Gay-Free Sex Ed

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We don’t now how many times we have to start a sentence with “conservatives are up in arms,” but we’re pretty sure this won’t be the last. Conservatives are up in arms over a new curriculum that requires students to learn about homosexuality in health class. These people seriously need to get out more.

School districts around the country are finding opposition to a new health curriculum that includes teaching about homosexuality.

The schools bill it as making the curriculum more modern and expanding diversity education to stave off things like gay-bashing.

But many, like David Parker, the father of a 5-year-old at a Lexington, Mass., elementary school, said he calls it an advance for the “homosexual agenda.”

If by ‘homosexual agenda,’ he means learning about gay and lesbian families, then yes it’s part of the agenda. Funny how you never hear about the “retarded people’s agenda,” of which this man is clearly trying to advance. (We apologize in advance to retarded people everywhere, associating you with these people and all.)

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