Gay Doctor Suspect In Slaying Of Partner and Son

Seattle endocrinologist Louis Chen, found bloody, nude and nearly unconscious near the lifeless bodies of his partner, Eric Cooper, and their three-year old adopted son, is considered a prime suspect in their gruesome deaths.

The bodies of all three were discovered by a nurse paying a visit after Chen neglected to arrive at work at his new job at Virginia Mason Medical Center. According to the Seattle Times, “police described the scene inside the penthouse apartment as ‘horrific.’”

Chen, 39, and Cooper, 29, were longtime partners who lived together in Chicago and North Carolina before moving to Washington State just last month. They were found bloodied in the living room,  their son’s body  in the bathroom. All had knife wounds but only Chen’s weren’t life-threatening. According to court documents, Chen admitted he committed the murders to police who arrived on the scene. He’s still being hospitalized at University of Washington’s Harborview Medical Center but is expected to recover.

We wonder how long before NOM and the Family Research Council use this psycho as an example of why gays shouldn’t be allowed to raise children. Not that Casey Anthony, Jeremiah Wright, Ronnie Paris or Susan Smith are up for Parent of the Year, of course.

Let’s hope there’s a special place in Satan’s daycare center for all of them.

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  • ron

    Why do Asian gays fetish-ize white men? I see it all the time.

  • Ted C.

    @ron: Yeah, that’s totally what this story is about, Ron.

  • VB

    @ron: Why r u so racist and ignorant? And what the hell does him fucking a white guy have to do with him killing his partner and his son?

  • yaph

    man queerty has a racist userbase. see one story and two users can’t wait to make ugly generalizations about asians.

  • milhouse

    you can tell by the shifty eyes.

  • Bron

    Asian or otherwise, gay or otherwise, this happens once in a while : someone tries to get away with killing others by disguising the murders as the work of an intruder, and making sure to injure himself/herself as well to look like the “victim” who survived. Law enforcement is on to the trick, and they rarely get away with it.

  • Alan

    “We wonder how long before NOM and the Family Research Council use this psycho as an example of why gays shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.”

    Isn’t it Daniel Villarreal’s job to smear gays with the worst anti-gay stereotypes? As we saw in the wake of Villarreal’s recent top-notch reporting (“Can’t we all just admit that gays want to indoctrinate children?”), NOM and FRC don’t need to write hysterical, defamatory anti-gay pieces. They can simply quote Villarreal. And they did.

  • spider_orchid

    LOL! Classy as always queerty commenters, classy as always.

  • you know who

    I guess I could have ended up like this if I had lived with the self-loathing Asian bisexual I happened to fall in love with. They’re even ten years apart, just like we were.

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    @yaph: An innocent man is dead. I think you can endure a few comments about the killer’s slanty eyes.

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself


  • Henry

    It really offends me when Queerty’s user base makes off-color comments about a man with off-white skin. After all, his skin is so light that how could you not be offended? It’s not as if he’s a black man. Then no one would care.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Henry: Interesting that YOU focus on the alleged “isms” of the comments and not on the fact he slaughtered a child and a man.

  • Henry

    @christopher di spirito: ALLEGED isms? Insulting a man who has off-white skin (for his off-white skin) is called RACISM.

  • Charles

    @Abirdwillingtobeitself: Now, now. We don’t know that the man is a brutal killer. Chen was the only person in the house who had non-fatal stab wounds, and he admitted to police that he stabbed the two victims, so naturally there’s some plausible deniability. Do you see where I’m coming from?

  • marcus bach man


    inter-racial relationships are not fetishes, unless you consider them unconventional. In which case, you are just ignorant and i feel sorry for you.

