Gay + Fashion Elite Celebrated Calvin Klein’s Boyfriend’s Birthday At Party For Gay + Fashion Elite

That 21st birthday party Calvin Klein threw for his ex-gay porn star boyfriend Nick Gruber? The one where the invite to guests actually read “It will be the hottest ticket for New York’s gay and fashion elite”? Apparently it was: attendees included Anna Wintour, Steven Klein, Patrick McCarthy, Donna Karan, Daphne Guinness, Ingrid Sischy and Sandy Brant (new godparents of Elton John’s son Zachary), Vera Wang, Evan Lysacek, Andy Cohen, and Ian Schrager. [photo via Musto]

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  • Kyle


  • Jack

    Evan Lysacek? Didn’t realize they’d also invited the closeted elite.

  • jak

    Musto has the audacity to cover this story after the nasty comments he made last week?

  • Jon B

    Why does Evan Lysacek even pretend?

  • American Patriot

    With the exception of Vera Wang & Andy Cohen, I don’t know who any of those other people are. I guess those other people are soo “elite” that us regular gay folks aren’t supposed to know who they are.

  • Corey

    @American Patriot:

    Not even Anna or Donna? Jesh….

  • divkid

    @American Patriot: seriously dude, pack up your stuff and leave your gay permit at the front desk!
    the SHAME!!! haha

  • divkid

    where is a terrorist atrocity when you actually need one?

    (have i gone too far this time?)

  • Anyway

    Sorry, Calvin. The truly elite ticket being held by a newly minted 21year old is the one Daniel Hernandez has seated next to the First Lady tonight

  • Cam

    Wow, so Calvin will actually parade his prostitute out for people? At least most wealthy straight guys know to put them up in an Apt. and eat at darkly lit out of the way places.

  • justiceontherocks

    All that money bought Calvin a C-list porn performer (not a “star” by any means) who is hung like a chihuahua and the chance to be the brunt of jokes for the rest of his life.

  • Austin

    Their relationship is exactly that….THEIRS..
    as in…None of Your Condecending Business
    If anyone disapproves….they don’t have to attend the party.
    Oh right, you weren’t invited.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Austin: Ditto!

  • TheInsider

    @Anyway: You said it brother. Daniel Hernandez is a TRUE HERO, for all straights and gays. And yet, vapid, old, surgically-enhanced queens like Calvin Klein celebrate the “accomplishments” of a 21-year-old hustler who has been transformed by Klein into a pretty boy. Sad sad sad.

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