Gay Diver Matthew Mitcham Not Bothered By NBC Coverage, Wants to Meet Pam Anderson

What’s Matthew Mitcham been up to since he wormed his way into our hearts as the Cutest-Diver-to-Have-Ever-Lived? Mitcham sat down with Oz’s SX to give his first interview since winning the gold in Beijing in August and if you weren’t already in love with the guy, you will be.

We love how the article is filled with national pride for the first openly gay gold medalist, especially this dig at Michael Phelps: “Unlike some other athletes that come to mind, [Mitcham’s] not milking his Beijing experience like a frenzied bovine.” Hey, those Rosetta Stone/Visa/Speedo/Omega/Powerbar commercials are great!

Matthew talked about NBC’s coverage—or the notable lack thereof. The peacock web faced criticism that its cameras turned away from Mitcham as he embraced his family, which included boyfriend Lachlan Fletcher, after his gold medal win, despite making it standard practice for other athletes.

“But in true Mitcham style, Matt seems unfazed by the fuss.

‘I was busy with the Olympics at the time, so I was pretty much oblivious to it,’ he recalls. ‘I did get sent links about it, so I found out about it, but in all honesty it wasn’t really my fight, and I wasn’t offended. It was other people that were making complaints and who were really into it.

I don’t know whether or not NBC did it on purpose. I don’t really care. I’m pretty thick-skinned.

Since his win, he’s been vacationing in Europe. When the interviewer mentions that Pamela Anderson was dissapointed he was out of the country when she visited, Mitcham ethuses “I really want to meet Pamela. I’d kill to meet her! She’d be a really cool, interesting person to meet, and if ever she’s out here again and wants to meet me, I’m free any time!” Which is adorable.

If you’re in Sydney this weekend, you can meet Matthew at Midnight Shift on Saturday night, where he is the special guest.