Gay Foes Use Obama Image To Target Black Voters

Social conservatives looking to overturn California’s gay marriages are misappropriating Barack Obama‘s image to woo black voters.

The backers of a move to ban same-sex marriage in California are inaccurately suggesting they have Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden‘s support in a mailing that appears targeted at black voters.

The mailer is from, whose backers it says include the Knights of Columbus and Focus on the Family. It quotes Obama, Biden, and four African-American religious leaders who appear actually to support Proposition Eight, which is the subject of an expensive, hard-fought campaign in the state. The words from the religious leaders warn of “mandatory indoctrination” of school children and say it’s “insulting that radical gay activists try to equate” the civil rights movement to the push for same-sex marriage.

The mailing quotes Obama and Biden — accurately — saying they oppose same-sex marriage. However, they also explicitly oppose Proposition Eight.

Many pundits claim black voters will play a key role in a possible Proposition 8 passage, although we seriously doubt many African-Americans are going to be fooled into taking away people’s rights.

[via Politico]