Gay Fraternity Sues Rival For Trademark Infringement

The nation’s first gay fraternity is suing a newer inclusive Greek organization for trademark infringement. Delta Lambda Phi, founding in 1986, has taken the seven-year-old Delta Lambda Psi to federal court, claiming it has caused confusion with a name that differs by only one Greek letter and an abbreviation, DLP, that is identical.

Delta Lambda Psi was started at University of California at Santa Cruz and has another chapter at  Northeastern Illinois University.

A Delta Lambda Psi spokesman says his gender- and orientation-neutral “frarority” isn’t competing with the older organization, and that his group isn’t affiliated with a new Delta Lambda Phi opening at the University of Oregon in Eugene, where the lawsuit was filed.

“Delta Lambda Psi’s opening of a new chapter at the University of Oregon in Eugene has made the need to address this harm particularly urgent,” Delta Lambda Phi attorney John Mansfield wrote in an email. “DLP offered several times to meet with Delta Lambda Psi face-to-face to resolve the dispute in person, but Delta Lambda Psi never responded to any of those offers.”

Delta Lambda Phi  currently has 30 chapters in the US and Canada, with 400 current members and 2,500 alumni.

Source: SF Gate

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