Mike Webb's Former Friend Faces 28-years In Jail

Gay DJ “Killer” Pleads “Not Guilty”

Seattle police seem to be one step closer to solving the Mike Webb murder case.

Webb, a radio disc jockey since the 1970s, went missing in May, leading some to suspect he left town. His landlord, however, found Webb’s bludgeoned body wrapped in a tarp and stuffed in crawl space. A series of clues led police to a 28-year old homo named Scott White.

Webb, a gay radio personality, first met White last November, as White battled drug addiction. A former addict himself, Webb invited White into his home and helped him fight his demons. Unfortunately, it seems as if White may have returned the favor with a few ax blows.

White hadn’t been seen since Webb went missing in May. Webb’s family didn’t suspect any foul play at first, but grew increasingly worried as time went on. While some people thought Webb may have left town, his landlord proved otherwise after discovering Webb’s battered body stuffed in a crawl space. An autopsy revealed that White had been hacked with an ax and beaten to death.

Police started searching for White, who they immediately deemed a “person of interest”. A tipster led them to Trolley Hill Park, where they arrested the homeless homo.

Though White reportedly admitted to killing Webb, he pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. He remains in custody on a $1 million bond. If convicted of the charges against him – primarily first degree murder – White faces 28 years in prison.