  • Dallas David

    Consider this one incident against the stories in today’s Dallas Morning News — a 32 year old preacher screwing a 16 year old girl in her bedroom while her father was out sailing and her mom out shopping. And another story of some guy taking 2 teenage girls out shopping for sexy clothes, then taking them from Texas to California and making them into prostitutes.
    And then the stories about the thousands of kids that heterosexuals abandon and abuse who end up in the government’s protective services, which cost taxpayers BILLION$ (hundreds of billions, actually) because of the incompetant parenting of heterosexual breeders. Plus crazy heterosexuals abuse and neglect and abandon their children so much that their kids frequently end up as dangers to society, and have to be imprisoned to protect the rest of us.

    God knows there are lots more Christians and Heterosexuals in prison than atheists and gays.

    Have a nice day . . .

  • adam

    @ron There is nothing in the article that indicates the victim is white.

    @christopher di spirito Chen happens to be immigrant but you can’t tell that from this post and you obviously don’t know where he’s from since you are guess about countries. Asian looking people can be American born too, you know.

    This nothing to justify making this a race thing. If anything it sounds like an age issue thing. According to the press, Cooper fell for Chen when he was only 17 years old and ran away from his small town home to be with Chen who was then a medical student in the city. One of Cooper’s relative’s has said Eric was “head over heels in love with that man and followed him everywhere”. Eric and Louis got married and had a kid by surrogacy (the initial reports of adoption weren’t accurate, it was Chen’s biological child and Eric’s adopted one) and Cooper stayed at home with the baby. The couple were breaking up and it sound like the age difference and Cooper’s lack of experience were the major driver.

  • mr_charming

    wow. the racist bullshit on this thread is beyond disappointing.

  • Rachel's plea

    pls don’t compare my Dada, who has yellow skin, to these murderer.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Henry: I reiterate, I find it very curious that your focus goes straight to your culturally taught “ism” and you ignore that fact this cretin slaughtered a child and a man. Again, very curious.

  • rahim

    @christopher di spirito:
    Two things are allowed to be bad at the same time. Murder is obviously terrible and universally condemned, but racism is terrible too and the reason people bring it up is because it doesn’t seem to be condemned much among certain crowds of commenters. Just because they think racism is horrible doesn’t mean they approve of murder.

    I don’t even know how to explain the sinking feeling I get whenever there’s a story about a person of colour on Queerty, because I always dread reading the comments and feeling like shit, and like the White LGBT community will never accept me.

  • Ted C.

    This is why Queerty needs to moderate comments. These racists shouldn’t be given a platform. It makes reading this site really unpleasant.

    And for the record, nothing in this article says he was an immigrant or that he had a thing for white men.

  • Bron

    Ted C. : More posts, activity, means more $$$ for Queerty. No matter what tone the posts take. This site will never be moderated. It’s not meant to set a moral example, it’s just a business. Which is fine.

  • M.N.

    I hardly see how a comment section is a platform. Do all Asian gays hate white people as much as this “horrific” murderer, Louis Chen? Remember, even the police described it as horrific, and the police force is full of psychopaths and otherwise totally fucked up people.

    P.S. Eric Cooper, for the mentally challenged, is a white person’s name.

  • Bron

    (But this case IS another reminder to never assume there’s anything morally superior about an MD).

  • Retrosexual

    To be honest, I’m surprised Chen has any facial hair at all.

  • Ted C.

    @o: I didn’t say anything about setting a moral example. I said that it makes the site unpleasant to read, which means fewer readers, which means fewer $$$ for Queerty. I’m totally making a financial argument.

  • Ted C.

    @Bron: Oops, my last response was for Bron, not “o”.

    And just to demonstrate my point… I am never visiting Queerty again. I really don’t want to contribute to a site where other commenters can abuse me by saying “I guess it’s tough with your small Asian dick”.

    I’m gone, Queerty. I’m deleting you from my history and adding you to my blacklist. This site is shameful.

  • Ted C.

    @M.N.: P.S. My name is Ted Clancy, and I am not white.

  • Anna

    Wow, as a heterosexual white woman (wife and mother), the comments on this thread completely and utterly disgust me. How can anyone read something like this and immediately think racists thoughts, instead of weeping over the loss of an innocent little boy and his father(possibly at the hands of the person who is suppose to love and protect them). Queerty is getting more and more hateful… With all the turmoil in this world, why would you purposely spread hatred? I really do think some of you are scarred by the rejection society has dished out to you, that you have to lash out and hurt others.

