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Gay deliveryman seeks advice about cruising on the job

There’s a whole gay adult genre devoted to pizza guy hookups, and now one gay deliveryman wants to know how to make that fantasy a reality.

On Reddit, he writes, “I work as a food delivery driver, and every time this subject comes up in conversations, people are always quick to point out how that’s everyone’s sex fantasy or whatever. Now, I’d also be interested in having spontaneous hookups with the people I’m delivering the food to. I have met a few people from Grindr while working, but it’s not the same as hooking up with the rando who just ordered food.”

“I guess what I’m trying to ask,” he adds, “is how could I possibly increase my chances of maybe hinting at other people that I’m 1. gay and 2. open to a quick hookup?”

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Some commenters were happy to provide tips. “Make lots of eye contact and hold it,” one wrote. “Then look him up and down and back to eye contact. Be confident without being obnoxious. Let there be no doubt that you just checked him out. The gay ones might make a move. The curious ones will be so turned on yet some will be scared and some will invite you in. The straight ones will feel the same way they have made countless women feel over the years.”

“Honestly, it’s all in the eye contact, and you can totally know what’s up. Just be confident, but don’t be creepy. Sometimes a smile and eye contact can go a very long way. Just so you know.”

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Others, though, warned the poster against trying to hook up with customers. “As someone who did this and got justifiably fired, don’t,” one wrote. “The wins aren’t worth the job, or making people feel uncomfortable. You may not feel like you’re in a position of power but you know their address. Don’t make people feel worried about you or future deliveries and don’t risk losing your job over it and having this forever in your work history. Just go home and wank about it and keep your Grindr going.”

Another pointed out a very real concern: “No one wants to hook up if it means their food getting cold.”

“Lmao, this made me laugh,” the original poster responded. “True, though.”