And His Boyfriend, Too!

Gay Emperor Hung At British Museum

Roman Emperor Hadrian gets new life at the British Museum – and so does his homosexuality:

“Hadrian was gay, and we can say it,” said Thorsten Opper, a British Museum curator of Greek and Roman sculpture, who is publishing a profile of Hadrian to coincide with the show.

Hadrian’s lover Antinous, whose death caused the emperor tremendous grief, will feature throughout the exhibition. A head of Antinous, borrowed from Paris’s Louvre Museum, will be displayed, as will a bowl from Georgia with his effigy.

Hadrian’s perhaps most well known for the eponymous wall he built between England and Scotland. The military-minded man also crushed the Jewish revolt of 132 A.D.

The British Museum called the exhibit a “chance to write new history”. What a queer statement.