Gay Debate.

The Lutheran Church may be face fierce debate as German leaders debate electing openly gay cleric Horst Gorski as bishop. And, of course, the more conservative set are scoffing at the idea, with one saying “Many members of the community would have little understanding for a bishop with this kind of lifestyle.” Lutheran officials refuse take Gorski out of the running, saying that the church has no official stand on the gays. [Reuters]

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One Comment

  • Hellen Mshilla

    Imagine if you find yourself one day in this world where everyone except you has a woman for a mother, because like you, they were formed out of a female egg and a male sperm. Imagine if you discover one day that, one of your parents who you have always known to be “mother” has actually never been a woman but a man who has just taken a role of a woman.

    Imagine, gay or not gay, the thought of never getting the feel of your own biological mother just because your parents, the gay couple, put their sexual desires first before your God give right to know you had and/or have the feel of, your mother.

    If you are one who, as universally expected, respects all the rights of the child, then you are definitely getting to see what really this Gay rights business is actually a problem. Yes, all human beings should enjoy all rights as children and adults, in a way that does not violate the rights of others.

    This is why I see allowing gays to wed and ‘have’ children violates the right of the children they will ‘have’ unless these children are let to enjoy the care or at least the understanding right from the beginning that they have or had a biological mother.

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