"We are the party of values; let’s start living them and celebrate dissent and diversity."

Gay Democrat Lashes Out At Party

Colorado-based Congressional hopeful Jared Polis may be a registered Democrat, but he’s got some harsh words for his political peers.

As Down With Tyranny reports, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee neglected to invite Polis to their campaign training conference. Rather, the committee and it’s allies – including Christine Pelosi – invited Polis’ rivals.

While we can’t say whether or not Polis’ sexual orientation had anything to do with it, we can say Polis ain’t pleased. He claims the party would rather take care of insiders than open the door to change. Could it be they’re pulling a Republican?

Read – and feel – Polis’ anger, after the jump…

Says Polis:

The Democratic establishment frequently stifles the voice of the netroots and grassroots communities.

As I talk to Democratic voters across my district, I find that they are increasingly fed-up with the way Washington DC Democrats keep giving in to Republicans. Whether it’s making it harder for working families to emerge from bankruptcy, ending the war in Iraq, leaving gender identity out of ENDA, or letting telcos off the hook for illegal surveillance, the Democratic establishment risks increasingly estranging itself from where our voters are, and more importantly where our values are. You would never know that Democrats held strong values if you look at what comes out of the insular DC insiders. We are the party of values; let’s start living them and celebrate dissent and diversity.

It’s too bad that Polis’ moral compass probably led his campaign straight off the political cliff.