Gay Freedom Makes People Happy, Shiny

“Gay” can again mean happy!

Well, that’s according to new research on the “happiness” of the world’s many nations. Previous studies suggested that “happiness” remained relatively constant, but a survey of 350,000 people over 100 countries suggests otherwise.

While surely economics, geography and other factors influence one’s contentment, the survey, based out of the University of Michigan, shows that social freedom can also bring smiles and delight.

From that point, Gregory Rodriguez draws this conclusion: gay marriage can boost a nation’s morale.

From the journo’s virtual mouth:

According to surveys, in developed countries discrimination against women and minorities is actually waning and gays remain the least tolerated “outgroup” in society. They are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine. In most developed countries, the relative level of their acceptance or rejection is a sensitive indicator of that society’s overall tolerance toward minorities. And — here’s the takeaway — social tolerance “broadens the range of choices available to people,” thereby enhancing happiness for both the tolerant and the intolerant alike.

The researchers have found that freedom of choice is not only a universal aspiration, but the single most important basis of human happiness.

While social progression can result in happier citizens, many respondents also favor traditional stability. This means, says Rodriguez, that old faithfuls like Christianity would do well to adapt to the times – then everyone can be happy!