"HIV - People Are The Future"

Gay Dating “Event” Abandons HIV

Talk about fatalists! A “first of its kind” event – HIV – UB2 – realizes there’s no cure for HIV, so they’re just tossing positives out on their asses. A listing in New York City’s Pride City guide reads:

In response to the recent upward trend of new HIV infections in our city, the time has come to support HIV- people who wish to meet other HIV- people. To offer support, empowerment, awareness and understanding so HIV- people can create the same support network that HIV+ people have. For us to win the war against HIV, we must understand that HIV- people are the future. If you are HIV- and wish to meet other HIV- people, join us. It’s time to move forward and to reach our goal – the END OF HIV.

Yeah! Fuck those people with HIV! They’ve got nothing to contribute to society! They’re not even worth knowing. In fact, rather than just letting AIDS kill them, we should just do it ourselves!