Gay Editor Back With Wife As Ex-Gal Pal Comes Out Of Closet


Genre editor Neal Boulton never fails to cause a sensation!

The potential HX savior earned some inkage this morning when NY Post reported that Boulton’s back together with his wife and baby mama, Claire, a detail that may irk some of Boulton’s gay readers.

He’s moved back in, and they’ve been going out on dates around their Brooklyn neighborhood,” a pal of Boulton told us. “Neal told me, ‘She’s my one – always was, always will be. We pioneered a GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender] life that no one ever quite understood 15 years ago, way before any one else had the guts to.’”

Boulton’s never been shy about his voracious and very public love life. That love life, however, began biting back last week when we received a very queer email.

An irate lady source and alleged Boulton fling sent us the following missive (and some perfectly composed pictures!), which makes us wonder exactly how gay Boulton’s been over the past few years:

I have been living off and on in New York unbenownst [sic] to Neal for one year. Let it be known that I am not homophobic because I, like his wife Claire, and his entire secret troupe of girls, were never in the dark that he was blatently [sic] bisexual. However, what annoys me is that he is the Editor In Chief of a gay men’s magazine and blatently [sic] goes around like he did the other night at The View (a gay bar in Chelsea) making out with women (a red headed one this time) who come on to him without a care in the world (to the suprise [sic] of the bartender), yet stands up and writes in his editor’s letter that he is gay!

I have plenty of photographs from our days together that will show the media world that read your site that this guy is completely playing the gay community out of opportunism to add yet another magazine to his resume. (Others have called him out accurately: all he cares about is his career).

Interesting timing considering this morning’s piece about Boulton’s revived marital bliss. Obviously we couldn’t wait to call Boulton to see what he had to say.
Here are the pictures homegirl sent us of her and Boulton. No date on them, but we’re assuming they ain’t recent.
After attempting to dissuade our story – we refused – a very troubled and worried sounding Boulton suggested that perhaps this character simply wants to cause trouble.

That’s just bullshit. i mean, i don’t really know how to comment. It’s like – I mean, look ,it’s common knowledge among my friends that it’s been a long, slow reconciliation.

Look, I little while I was apart from [Claire]. I’m sorry, I did. Clearly I’ve made a few enemies and I think it’s just par for the course. I left some roadkill, but I will say one thing. No one would have done that had they not known that they could get it out there in front of an audience to try to hurt me a little bit.

Boulton also made clear that he’s happy to be back with Claire, who he described as “the person I care about the most”. One-time tryst Jann Wenner must be heartbroken.

PS: Don’t you love that picture of Boulton with Russell Simmons and Fab 5 Freddy? Classic!

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  • Gregg

    Is he Bi? It sounds like the GLBT thing that he wrote in his first redesign issue. The whole thing did not make any sense – but is appears that this guy just likes being the center of attention — be it girl or guy. More power to him. I prefer MEN!

  • DCWendy

    Which one of the black guys is claire?

  • Bob

    What a pioneer! Someone should tell him, that people have been having relationships like this for many decades. Now that took guts. He must be kidding. Sounds like an idiot to me.

  • GranDiva

    I vote for the idiot part.

  • Johnnie R

    And why should I care? He got back with his wife and now another child doesn’t live in a broken home. People only shit on other people because they want something that the others have….

  • Maverick69

    Well, Claire can keep his dick. She’s a fool for letting him back in (sic).

    The GLBT community needs to dump his sorry ass.

  • Photobiz

    I love those photos of Neal & that chic. I was at that photo shoot almost two years ago—as was Claire. As the stylist I have worked with both Boulton and that model on many shoots. This was a staged photo. I do not get the big deal???

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    What’s the issue? That he’s unfaithful to his wife or that he’s the editor of a gay men’s magazine (is that what it is?) and only fking women?

    If it’s the former, many marriages go on even when fidelity is lacking. The Clintons have a strong marriage and I’m guessing Bill’s been screwing around on Hillary since they got together.

