Gay Doc Frank Spinelli Says Hero Cop William Fox Molested Him As A Boy Scout. Oh, And 10 Other Boys

Frank Spinelli, the handsome Manhattan HIV doc with a clientele of equally handsome gay gentleman (swears a friend who’s spent time in his office), knew something was up with William Fox, the 65-year-old former NYPD cop whose memoir he’d been reading. Oh, right: Fox was the man who molested him back in the Boy Scouts.

Back when Spinelli was a Scout, it was Fox who was his abuser from 1978-80, he claims. “It went on for a long time, until I couldn’t take it any more. It was an abusive thing,” says Spinelli. And his memory was triggered when Spinelli was reading Fox’s book The Cop and the Kid, based on Fox in 1981 talking 17-year-old runaway Michael Buchanan not to jump off the sixth floor of a building; after Buchanan came down, Fox adopted him.

Is this the same man who’s now accused of molesting at least 10 boys? Yep.

Fox, who retired after 11 years on the force after a drunk driver hit his car, and was named by the National Father’s Day Committee as a 1982 “father of the year,” was apprehended last week after authorities worked off Spinelli’s tip. Slapped with 21 counts of rape and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, Fox is accused of luring boys from as far away as Florida to his Pennsylvania home to molest them. Spinelli, who lives in Staten Island, came forward as the “concerned individual” police said had come forward fingering Fox as a monster.

UPDATE: Spinelli tells us via email: “In 1978 I was molested by my Scoutmaster, William Fox, a police officer who lived in Staten Island. I told my parents about the molestation in 1980 and the scout leaders asked Bill to step down. No charges were pressed. During my book tour in 2008 I met old friends from Staten Island. That sparked an interest in locating Bill. Through a Google search, I discovered that 1982, Bill talked a suicidal teenage boy off a ledge and adopted him. That year he wrote a memoir entitled, The Cop and the Kid and was voted Father of the Year. I tracked Bill down in Liberty, PA and with the help of the Staten Island Special Victim’s Unit we wire tapped two phone calls with Bill. Based on my story and the wire taps, Bill was investigated. We discovered that over the past thirty years, Bill adopted 15 boys. This past Tuesday I was just notified by Corporal Wagaman in Liberty, PA that Bill was arrested on 21 counts of child molestation, rape, deviant sexual intercourse and intimidation of a minor in Liberty, PA. The three victims were all his adopted children who incidentally have psychological and mental handicaps.”

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  • mattsy

    why does he live on SI???

  • The sane Francis

    Very sad. Unfortunately, as pretty much anyone knows by now, the Boy Scouts are basically breeding grounds for pedophiles. So is the Catholic sect in general, and religious sects in general. I’ve read that as many as 50% of these Catholic boys have been abused, but only about 10% of these priests/chaplains/scout leaders etc. rape kids. The saddest part of it all is how men won’t speak out because they don’t want to be labeled gay or perverted. Just a completely twisted situation.

  • playasinmar

    “…fingering Fox…”

  • Jon

    You were molested…get over it. Why did he let it go on for two years and why is he seeking revenge 30 years later?

  • Jeffree

    @Jon: Let me guess, you didn’t read the article, or understand it. All your questions were answered in the post. Please try again.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Jon: Contrary to what my friend Jeffree said, don’t try again. Your first six words are probably the most ignorant thing I’ve read on Queerty, and that takes some doing.

  • scott ny'er

    @justiceontherocks: Seriously. I don’t usually call people names, but Jon is a douche. How nice to blame the victim. I sincerely hope he gets molested or raped and then can maybe understand what the victim might be going thru.

  • Kevin

    @ Jon: As a now 50 year old man who was raped by a Boy Scout master at age 11, I am troubled by your comments. An assault of this kind is something one doesn’t simply “get over.” The devistating effects of a trauma such as that can be ignored for years, shoved down inside the soul. But it never goes away. It eats at you. It leads to shame and guilt and disfunction. It causes self-destructive behaviors of many varieties: Addictions, sexual disfunction, inability to form relationships, lack of trust in authority figures, nightmares and flashbacks, anxiety attacks etc.

