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Gay Days Prove Gays Just Like Rest of America

Things sure are gay down Florida way, where an estimate 200,000 queers will congregate for the 10 day fag fest known as Orlando Gay Days.

While some people may defend Disney’s sacred family value ground, this picture proves that gays are just like straights: fat-assed and easily entertained. And willing to spend massive amounts of dough on at the magical kingdom:

The owner of the Parliament House Hotel called Gay Days 10 days of insanity. Local business owners agree, saying the visitors in town this week plan on spending insane amounts of money.

“…We already went shopping, we’re going again today,” said Derald Gingerich, who’s visiting from Tampa.

“We came here Wednesday. I’ve already spent $700,” said Daryl Barnes, of Michigan.

Barnes is either a complete buffoon or the greatest patriot this country has ever seen…

More Than 200,000 Expected For Gay Days [CF-News]