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    Diane von Furstenberg is married to a gay guy and they’ve got a strong marriage too. It’s not the traditional marriage but they are partners just without sex or sexual attraction.

  • hisurfer

    Those pictures look posed to me. I suspect you guys are being played, and just falling into some trap to get the guy more press.

  • Paul Raposo

    Anytime LGBTQ people try to do our own thing, there’s always a het hiding in the woodpile. Mr. Boulton played his boss and his readers for fools.

  • hells kitchen guy

    I don’t care that he’s the editor of a gay magazine and he’s closet het. What I do mind is that he’s not doing a great job with it.

    But what’s REALLY shocking is that he’s scoring with any chicks at all! Have you ever seen this guy?

  • Jack Jett

    The city of New York has to find a straight man to run a gay publication. A publication that puts straight men on the cover, becuase one can ony assume that no attractive gay men exist in New York.

    This all makes about as much sense as George Bush being president.

    What am I missing here?

  • Jack Jett

    Just for the record….that scrawny little pretentious bitch wife of Reagans is just as piss poor pathtetic as he is.

    She will be shocked to see her husband jacking off Jeffry Dahmer when she gets to hell.

  • DrGraceT

    There are moments when a person says something that should have been obvious but which has been unheard by closed minds (and ears). My question is, why are liberals and conservatives conspiring to prevent gay men from marrying? The conservatives abhor the idea of a gay marrying and those gays who call themselves liberals would rather beat-up on a fellow gay person than celebrate their choices. This internal splintering is what has been breaking down the gay & lesbian community since the 60’s.

    The presence of ‘homosexual’ desires in a man does not make him incapable of marrying and raising a family. Both “liberal” gay men and “conservative” straight men turn out to share an attitude that burdens and harms “homosexual” men. Beginning from the premise that marriage is an expression of our sexuality, both sides unwittingly cooperate in keeping men who experience sexual attraction for other men from marrying and raising a family. The one side does this by suggesting that such men have no capacity for marriage and that their sexuality must be “expressed” genitally with other men. The other side agrees that such men, as they are, have no capacity for marriage and claims that their sexuality must be altered—that is, their adulterous sexual desires toward men [are transformed] into adulterous sexual desires toward women— at which point they will be deemed not to have the capacity for marriage. Why are there so many gay men against this guy who has two children, a dyke wife and who has been talking about how gay he is since the 80’s? Who are you people?

  • Dave

    Jack Jett – you should submit your picture to be a Genre Man – those are real gay guys—the majority of which I would rather not see on a cover of a magazine that I am paying for—give me a model any day – gay or straight!

  • afrolito

    What’s the problem? The dude is bi, and the last I checked they were a part of LGBT “community”.

  • skater

    Bi is OK – and so is Gay and Lesbian- the important thing is that we gay vote for Hillary in the primary!!! Lets discuss issues that impact all of our lives.

  • Carlos Mendez

    Why do you call the dude “Gay” when he is “Bi?”

  • Carlos Mendez

    Oh, and vote Obama!

  • Nikko

    If I was Bi(I wish I was), I’d smack the hets who hate me, then turn around and kick the shit out of the stupid dead-end faggots who claim you have to be all-or-nothing. Stupid lame brains.

  • JP

    Queerty you’re making my eyes bleed.
    Please stop!

  • rod

    OMG! Genre is still published?

  • Sicko

    Rod – Genre is still published, yes. It looks great – a bit like Men’s Fitness – but it is finally a book that has stuff we can use – not just a gay, empty rag. Have you been in a cave? Advocate is on life support, but OUT still looks sexy. That is really it for the gay rags – hope you liked my 101 lesson. BTW – anyone who types “OMG” is a moron. :) It is not cool to use the Lord’s name in vain – or should I say “vein” as you are probably a drug addict. As a Christian, and I am sure you can relate to “Chris”tian – one should not use the Lord’s name in vain without regard for anyone else reading this great column. That kind of language is never appropriate, and especially when we as LGBT adults are trying to be heard in the church. Your bad.