    Consider that what those who have lived through this for years are seeking is not as much “revenge” as it is “justice.” And changes (often only won by force) in these organizations that will help prevent others from going through what we have.

    If only you could live a day in my shoes…


  • Jon

    @Jeffree: Ummm…my questions were not answered in the post…the update was not there when I made my comment and still doesn’t explain anything. I don’t see why he let the guy molest him for two years and there is no real reason why he had to locate the guy in 2008 other than to get revenge.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    All i an think about is how hot that doc is

  • justiceontherocks

    @Jeffree: Think “Jon” and “Ricky” are the same person?

  • Drake

    His poses do not look very professional, unless you are looking at an xxx site.

  • Jay P

    oh great. Gay med students are expected to look like that after school? lol


    That photo looks like it was lifted straight from the pornster site college boys physical exams………….

  • Silent J

    Hey, Dr. Spinelli is my doctor here in NY and like him, I too was molested as a child by a different guy. Just so you know, Jon, it’s not easy telling anyone you were molested, not even your doctor.

    People deal with this in many different way. We may never understand why some are so bothered by it and others are not. I bet anything that you were molested as a child too and were able to get through your demons by becoming the jerk you’ve turned into. Some of us, on the other hand, prefer to deal with our demons privately. I have told only one person in my life what happened to me and have received the trust and understanding I expected from him. Perhaps one day I’ll have the courage to share this with others, but until then, it shall remain a secret I’ll take to my grave.

    I don’t expect you to understand Jon, I just hope you would simply shut up and keep your self-indulgent and bitchy comments to yourself!

  • Tallnamaste

    Really glad this guy got caught. It’s about time we stand up for what is just and right for gay men, women, transgender and the bi community. Let this be a warning to everyone. We’re NOT gonna take abuse of any kind any more. Good detective work, Dr Frank. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Namaste, Tall

  • niles

    Society has finally realized the damage that childhood sexual abuse can do to the psyche of a young person, even later in life. Glad this perv has been stopped, finally. That said, this doctor’s PR images/videos are more than a bit over-the-top.

  • Oprah

    “jon” is a cop defending a fellow cop. Blue dumb brothers. lol

  • Jeffree

    It’s not uncommon for abuse survivors to “block” memories of their abuse until many years later. There are dozens of great documentaries about post-traumatic stress and the experts all say the same thing.

    Spinelli’s work to get the “hero cop” brought to justice should be commended.

  • mike128

    It’s great that Spinelli spoke up to stop the abuse – but these pictures, really?? Comes across as totally unprofessional to me.

  • Jon

    @Silent J: No Silent Jay…never been molested here…but if I were I wouldn’t be so whiny about it. Just another life experience, learn from it and move on. Obviously Dr. Spinelli hasn’t gotten over it yet, as he’s acting out with the slutty, unprofessional picture above.

  • kesha albrotinez

    the 9doctor is hot i know hes gay and has hiv but he looks good wish he was bi

  • David


    Are you a sociopath? Why the hell should Dr. Spinelli or any rape victim ‘just get over it’? You have no idea how much he suffered or how it affected his life. You smugly dismiss his pain because you’ve never experienced. It’s not whining to stand up for oneself. The supposed “Cop Hero,” Fox, allegedly raped several other children, many of whom were disabled. Based on your words, you would have preferred that a serial rapist of children get away with it.

    Why is that? Why do you think that anyone who allegedly raped and traumatized children over decades should not face his accuse?

  • Brian

    @Jon: “You were molested…get over it. Why did he let it go on for two years and why is he seeking revenge 30 years later?”

    Uh,…….. maybe so the bastard can’t do it to anymore kids. Idiot !

