Gay? Fine, Buy The Tee

Fine By Me

While we’re all about dressing by the day, we’re willing to embrace any tee that’s brilliant in its simplicity. It helps if there’s a good cause behind it, too. And that’s where Fine By Me comes in.

It’s one-part fashion, one part political statement. The line of “Gay? Fine by me” T-shirts is tied to the Fine By Me project, which helps to bring awareness to gay rights. They’ve already distributed 50,000 Fine By Me tees, and not just to your average shopper. These tees are being snapped up in droves by community organizations, including student groups. Got an idea for your own Fine By Me campaign? They’d be more than happy to help you get started.

Tonight, the New York-based organization is hosting a benefit concert, Hard To Imagine, at the Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope at 9 pm, with Brooklyn-based musician Matt Beisner performing the music of Pearl Jam with a full choir. (Tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door; drinks included.) And while you’re there, why not pick up the latest fashion statement?

Fine By Me

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  • Delperdangerous

    I have always had a huge problem with these tshirts. So much so that I got a Typepad membership to comment :-P.

    While these tshirts do help spread a good message, it is a narrow message. By using ‘gay’ as the universal indicator of a nonheterosexual, nongender conforming individual, they are alienating every person that does not identify as gay.

    While ‘gay’ may encompass a large portion of the LGBT community, why further alienate more of an already alienated portion of society that don’t identify as that term?

    Snappy, catchy logos only have a limited scope. The shirts may start a good discussion, but I don’t feel they say enough. Iowa State University has the ‘It’s Ok With Me” Campaign. Under the statement are three images of 6 figures holding hands. With this representation, it includes gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.

    I hope that they will someday expand their to message to be more inclusive with their already huge success.

  • lilian

    amazing site pls keep it up

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