Wave Bye-Bye

Gay dating app Jack’d under fire for “All Waves Matter” notification

The popular gay dating app Jack’d has issued an apology over a notification sent to users reading “All Waves Matter.” Critics of the notification have charged racial insensitivity, drawing the obvious parallels to “Black Lives Matter.”

Jack’d sent out the notification to users March 8, presumably as a means of encouraging users to use the “wave” function. On Jack’d users can send virtual “waves” to one another to attract attention or help initiate a conversation. The use of the “All Waves Matter” function also appears even more insensitive considering the app has marketed itself on its racial inclusivity. The use of the phrase conjures similarity both as a parody of “Black Lives Matter,” and as a variation on “All Lives Matter,” a phrase used to counter Black Lives Matter activism.

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A spokesperson for the app took to Twitter to issue an apology.

“Hey everyone,” the tweet read, “we saw the notification too…and we’re working on getting to the bottom of how this happened. In the meantime, we are sincerely sorry. That statement is not, nor has it ever been our stance on the matter. #BLM”

Users, however, didn’t accept the apology at face value.

“You know exactly how it happened. Stop playing in my face. You know exactly what you did and why. Take responsibility,” said user @ShadyShayne302.

“You sound stupid just own up to it. And it’s obvious y’all don’t have black people handling social media,” criticized user @BlackGany.

The wave notification comes less than a year after Jack’d and its sister app Scruff both chose to eliminate race-based filters. Both Jack’d and Scruff are owned by Perry Street Software. While it has endured far less criticism than competitor Grindr, Jack’d has attracted its share of PR hurdles over the years. In February 2019, the app faced a major scandal after leaking users private data and photos due to a bug in the software.