    Kids that get molested over a period of time are psychologically manipulated to trust their abusers before the abuse begins and then are confused about what is happening. If you’re a gay kid on top of that, in the habit of repressing it and someone comes along that is telling you that his touching you is natural and a good thing, that kid has a lot of mixed ideas and emotions about what is going on. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and get some education and maybe a little empathy wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Brian

    @Jon: @Silent J: No Silent Jay…never been molested here…but if I were I wouldn’t be so whiny about it. Just another life experience, learn from it and move on. ……”

    Jon – You’re a hole. Just how the hell do you know how you’d react. You’re coming from the perspective of a grown man who likely has never had to deal with any type of abuse at all, who has all his self worth in tact, not a kid. You have no way of knowing how such a thing would have impacted your life and that’s exactly the point. This guy went on to become a doctor and have a productive life. He just as easily could have been so traumatized that he could have ended up in a gutter with a needle sticking out of his arm. There are thousands of men and women whose lives have been hijacked by the aftermath of trauma and guilt that this abuse causes and you make light of it as if it was nothing worse than being shoved in the school hallway. Again, you’re a hole and don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  • BGDad

    Okay, I know this is off topic, but seriously, what IS with that picture? Is Dr. Spinelli offering medical care or massage-with-a-happy-ending? It’s just a tad unprofessional and as hot as he and his “patient” are, I would never see a physician who advertises that way. We have a gay dentist in my town that used to run this provocative ad with a close-up of his creepy face with a headline that read “Now SPIT”. Never had the slightest inclination to go to him. Sheesh.

  • Tallnamaste

    I gotta agree with BGDad…Dr Spinelli kinda looks like a fledgling porn star of sorts in that photo as does the patient. I’m a firm believer in keeping it all strictly professional when it comes to my doctors. I must admit I had a real hunky surgeon who did an outstanding job on my ulnar nerve decompression. It was nice to have a hot fantasy of him, but that’s where I drew the line! As Nancy Reagan used to say: Just say NO. I’ll add to that: Don’t be a “ho” when it comes to your doctor. Sheesh…One more thing. I’m not trying to pontificate here, just express my opinion of it all. I’m 67, partnered for more than 37 years. That said, I’ve been around the block a few times. Enuf from me. Namaste, Tall……..PS Big hugs to LOBO for all his work here. He’s a super guy and a good friend.

  • Ian

    That picture would NOT inspire me the expectation of professionalism required for him to be my physician, it looks like a pic for a gay porn.

  • JoeyB

    Can someone molest me please?

  • Jon

    @JoeyB: That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. That’s why I don’t get this whole article.

  • Brandon

    @Jon: You are absolutely ridiculous. People like you are the reason that the world has such a skewed view on everything. Nobody “gets over” something that traumatic, especially when it happens to them in their youth. You are a disgrace to the LGBT community, and you need a serious reality check. You’ve obviously never had any serious issues or event that you’ve had to work past, but when you do.. I hope you look back at your comment and realize that you were/are a complete fool.

  • Karl

    With a picture like that, it’s no surprise that he got molested. WHEN YOU PARADE IT, YOU PAY FOR IT. A lesson for all you guys.

  • Chris

    I read a study recently that gay people are a result of molestation. I assume everyone here was molested at one point or other? I also figure that the ones who didn’t get molested, have just repressed it? I was not molested and am not gay, serving as proof.

  • Jeffree

    @Chris. That study was either from the 1960s or published by non-scientists in a religious publication. There has been no such study with that conclusion in a peer-reviewed, professional publication.

    People who claim that molestation creates homosexuality have no valid research and are simply pushing for “reparative therapy” which hs been discredited by every national professional organization dealing with mentâl health. Your pastor has midled you.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Chris: Were you dropped on your head as a child? Or maybe last week? Did you read that Santa slides down the chimney on Christmas Eve?

  • Shannon1981

    I am so glad Dr. Spinelli came forward like this. Fox needs to rot.

    And Jon, you are not only an idiot, but the most callous, heartless piece of scum ever. How dare you tell molestation victims to “get over it?” How ignorant are you? And you just belittled and discounted the experiences of countless people whose lives have been forever ruined by something like this. You don’t just ‘get over’ being abused.

