Gay Dad Told By Court To Keeps His Gay Friends Away From His Children

Now, the South hardly has a monopoly on intolerance, but when it comes to outright unfiltered hate, georgia32Georgia’s Fayette County Superior Court Judge Christopher Edwards is the belle of the ball. Last October, in divorce case between Eric Mongerson and Sandy Ehlers, he ruled that Mongerson, who is gay, “is prohibited from exposing the children to his homosexual partners and friends.” Mongerson is appealing the ruling to the Georgia Supreme Court.

The gay daddy is hoping to overturn the order, but as is true of divorce cases of any sexuality, this one’s messy. The Citizen reports:

“In his appeal, Mongerson’s attorneys write that such an order was an abuse of the court’s discretion.

“There was no evidence presented that and the court made no finding that exposing the parties’ children to any of Appellant’s homosexual friends would adversely affect the best interests of the children,” according to the appeal. “Therefore, such a prohibition on appellant’s homosexual friends is an abuse of discretion.”

But Ehlers’ attorney claims that there was such evidence as the oldest daughter testified that she had “found one of my dad’s magazines that had nude men in it doing things to each other.”

In the same brief Tyrone attorney Lance McMillian says the discovery of their father’s infidelity “has been ‘emotionally difficult’ for the children who continue to go to counseling as a result.”

Being exposed to their father’s homosexual friends could have “potentially damaging effects on the healing process” for the children should they be “reminded of the painful issue of the appellant’s infidelity, new lifestyle and keeping of pornography in the home,” according to the brief.”