  • BillieXX

    Is there a reason why this is important?


    Everyone should Vote – no matter what they read who they like or do not like. All GLBT voices need to be heard!

  • RJ

    Whow cares what he is. He is Fugly. Nobody cares about Genre anymore, let alone subscribe to it.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Hey Sicko: Jesus did dudes, goddamit.

  • Alan down in Florida

    “you should submit your picture to be a Genre Man – those are real gay guys”

    I voted in the Genre Man Of The Year balloting and the highest average rating anyone had was a 6.4 out of 10. I only rated one as high as a 7 and I have a much broader concept of what a hot man looks like than 90% of the guys I know. If that was the best that genre can do maybe Mr. Boulton’s woman-loving is affecting his Queer Eye.

  • Greg

    Sounds like the guy is living a complex life, not that anyone isn’t. Good for him for doing what he wants, though. No need to apologize for being true to yourself.

  • qjersey

    Well this may come across as biased…Boulton is yet another example of a guy who may like dick, but not at the expense of his heterosexual privelege.

    And “Sicko” the new Genre is just crass consumerism at best. Filled with ads for shit I can’t afford, after all I pay to live in the NYC area, LOL.

  • rjp3

    GENRE is over – his hiring proved that.

  • PubBro

    Genre has had a real resurgence, RJP3. I know two of the writers at the new Genre, and many of the creative team who came from Esquire, Men’s Fitness, Details, Car& Driver and GQ. The team has really stacked the cards to make their book a success. Although I work for a title that reaches more than 1 million readers a month, my hats off to those guys for what they are doing. I might not work for a gay title, but I can tell you many of our team members are gay. Genre and OUT are in our lunch room.

  • QManhattan

    I live in the city, CAN afford the products in Genre (although our friends in Jersey cannot) but do not really find that what they are advertising speak to my personal taste. I might not wear underwear that goes up my butt crack, but I sure do enjoy looking at those who do (and I mean those that can pull it off, Qjersey, not you)….

  • NJSports

    It may come as a surprise, Manhattan – but many NJ residents work in NYC, own businesses in NYC and have second home in NYC. From NJ’s state and local officials to residents, the negative press that NYC dwellers creates for NJ residents truly take a toll.

    New Jersey even has models, both gay & straight, many NJ gay models have been featured in major fashion spreads in serious publications.

    Nevertheless, there are many communities throughout NJ that continue to be gay friendly, read Genre Magazine and welcome NYC visitors.

    NJ is the Garden State a state that considers itself an extension of its neighboring sister—the Metropolitan New York area.

  • Miramax

    Boulton is the last person we should could call “Sicko” Qjersey.

    You should really focus your energies on the real “Sicko”‘s in the world – the pharmaceutical companies & insurance compannies that are taking advantage of the LGBT community. Yes, LGB&T are all being taken advantage of by these corporate bigots, and all you can do is exhaust your voice on a blog, targeting an editor who is at least trying to keep a magazine targeting our community, significant.

    Go see the movie “Sicko” Michael Moore is brilliant as he calls on the carpet both Democrats and Republicans for their inaction and in some cases their willingness to be bribed by pharmaceutical companies and insurance carriers.

    My cousin was in the movie, he was one of the cast members who was in need of health care—a patient who could not afford medication, that Moore brought on a boat to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba because of its alleged outstanding medical care it provided criminals.

    Activists like more have been able to create a great deal of controversy, with the federal government—often being at the root of investigations into the such atrocities. Use your voice, QJersey for something that matters!

  • Gregg

    Sad story Miramax. The United Medical Program helps patients in obtaining prescription drugs and medications absolutely Free of charge.

    They were established by volunteers, Free Medicine Program has helped countless families across the nation substantially reduce or completely eliminate their prescription drug bills.