  • Jon

    @Shannon1981: OMG…Shannon1981…psycho stalker. Will you please refrain from commenting on anything I post. You are a bully and your personal attacks upon me on EVERY thread I post on shows your lack of class and junior high school mentality. Grow the fuck up and leave me alone. When you are able to have a rational discussion like an adult without name calling I’d be happy to have an exchange with you.

  • Joseph

    These comments just goes to show the immaturity of the gay community. We’re not ready for gay rights.

  • Chris



  • Shannon1981

    @Jon: psycho stalker? bully? Now who’s name calling? I am sure more people in this thread than not would agree that YOU sir are the bully. And I absolutely can- and will- comment on anything you or anyone else on this board posts if I feel moved to do so. This isn’t your personal blog. If it were, that would be a different story. But it isn’t. I don’t think disagreeing with your qualifies as stalking.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Chris: Best of luck dealing with your anger management problems. With work you can fix them. Your stupidity, on the other hand, is probably incurable.

  • Jon

    @Chris: Certain people on this site feel that just because you disagree with them that they can make personal attacks against you. Sounds very much like what str8 people have been doing to gays for years. It’s really sad that they feel like they should do the same to their own. They are just very sad people who never will quite get it and will lead very sad lives.

  • Jon

    @Shannon1981: Shannon…you are a BULLY! It is NOT name calling to speak the truth. Please take a moment to re-read all of the vile hateful names you’ve called me and the childish ghetto profanity you’ve used on the various threads simply because I disagreed with you. You are the EXACT definiton of a BULLY! And…by following me here and making vile comments to only me makes you a psycho stalker. This thread is a week old. No need for you to have made comments to me other than to continue your bullying stalker ways.

  • Jeffree

    @Chris: Did the truth hurt? You didn’t respond to me. I have science on my side, you have nothing but someone trying to get you into unproven, dangerous reparative therapy….

    —– —-
    The pastor from Chris & Jon’s church sure knows how to spread the hate!

  • justiceontherocks

    @Jon: Shannon1981 is the furthest thing from a bully. She’s simply got no patience for idiots. If you don’t want people calling you an idiot, don’t write like one.

    Now go back to your ex-gay Kumbaya sing and leave the grown ups alone.

    And take your equally moronic friend Chris with you.

  • Shannon1981

    @Jon: Ok, also, perhaps you are mistaking me for the other Shannon? There is a Shannon here without the 1981 on her name…but I still stand by you being an idiot. If I see a thread going strong, doesn’t matter how long it’s been here, if I see something that I’d like to comment on, be it the actual post or another poster’s comments, I will. End of story.

    @justiceontherocks: Thanks babe. this place sure does attract a lot of nonsense lately. Not sure why….

  • Jon

    @Shannon1981: Shannon, you know very well I’m speaking to you. There is no “Shannon” posting on this thread. Just because I leave off the 1981 does not mean I’m addressing someone else who isn’t even here. That is very childish of you to try and push off your profane behavior off on someone else. Please leave me alone now…you should get off the internet and get back to work anyway…the fries are burning and there is a back up in the drive thru.

  • Shannon1981

    @Jon: There most certainly is another Shannon who posts on this site. And nothing about my behavior in this thread or any other has been profane at all.

    Your petty insults are simply trolling. Done with you. And I think it is you who are burning those fries. I do have a network to run though. C ya.

  • Jeffree

    @Shannon1981: Anyone with a functioning brainstem can tell the difference between you & the other Shannon. She TYPES IN ALL CAPS and makes no sense and OMG she has ISSUES and OPINIONS but NO WAY TO EXPRESS them logically.

    I, for one, am *very* glad you’re here, bringing your smarts, fierceness, and perspective to us.

    It sounds cheezola to say it, but I’m a better person for knowing you.

  • Shannon1981

    @Jeffree: AWWWW where is the blush emote when I need one! Thanks, you and @justiceontherocks are two of my fave boys here! :) I’m kinda crazy, but its in a good way.

