses. I don’t get angry or hurt, but instead, choose to answer with humor with a splash of education and move on.”

You can read more about Rolón and his beautiful family via this piece he wrote for LoveWhatMatters.


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