Gay Ex-Mormon Kerry Rutz: LDS’ Treatment Of Gays Has Only Become ‘More Harsh, Hateful’

The pressure is extreme to not be anything but heterosexual, starting in childhood. The Mormon church still publishes Boyd K. Packer’s (president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, one of the church’s top leaders [pictured]) speech “To Young Men Only” (General Conference priesthood session, Oct. 2, 1976) wherein he advocates violence against gay people, and the church still reveres, quotes and studies (other speeches and books from leaders who tout homophobia). The Mormon church claims it has altered its stance on gays and lesbians. They have: They’ve become more harsh, hateful and reactionary against us.

—Kerry Rutz, a gay Massachusetts landscaper who split from the LDS Church at age 24, and was forced to sever ties with his family as a result, insists the Mormon Church’s support of reparative therapy practices at Evergreen International and BYU are alive and well, and still harming young people [via]