    The other Shannon(I think it is the same person) is present all over the gay blogosphere. Stalking is creepy, but she’s got that shit down pat.

  • Jon

    @Shannon1981: You know very well that there is no other Shannon in the discussion topics where you have been bullying me, just you. I don’t know if there is another Shannon on this site, as I have had no interaction with her. I do not spend my time going topic to topic memorizing everyone’s screenname. You are the one who has called me a bigot, a homophone, and a motherfucker, among other vile things when I have simply been expressing my opinion without any personal attacks on you whatsoever. And you are the one who has expressed your bigoted and racial hatred at Republicans, peace officers, and people who practice religion. It was YOU, not Shannon in “all caps”. Does 1981 indicate your birth year? A 30 year old who acts like she’s 12 being led around by her Id and expressing herself with a potty mouth. I hope things get better for you.

  • Shannon1981

    Jon, thought you were done talking to me? Please be done. Nobody is bullying you. Why so upset? Nevermind, don’t answer that. Just stop talking to me.

  • Jeffree

    @Shannon1981: Thanks. JOTR is a fine person as well.
    Ignore the troll Jon–he smells stalkerish. Arguing with him is like trying to explain evolution to an iguana.

  • Jon

    @Shannon1981: Not upset at all, sweetie. It’s all good. I enjoy exposing hypocrites.

  • Shannon1981

    @Jeffree: yeah and now he has done what all trolls done and completely derailed the discussion. that is the point of trolling though, isn’t it? *sigh* Queerty needs a general discussion forum.

  • Jon

    @Shannon1981: I derailed the discussion? “And Jon, you are not only an idiot, but the most callous, heartless piece of scum ever”

  • Brian

    @Chris: You are an idiot. Do you believe everything you read or just the things that reinforce your prejudiced ignorant beliefs ? Did you bother to check who commissioned the study ? Always question the source. If they are neither left or right wing, chances are it may be a valid study. If they are either left or right wing and the study supports their bias on an issue, that study should be intensely scrutinized. No, not every gay person was molested. In fact, most have not been. The fact that you “say” you haven’t been molested means nothing. For all we know, you were molested and are only repressing it. Sexuality is indicated in a spectrum that has heterosexuality at one end, homosexuality at the other end and degree’s of bisexuality in between. Being molested is sometimes the source of developing that same behavior but it is absurd to say that anyone who has ever been molested is going to become gay. Sexuality is a biological predisposition that has been documented in hundreds of different species on this planet.

  • Chris


    Brian, I didn’t mean to bring back any memories. I agree with Jon though, get over it and stop sucking on the sympathy and government teats.

  • gregger

    @Jon: What type of unfeeling zit are you? Would you feel the same way if you saw people murdered in front of you. Traumatic events effect people differently but for you to react in such a callous manner is beyond the pale. I hope no one you love has ever had to deal with this.

  • Jon

    @gregger: Why is this stupid website back up? gregger…I’m not interested in your tree hugging hippie opinion if you’re just going to be rude and not add anything meaningful to the conversation. If you’d like to have a discussion on the topic please refrain from name calling.

  • Bengi

    @Joseph: “These comments just goes to show the immaturity of the gay community. We’re not ready for gay rights”

    Joseph it Looks like the immature comments are coming from the anti-gay commenters

  • James Ryan

    I have to admit this is not my real name or address, but Bill Fox was not a nice person. I was sexually abused by him when he was an auxiliary firefighter at engine company 159, doing weekend drills with CD 25. I was very frightened of him. The drinking age was 18 and Fox would supply boys as young as eleven with alcohol, bringing them to the point of unconsciousness. Fix was extremely sadistic and once snipped the feet off a pigeon and constantly talked about what a “thrill it would be to kill someone”. I am surprised he got on the PD, but I do know he had a relationship with a gay officer (sgt) whom I saw meet him, embrace and kiss. Fox was extremely violent and a very dangerous person. I’m glad he finally got arrested.

