Gay Doctor Suspect In Slaying Of Partner and Son

Seattle endocrinologist Louis Chen, found bloody, nude and nearly unconscious near the lifeless bodies of his partner, Eric Cooper, and their three-year old adopted son, is considered a prime suspect in their gruesome deaths.

The bodies of all three were discovered by a nurse paying a visit after Chen neglected to arrive at work at his new job at Virginia Mason Medical Center. According to the Seattle Times, “police described the scene inside the penthouse apartment as ‘horrific.'”

Chen, 39, and Cooper, 29, were longtime partners who lived together in Chicago and North Carolina before moving to Washington State just last month. They were found bloodied in the living room,  their son’s body  in the bathroom. All had knife wounds but only Chen’s weren’t life-threatening. According to court documents, Chen admitted he committed the murders to police who arrived on the scene. He’s still being hospitalized at University of Washington’s Harborview Medical Center but is expected to recover.

We wonder how long before NOM and the Family Research Council use this psycho as an example of why gays shouldn’t be allowed to raise children. Not that Casey Anthony, Jeremiah Wright, Ronnie Paris or Susan Smith are up for Parent of the Year, of course.

Let’s hope there’s a special place in Satan’s daycare center for all of them.