    The majority of their applicants have too much income to quality for government prescription assistance programs, but not enough to purchase private prescription drug insurance coverage, or are living on retirement income, disability or other assistance.

    None of this should disqualify any of us from obtaining the assistance you need to purchase your medicines, and at the Free Medicine Program, it doesn’t!

    You should look it up – I am on it and it is has really helped me and my partner cope with life.

  • qjersey


    I can pull that off, but my jersey momma raised me better

    “just because you are gay doesn’t mean you should go throwing your crack at people”

  • QManhattan

    I have not seen much crack on Park Ave & 86th. Have you seen any on the trains on your way over to he city?

  • qjersey


    the irony is always that Jersey bashing mostly comes from either
    1) people from the outer boroughs (and guess what, Hudson County in NJ…looks just like the outer boroughs)
    2) transplants to manhattan or trendy outer borough neighborhoods whose knowledge of NJ is limited to Newwark Airport (because it’s cleaner and not as fucked up at JFK) or the Meadowlands…yeah and on that note given the recent victor of the Giants…the 3 “NY” teams play at the Meadowlands and most of the team members live in NJ because they get paid out of NJ and our state income tax is lower.

    HRMMPH, diatribe over

  • who gives a damn

    After reading all the stupidity that goes on here about this Boulton guy and his personal life, I actually went and bought myself the Jan/Feb issue of Genre afetr nor reading it for the past 5 years.

    I just have to say that IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!! Finally, there’s a Gay magazine that ss taking it to a higher level both editorially and visually. Plus, they had Michael Lucas on the cover and they did not show him as the pimp he is. The cover story is classy and tastefully done. The magazine has truly been transformed. So for all the haters, stop being so negative, trashy and downright jealous!!!!!

    This Boulton dude is doing something different and has completely changed the course for the oldest gay magazine that was probably about to close. Being Bi is still being part of the GLBT community, stop hating!!!!!!

  • losurfer

    Chris Ciompi is famous! He never told us that: Here is another link:

    The quote was: Day two. Opera-trained Rice grad and former cruise ship singer Chris Ciompi (27, West Hollywood, CA) is first. For some odd reason he sings “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin, and procedes to absolutely slaughter it. Not a single straight note, and no evidence of any kind of classical education. A unanimous “no” and Chris is out the door.

  • sexincity

    Genre had an Olympic swimmer and NY marathon runner on their sales team, too. The team use to have so much talent. What happened? It is a new era.

  • lake

    I live in NJ and am proud! We have the best view of Manhattan.

  • hells kitchen guy

    which one’s Boulton in that picture?

  • alex

    Genre used to be a decent gay magazine. Since this yahoo took over, however, it’s gone into the toilet, as far as I’m concerned. They have crossed the line by focusing so much on porn.

    Additionally, the “Real Man” thing they do is rigged. Of the Florida men, at least half were “recommended” by one of the frequent photographers for the magazine. I know two of those guys and neither of them submitted their photos. Neither of them even read the magazine.

    I can’t wait until my subscription runs out.

  • ag

    Alex, why do you say they “focus” too much on porn??? The have a porn page, that’s it. And if you say that because Michael Lucas was on the cover, you may just need to look at the story inside. It’s just beautiful pics of him, nothing porno about it.

    I just feel like people that write here are just a bunch of haters, either people that used to work at that magazine for the previous team or people that have something personal against Boulton.

    The magazine looks the best it has ever looked.

  • Bill Samuels

    This Neal person probably goes around making out with women (in gay bars? how totally dorky!) and moved back in with his wife because he’s hoping to get a more prestigious, higher-paying job at a straight magazine whose publishers don’t want a “fag” at the helm. In other words, a career move.

    Straight? Bi? Probably not. He wouldn’t be the first gay guy, sadly, to sort of semi- “In” himself for the sake of his career.

  • tadas

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