  • Chris II


    (1) Why shouldn’t someone want to held another person accountable who hurt them?
    (2) If Dr. Spinelli had not come forward, Bill Fox would have continued to molest boys, so he did a good thing by stopping him. Whatever Dr. Spinelli’s motives were are completely irrelevant in so far as the positive result they achieved.
    (3) What is there to learn from being abused by someone in power when you were a child? I mean aside from the fact that some people are wicked and misuse their power to hurt others?

    (4) As for the picture, I agree it would be unprofessional if posted in a medical journal or on his office wall, but this is a gay news rag website that routinely posts these sort of pictures. So, if you find such pictures to be slutty or otherwise off-putting, then why do you browse this site? Also, someone can pose in a mildy risqué (it’s not like anyone is naked) picture without being a “slut.” Dr. Spinelli is posed fully clothed with a model in a photography studio–take your own advice, and get over it. Really, why the harsh judgment about a rather tame picture?

    (5) Finally, I find it funny that many gay people are (understandably) upset about persecution from straight (or claiming to be straight) conservative evangelical Christians, etc, yet often one finds the harshest and most puritanical attitudes against gay people coming from within the gay community itself.

  • alphacentauri

    Typical queerty, sexualizing the doctor calling him handsome when there’s no need to do this.

  • Marky

    @Marky: RE: The first 6 words. *shakes head*

  • FnameLname

    @Jon: cant possibly be that ignorant wow just wow

  • brooklynbobby

    UHHHHH Did it ever occur to anyone that the photo in question is not at all Dr Spinelli but something that Queerty threw up there as an illustration of a hot gay doctor with a hot gay patient? Surely people are smart enough to realize that the real Dr Spinelli would ever pose for or use such an obviously ridiculous photo to advertise his practice! LOL How many times have you seen an article on this site where there was some sort of over the top photo used to illustrate a particular article or topic. Of course the editors and creative staff at Queerty don’t help matters by starting the article with the very provocative first line. Often times I have noticed that Queerty often reads more like TMZ than LOL Get it together boys!!!
    As for Jon. A troll is a troll is an asshole. You all have better things to do with your time than go round and round with an instigator who is just after attention. He more than likely has no real opinion of his own but just says what ever stupid thing that comes to him and he hopes it triggers a huge reaction and that is exactly what he got. So close your eyes, count to ten and when you open them the troll will have gone back under his bridge (or more accurately back down to his mother’s basement to play video games and masturbate into a dirty sock! LOL

  • alphacentauri

    @brooklynbobby: That actually is Dr. Spinelli and yes he did pose for that picture.

  • Kevan1

    @Jon: Jon, I guess you must be a young man who still has awhole lot to learn in this life. I hope some day when you grow up you might understand the true physical and psychological hell a young man or women or child goes through after being molested. How it screws up their whole world for life. being raped as an adult is also a mind f__k I hope you never have to experience in your life, for if you do then you can add an educated thought to this subject.Please in the future think before you speak.

  • dwbyers1960

    I was sexually molested by my minister when I was 15 and it continued for over a year. I have never told anyone close to me because I am totally ashamed that I let it happen. There is not a day that passes that I don’t think about it.

  • Liam

    Did your 15 minutes of fame fade? Finding it so hard to keep up with the spotlight that you have to claim you were molested as a child and find some random person to finger for a supposed 30-year-old claim of abuse?

  • Jaroslaw

    I guess I would have to agree that people react to things differently. I was very shy and quiet but I would never have let an adult touch me inappropriately. I wouldn’t have hesitated to tell someone in authority….hmmm. I guess I’m answering my own question of why this went on for a year or two with some people. The fear and shame prevented them from telling. Well DWbyers1960 – if you were born in 1960 and think about this every day, I’d say you should take some kind of steps to not think about it every day. Therapy? A positive thinking or meditation class? Yoga? That is a LONG time to be upset every single day. My sincere sympathies.

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