Gay Editor Back With Wife As Ex-Gal Pal Comes Out Of Closet


Genre editor Neal Boulton never fails to cause a sensation!

The potential HX savior earned some inkage this morning when NY Post reported that Boulton’s back together with his wife and baby mama, Claire, a detail that may irk some of Boulton’s gay readers.

He’s moved back in, and they’ve been going out on dates around their Brooklyn neighborhood,” a pal of Boulton told us. “Neal told me, ‘She’s my one – always was, always will be. We pioneered a GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender] life that no one ever quite understood 15 years ago, way before any one else had the guts to.'”

Boulton’s never been shy about his voracious and very public love life. That love life, however, began biting back last week when we received a very queer email.

An irate lady source and alleged Boulton fling sent us the following missive (and some perfectly composed pictures!), which makes us wonder exactly how gay Boulton’s been over the past few years:

I have been living off and on in New York unbenownst [sic] to Neal for one year. Let it be known that I am not homophobic because I, like his wife Claire, and his entire secret troupe of girls, were never in the dark that he was blatently [sic] bisexual. However, what annoys me is that he is the Editor In Chief of a gay men’s magazine and blatently [sic] goes around like he did the other night at The View (a gay bar in Chelsea) making out with women (a red headed one this time) who come on to him without a care in the world (to the suprise [sic] of the bartender), yet stands up and writes in his editor’s letter that he is gay!

I have plenty of photographs from our days together that will show the media world that read your site that this guy is completely playing the gay community out of opportunism to add yet another magazine to his resume. (Others have called him out accurately: all he cares about is his career).

Interesting timing considering this morning’s piece about Boulton’s revived marital bliss. Obviously we couldn’t wait to call Boulton to see what he had to say.
Here are the pictures homegirl sent us of her and Boulton. No date on them, but we’re assuming they ain’t recent.
After attempting to dissuade our story – we refused – a very troubled and worried sounding Boulton suggested that perhaps this character simply wants to cause trouble.

That’s just bullshit. i mean, i don’t really know how to comment. It’s like – I mean, look ,it’s common knowledge among my friends that it’s been a long, slow reconciliation.

Look, I little while I was apart from [Claire]. I’m sorry, I did. Clearly I’ve made a few enemies and I think it’s just par for the course. I left some roadkill, but I will say one thing. No one would have done that had they not known that they could get it out there in front of an audience to try to hurt me a little bit.

Boulton also made clear that he’s happy to be back with Claire, who he described as “the person I care about the most”. One-time tryst Jann Wenner must be heartbroken.

PS: Don’t you love that picture of Boulton with Russell Simmons and Fab 5 Freddy? Classic!