    Unfortunately white, heterosexual men, kill their spouses and children all the time–Scott Peterson anyone? It has nothing to do with a person’s race or sexuality. This man is obviously deeply disturbed, and as the investigation goes forward, motive will become more apparent. I can assure you however, that the investigators will find that his ethnicity or immigrant status in no way are responsible. I will be praying for them all.

  • sad

    People just flag the racist comments.

    Again, my sympathies to the loved ones of the victims.

  • sad


    Unfortunately, there is a vocal section of white gay men who are racist. Queerty has been bedeviled by them as are other gay websites. Their racism knows no shame or care that they are highly hypocritical.

    The gay community is just a microcosm of the larger society.

  • Bron

    Ted C. : I don’t disagree with you, but this kind of stuff doesn’t hurt Queerty’s traffic. This site is notorious for practically saying Don Imus DESERVED his cancer because he’d once said “nappy-headed hos” and that didn’t hurt Queerty. It also features posts with people quite literally calling for the gruesome deaths of those they dislike (about Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc..) Racial insults, though nasty, pale beside the seriousness of that stuff.

  • Bron

    sad : What makes you think all those making anti-Asian comments are white? Especially if gays really are a microcosm of the larger society.

  • Ching Chong

    Lots of sympathy for a killer in this thread.

  • Henry

    @Anna: Another Charles Rozier alt. Stick to one name, shithead.

  • Bryce

    @Bron: Are you stupid? Comments don’t increase or decrease Queerty’s traffic, articles do. Anyway, not all Asians slay their lovers and their children, just this one. I’m half Chinese and I can’t imagine doing what he did. It’s not like it’s in our blood or something. I find it interesting that Chen was scheduled to begin work the week of the murder. Did he plan to become a killer or did it happen spontaneously? There doesn’t seem to be trigger or motive. After all, it seems he wanted to kill himself, but was too scared to inflict a death wound on himself. What was his plan? Was he mentally ill?

    I hope he doesn’t get a lenient sentence for that. There are a lot of people who claim mental illness to get out of a just punishment.

  • Bron

    Bryce : You must be the stupid one if you think I’m saying anythng critical about Asians at all. I’m so not anti-Asian in the slightest. I don’t even know why his race was brought up in the first place. Go read my comment No. 5.

  • Bryce

    @Bron: Get a clue dude, that still doesn’t address the fact that comments have nothing to do with articles traffic. Seriously, are you a narcissist or something? I used the word “anyway” because the rest of my post wasn’t about you.

  • Bron

    Comments have everything to do with traffic when battles erupt and people keep clicking back on to Queerty to continue the argument in the comments section.

  • Le serpente

    @Ching Chong: That’s because Asians are the most animalistic race. Why do you think the Japanese aided Hitler in WWII even though they knew that, according to Hitler, they were an inferior race? They proved their own inferiority, albeit through completely different means than the genetic. I refuse to believe that the sympathizers are anything but Asian. You know that only people who have the same skin color can support their “brothers” when they commit a vicious and meaningless crime like this one.

  • Henry

    Interesting how bigots are powerless and degenerate (see what I did there) into whiny cunt-bitches without moderators to protect their asses.

  • downtownla

    @la serpente – interesting, Hitler slaughters the Jews and the Italians are their main cohorts, yet it’s the Asians who are the most animalistic?

  • Code Pink

    # 30 Anna:
    Yes many of these comments are disgusting. But don’t be surprised.
    Because when you are dealing with gay men, MANY times you are not dealing with nice people.

  • Le serpente

    @downtownla: Yeah, that’s how it works. The “main cohorts” also had white skin so they didn’t need to admit their own inferiority to join in Hitler’s war, unlike the Japanese. By the way, ever heard of the rape of Nanking?

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