Gay Footman Thomas Finally Gets Some Lovin’ On “Downton Abbey”

The cast of Downton Abbey are dishing about the upcoming third season, and it looks like Thomas, the dastardly servant with a thing for proper gentlemen will finally get himself a piece.

According to the Mirror, Thomas will “endeavour to find happiness”—which we think is Brit-speak for get a good rogering in the pantry. Actor Rob James-Collier, who plays the sultry schemer, told the paper: “It’s a very emotional storyline and goes some way to explaining why he is how he is. Being a homosexual man in Edwardian times was against God and you could go to prison for it. It’s a burden and the audience will hopefully empathise with him.”

Collier hinted his character will embark on a “forbidden” affair, possibly with new footman Jimmy. “Thomas takes him under his wing and looks after him. Knowing Thomas and knowing he has a preference for a certain type of person in life, I think Jimmy fits that bill perfectly.”

In other Downton dish, Lady Mary is finally getting married (seriously, she was about to turn into Miss Havisham) and Edith is still the Meg Griffin of the Crawley household.

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  • tim b

    @Olive Austin: @Olive Austin: Good grief, is that the actor from that terrible movie version of ‘Eragon’?

  • NCMan

    The cast of Downton Abbey are dishing….

    No, no, no The cast of Dowton Abbey IS dishing.

    Cast is a collective, which in American English is singular, not plural. It may be a British program, but this is not a British blog.

  • Rob Moore

    @NCMan: Oh dear. Here I thought the internet was nation free. I am English born with an English parent, but grew up in America with American grandparents. I was always taught at home that just because Americans cannot spell and have improper grammar, I would do neither. The centre of the universe is not America. A programme from England has a cast that are dishing. Collectives are intrinsically plural is how my mum taught me. After chats with my ninth grade English teacher, I was allowed to continue spelling in the English manner and did not lose points for using plural forms of verbs with collective nouns. Certainly, some misspellings slipped through as did occasional grammatical errors. I have a lifelong commitment to do my bit to bring America back into the fold of standard English used in all other English speaking countries. Mr. Webster should be ashamed of himself for perverting a language just because he didn’t like England so soon after the Revolutionary War.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    “…and Edith is still the Meg Griffin of the Crawley household.”

    Prefect for a post about Downton Abby, very droll, indeed.


    @Rob Moore: Now, please, no overly scolding us poor Americans, English hasn’t been spoken here in years! After all, even Queerty got that piece of grammar correct, and that is saying something!

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