Gay Dave Kopay

Dave Kopay

David Kopay spent his first four years in the NFL with the legendary 49ers and even spent a year on Vince Lombardi’s legendary Washington Redskins. Oh yeah, and he was the first professional sports athlete to publicly come out of the “locker room” in 1975.

“Absolutely, I get tired of it,” said Kopay, now 63. “But my friends say, ‘Shut the hell up, that’s what you’re here for.’ I used to get angry and wonder why I always had to be put on the spot. ‘Why can’t I have any privacy?’ But those are fleeting thoughts.

“Do I regret speaking out? I’ve never regretted it. That’s my way of breathing and opening up and living and getting in contact with the rest of the world.”

The sad part of the story is that now, thirty years later, Kopay is still the go-to-guy for an “out” athlete. We’re not sure what this says about the world of professional sports but come on gay athletes (well, yes we do) but come out and give the poor guy a break.

Maybe Mike Piazza reads Queerty. Not that he’s gay or anything.

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