Gay Fathers Made Famous By Instagram Talk To Press About New Memoir

admin-ajaxYou surely recall the adorable photo that was floating around the Internet a while back, featuring two black gay dads doing their daughters’ hair.

Well, of course, there was an outcry from awful people who don’t like to see any acknowledgement that gay people exist. But Kordale and Kaleb, the dads in question, stayed strong and protected their family during the the ordeal. Now they’ve come out with a little memoir about their family and their lives, and they’re doing a bit of promotion.

Here’s a very sweet interview that they did with Studio 10 on Australian TV.

When asked how the picture came to be, Kordale explains, “It was just an innocent selfie,” pointing out that they post lots of family photos in Instagram.

But then came the abuse, and it was intense. So they talked to a lawyer and talked to their family, and then did what it probably the smartest move of all: they kept offline for a little while.

How did they keep their spirits up? Just by being great dads to their three kids. “Looking into those kids’ eyes and making sure they are still happy in our household is all we needed,” says Kaleb. “We’re just parents who love our children … We kept it focused on the kids.”

Kordale suspects that it was a combination of factors that raised the ire of some folks. There’s the fact that they’re gay; there’s the fact that they’re black; and there’s the fact that they were shirtless. Neither one of those is really a reasonable reason to get mad at a family, but hey, nobody ever said the internet is reasonable.

One of the hosts responds that perhaps the online backlash was jealousy for the couple’s “rock hard abs,” which there’s no arguing are pretty darn impressive.

Did they go to police? No, but they did turn off comments on their YouTube videos, after realizing what many have discovered: there is absolutely no value whatsoever to YouTube comments.